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  1. No chockolates on my pillow. Having to sign out my pool towel. Oh ya the decline in the food quality Other than that I would cruise today!
  2. Thank you all for just the facts. I was trying to get a sense of how many thought the cruise lines should be given a chance to restart. Does anybody on this board think the cruise lines should be given a chance to restart?
  3. Do you honestly believe there was only 14 cases of covid in the U.S at this time.
  4. Not Enough you may be right. Then what data are we going by to keep cruising in the U.S. shutdown indefinetly?
  5. How many people left the U.S. on a 7 day or less cruise and contracted covid on the cruise ships pre shutdown? How many Died? Data source please.
  6. IMHO There is a lot of venues on most ships that are under utilized. Like some night clubs where there is almost no one in them. I think they could maximize some of these places to spread people out more. What do you think? Any ideas?
  7. I would like to think that with extreme sanitizing of all things touchable examples hand rails to menus and everything in between. Excellent health screening. Educating both crew and passengers to practice personal hygene. Right there with you! I would be on tomorrow if I could.
  8. Hi, Could we post any and all ideas to get us cruising again? Possibly phase it in again when testing is more available. Please help I need to cruise again!
  9. Same exact thing happend to me. Booked next cruise onboard assuming It would be directley with Royal. When I went to alter reservation at home it was held by the T/A that I had booked the cruise that I was on when I booked next cruise. Very stupid policiy Giant hassle moving it back to Royal. It did finally happen.
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