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  1. Trying to do a price estimate for a back to back cruise. Does Carnival typically give you a discount for booking a back to back or is the price online pretty accurate by calculating the cost of both cruises?
  2. We are looking at a cruise with with 2 options for dates and ports. They both have stops in LaRomana, Aruba, Amber Cove but one offers a stop in Bonaire and the other in Curacao. South Caribbean is completely new for us so I am looking for recommendations between Bonaire and Curacao, what does each port offer and what has been your experience at one or both ports? Help us to make a decision on which cruise to choose.
  3. From what I understand, you are taken to a special area of the ship on debarkation day from the first leg of the trip and once everyone has disembarked, you will disembark last, go through customs and then will directly go back on the ship, with the option to debark and enjoy the port before embarking on the 2nd leg of the trip or you have the luxury of enjoying the ship before everyone else starts embarking.
  4. Talk to me about a back to back cruise, what are the pros and cons of 14 days on the ship, sailing South and West Caribbean? We are considering doing a back to back cruise on the Carnival Horizon next year with our 2 girls who will be 12 and 15 at the time of sailing, celebrating our 20 year wedding anniversary. We have sailed with Carnival 3 times and have always enjoyed ourselves but each cruise was a 7 day sailing. We are always sad to leave when our 7 days are up, we think that an additional 7 days would be amazing but just curious if anyone who has sailed back to back has more insight to share.
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