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  1. https://teechip.com/240720-flamingo-remove 18.95 yikes
  2. I just wonder what they use to stack them or get them down, the bottom one is a floating dock but it must sink really carefully then the next are same but the ships are stacked pretty high, a little way and it seems they would tip? Or do they have a couple of really large cranes that can pick and stack the ships on top?
  3. I found the perfect mask but only comes in one color 35 bucks
  4. https://content.invisioncic.com/j283755/monthly_2020_07/VID_69560515_194127_315.mp4.ebc57ef8413cf4ce8adb38ef162c01ab.mp4
  5. yes it is pretty crazy and most of this has not been on the news?
  6. I came across this site via an email from my work so I know the site is legit. Some of the data looks a little old but I am sure it will take a while to update. When you look at all that is going on in the world you can see why getting cruise ships back is going to be a bigger task than I feel most people have realized. https://acleddata.com/analysis/covid-19-disorder-tracker/
  7. Depending either a 2 week rental on a beach or an all inclusive depending on how the world is, we changed our TA cruise in November that has not yet been cancelled ( thanks Royal how can it happen?) to a week at a condo on the beach at Turks and Caicos, once we get groceries no need to go out in public for the week! This is how far the room is from the beach No fancy service or bed made every day, but we can get by I think.
  8. weird I did a search and it came up on NewsMaxTV for July 12th so check your local listings, I have dish https://www.newsmaxtv.com/findus Cable/Satellite/Broadcast Stations ➨ DirecTV Ch. 349 ➨ Xfinity – Ch. 1115 (or press microphone button on X1 remote and say: "Go to Newsmax") ➨ DISH Ch. 216 ➨ FiOS Ch. 615 HD (or 115 SD) ➨ Spectrum (TWC/Charter/BHH — See Channels by state below) ➨ Cox (See Channels by state below) ➨ Mediacom Ch. 277 ➨ Optimum Ch. 102 ➨ U-verse Ch. 1220 ➨ WOW! TV (See Channels by state below) ➨ Suddenlink Ch. 102 (See Channel variations by state below) ➨ T-Vision Ch. 152 ➨ Armstrong Ch. 118 HD (See SD Channels by state below) ➨ TDS TV Ch. 1209 HD (or 209 SD) ➨ Orby TV Ch. 308 ➨ Hotwire Ch. 540 HD (or 121 SD)
  9. If you're hearing a squeaking sound coming from your new breast implants, don't be alarmed. No one left a squeaky toy in there. It's just a normal phenomenon called bourdonnement and it will go away. Bourdonnement occurs when new breast implants slide against stretched out moist tissue and cause a friction rub.Aug 25, 2014
  10. used to watch them racing when I was a teen.
  11. You just have someone else pay for the cruise for you like your kids, or you take more $$ out of your 401k that would be taxable.
  12. Well you never know what will happen, China could start an Asian Cruise line to sail that part of the world, they could probably pick up some ships for not much money. I did read that newer larger ships break even point was 30% vs smaller ships at 50%. Who knows maybe they will come up with a small ferry that takes passengers from Tampa to the ship that is docked/anchored on the other side of the bridge, kind of a like a super tender.
  13. here is the site quite a few cars still have tax credits low is 4000 high is 7500 this is a tax credit too not a deduction, if you lease they take it right off the price of the car. Resale value also drops since it only applies to new. A one year old EV could cost more than a new one! https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/taxevb.shtml
  14. Ok Found similar for 45 bucks https://www.amazon.com/PONGONE-Grinch-Bottoms-Trousers-Pajama/dp/B0828213MQ/ref=sr_1_11?dchild=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyrKTm4ye6gIVGR6tBh1sQQ-MEAMYASAAEgLI5PD_BwE&hvadid=409998527718&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9028718&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=b&hvrand=8505854210446052009&hvtargid=kwd-374472275477&hydadcr=7867_11334467&keywords=fur%2Bpants%2Bcostume&qid=1593126935&sr=8-11&tag=googhydr-20&th=1&psc=1
  15. Nope don't see it happening but them again I don't understand the 6K tax credit for electric cars either?
  16. The news is from one day ago but they do say chances are slim, but again it is interesting how they think they need to do things vs just lowering taxes for a year. The less taxes people have to pay the more $$ they have to spend, my spouse and I have been fortunate enough to be fully employed during the whole Covid and have stayed healthy. We are doing our little part in ordering food eating takeout from restaurants and tipping a bit more than usual ( OK quite a bit more 20.20 for a 30 buck haircut 🙂
  17. maybe this like this and just put mask fabric over the holes? https://www.5alarm.com/product_p/msa-cairnsxf1helmet.htm It is a little expansive bit will not break https://www.5alarm.com/product_p/msa-cairnsxf1helmet.htm
  18. Or a trillion tiny sand fleas that will infest your armpits
  19. Needs a push panel next to didn't wash hands
  20. It would be interesting, but knowing how they do stuff you would need to spend at least $2,000.00 on the vacation and there would be an income limit of 100K for a family in order to take advantage of the credit. Note that cruising would not be included other than riverboat, of course right now it is just an idea.
  21. I was working around the house and heard that they were thinking about a tax credit for travel does anyone have any more information or think that it could actually happen? I found this What is the ‘Explore America’ tax credit, and how might it work? The “Explore America” tax credit was brought up in President Donald Trump’s remarks at a roundtable of restaurant industry executives in May — earning the approval of the Independent Restaurant Coalition and the U.S. Travel Association. The proposal would allow Americans to get a tax credit up to $4,000 on domestic travel, which in turn could help speed up the recovery of the U.S. travel industry. The tax credit would let individuals claim a credit up to 50 percent of their expenses made at U.S. airlines, rental car companies, theme parks, hotels and restaurants in 2020 and 2021. However, there are still many details that have yet to be answered, so it’s a bit foggy on what this stimulus option could mean for consumers. Is a travel stimulus plan likely to be approved? The goal of the “Explore America” bill would be to incentivize consumers to support restaurants, airlines and hotels — all businesses that have taken an especially hard hit because of COVID-19. In fact, it’s estimated that the U.S. travel industry will see a 40 percent drop in spend, according to the U.S. Travel Association. Given that staggering number, it’s not surprising that tourism boards have cheered the proposal. “Travel supported jobs for 1 in every 10 Americans before the pandemic, and measures to incentivize travel will not only give people a renewed appreciation for this great country in which we live, but they are an efficient and effective way to ignite a recovery and restore jobs in every corner of the nation,” according to the U.S. Travel Association in a May 19 press release. Would the tax credit motivate people to travel? While it would likely provide much-needed relief to tourism workers, the question remains: Would the tax credit be enough to motivate people to travel given the current health and safety risks? “It’s too far disconnected,” says Francine Lipman, a professor of law at University of Nevada Las Vegas and former CPA. “It would end up being a windfall for people who were going to spend that money anyway, so that doesn’t achieve the goal (of stimulating the economy).”
  22. maybe not I thought I found them on Amazon but now just etsy for 200 bucks!! https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/544013718/gray-fur-pants-gray-wolf-pants-gray
  23. I listen to a lot of Dragnet radio shows they are always talking about cigarettes being radio, and they have ads for Fatima and Chesterfield cigarettes, mentioning that they had had studies with doctors showing no throat irritation from the cigarettes.
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