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  1. Fabulous one less thing to worry about. Have a great cruise! We sail tomorrow on the Equinox.
  2. We got the email two weeks before sailing and I received three emails on different days, guess they still have cabins available.
  3. They will accommodate you please don't worry about it. If you do not get assigned to SD before you get on the ship they will take care of you once you board and talk to the dining staff. Go to the dining room as soon as you get on the ship. They have changed my dining many times and I have never had any problems. Marion
  4. Yes to us its a great vacation and to them it is a business and they all have stockholders to answer to. They are spending millions on new ship and upgrading their older fleet and guess who has to pay for it....US! The bottom line is it's a business and they must make money. Marion
  5. We diabetics have challenges when traveling. I have an insulin pump and have to change my insulin dosage often while traveling and eat more or less depending on what my sugar readings are and have to check my blood more frequently. Traveling is stressful and that also effects sugar readings. I always have a candy bar with me because I can have sudden sugar drops frequently. I bring juice to the cabin every night with me just in case I need a sugar boost in the middle of the night. Food is always available on the ship so it is easy to adjust your eating times accordingly. Have a great cruise and I know everything will work out well for you. Marion
  6. We are sailing on the Equinox on January 12 and we will just miss her. Feeling sad! Marion
  7. I have never gotten an upgrade at check in. We sail on Saturday and that would be a wonderful way to start our cruise on the Equinox. We booked late and all that were available were guarantee verandas. Oh I think we were given the worse obstructed veranda on the ship and we have a great view of the life boats from our balcony! I hope we have the same good luck that you had. Marion
  8. When I booked by cruise two months ago I was told Select Dining was completely full. I asked to be put on a waiting list. We sail on Saturday and I checked our account and see we have been given Select Dining and we are all set. Call Celebrity or your TA and ask to be put on the waiting list for Select Dining. I am also Diabetic but that was not why I wanted Select Dining, I like the options if being flexible with our dining times. Have a great cruise!
  9. I look forward to following your Equinox adventure and hope to meet you and your wife in a few days in the Equinox. Safe travels and get some sleep. It looks like you will be up every night burning the midnight oil writing your epic blogs! Marion
  10. We are sailing on January 12. You hit the jackpot. Yes it must depend on how much one paid for their cabin because everyone pays different rates. We only booked 5 weeks before sailing and couldn't select a cabin number only a guarantee and have an obstructed balcony with a great view of a lifeboat! Bon Voyage and safe travels Marion
  11. Is there a ferry from the port to Rum Point beach on the other side of the island? Does anyone know the best way to get over to the beach? Thanks
  12. We received a few offers via email to “Move Up” and upgrade to a different cabin. The Penthouse Suite was not available on our cruise but here is what was offered: Royal Suite $3,250pp Celebrity Suite $1,450pp Sky Suite $1,100pp Aqua Class $250pp Concierge Class $125pp Family Veranda $200pp These were the rates for the starting bids and we did not put in any bids. Marion
  13. Yes it is quite sad. Extras that used to be free are no longer free! Loyal guests are finding their perks being taken away and cruisers are getting nickeled and dimed to death. However I love cruising and will continue cruising and just cut back on our spending on the ship for the extras. Marion
  14. Thanks for all your helpful information about the Equinox and for posting the great photos! Happy Cruising! Marion
  15. Thanks for the nice tour of your cabin, what category was it? Marion
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