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  1. I'm sailing on the Norwegian Dawn in March. Do I have to buy the spa package to use the single sex steam and sauna? I will if I have to, but don't want to! I'm sailing solo, so I'll have lots of time to kill in the sauna/steam.
  2. I did a ship inspection of the Nieuw Statendam today (I work in the travel industry). There is a medium sized locker room with a bathroom and sinks. There is a sauna and two showers. Surprisingly, there are no doors on the shower stalls. In the paid spa area, there is a men's and women's sauna that looks out to the sea. Not sure if you have to wear a bathing suit there.
  3. Ontario, I'm like you. No bathing suits or towels (except to sit on). I'll never understand the prudishness of some, especially in same sex situations.
  4. I'm sailing of the Victory next Monday. I will be in the steam/sauna everyday -- morning and late afternoon. Hopefully there will be others to talk to in there. I'm sailing solo this time, so I'll be looking for conversation. I'll be the one without a bathing suit on. I like to sweat all of my body!
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