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  1. Thanks to everyone for your support. I’m a fighter and very determined! I can live with the cancer but not in it! There’s a lot of living and cruising we want to do and with God's help, we will. I know he’s in the driver's seat but I’m praying he sees I’m doing everything within my power to accept this challenge and journey. I know because of Covid, travel and insurance companies have been overwhelmed. But 4 1/2 months is unacceptable. It took a lot of time and phone calls to finally get the refund. I had to speak with lots of Travel Guard representatives who gave different answers each time. We have a family member who works in the travel industry that says they will no longer deal with Travel Guard. They used to be a great company years ago but have drastically changed. I'm the one in our family that deals with all the details regarding our travels and household. We’ve been married almost 54yrs so it’s a little too late to change. My DH has been an outstanding caregiver and I’m very blessed to have him. Thanks to everyone’s well wishes, support, and if you have some extra prayers, I would appreciate it. God has been very good to me and I’m hoping he'll continue listening to our prayers.
  2. When we purchased our airline tickets (directly from the airline) for an upcoming cruise, we purchased the insurance offered, which was Travel Gu..... Unfortunately, we had to cancel due to my new chemo treatments. I immediately notified the insurance to cancel my reservations and to begin a claim. That was on April 30, 2020. All documents were completed along with letter from oncologist and sent to the insurance as directed by their representative. Long story short, after 23 phone calls and submitting all paperwork twice, I was finally refunded on Sept 14, 2020 the cost of our airline tickets. So beware of Travel Gu... Insurance.
  3. Hope everyone is doing well. As of today, we still haven’t received our refund. When TA contacted RCCL they looked into our booking and refund. According to RCCL processing our request had fallen through the cracks, and they were now going to enter it manually. Has anyone who requested a full refund received theirs yet? Everyone stay safe and healthy!
  4. Although we used a TA on this sailing, I called the phone number listed on the handout the staff on the ship gave us to apply for the refund on Mar 22nd. I was told the refund would be applied to the credit card. We didn’t want an FCC for this sailing. I did try to go to the Roll call for this sailing, but I can’t find it. We were receiving the posts from this roll call before and while on this sailing. Don’t know where it’s gone.
  5. While on the Mar 7, 2020 sailing on the Grandeur of the Seas, we were offered 100% refund or 125% FCC since we weren’t able to go to the majority of the ports on our itinerary. We applied on Mar 22, 2020 for the 100% refund and were told it we would receive thE refund, but would take 30 days. We have yet to receive our refund. Has anyone that was on this sailing who applied for the refund received credit on their credit card?
  6. Our price range though probably unrealistic would be about $150. Thanks for your suggestions.
  7. We arrive on Jul 28 at 2:00pm at Newark Airport. We'll need 2 beds - full or queen size. Since our 14yr grandson will b with us, we don't need any fancy restaurants. We would prefer a hotel near the airport - complimentary shuttle or in walking distance if possible. Thanks for any suggestions or advice.
  8. We're on RCCL's Adventure sailing on July 29th. We’re flying in to Newark the day before and will be spending the nt. We're not familiar with the area thus we need suggestions and advice regarding a hotel. We'll probable take Uber/Lyft to the cruise port the following morning. We're sailing with our 14yr old grandson, so it will be 3 of us. I know it’s several months away. Thanks for any advice you can give me.
  9. Our flight arrives into Quebec City at 11:50pm on a Sun. Would Uber or Lyft be available that late at night?
  10. We've sailed over 150 cruises and only had to cancel once about 5yrs ago also due to an unforeseen medical issue. The govt taxes were immediately refunded the same day of cancellation. We submitted paperwork the following day, (they didn’t require as much documentation and the physician's note was sufficient) and within a wk we received our refund for the cruise. We’ve known others that had to cancel and they didn’t have the problems we did with MSC. Doesnt matter which cruiseline anyone selects, we recommend getting the insurance for unforeseen issues.
  11. Beware of problems with MSC if you have to cancel! Unfortunately we had to cancel our MSC cruise a week before the sailing due to a medical problem. We had insurance. We immediately called our TA advising the situation regarding the need to cancel. She immediately called MSC and was given a reference number, and all the information regarding the forms to be completed and submitted. In addition, by law when you cancel, your govt taxes are immediately supposed to be refunded and within 24hrs a credit for the amount is supposed to show on your credit card. Ours didn’t show up. TA called several times, with MSC rep saying they had been refunded. Three weeks later, govt taxes refund still wasn’t show on credit card. TA called numerous times, even having the call on speaker so I could hear the conversation. Still no refund. Finally after almost 6 wks, an MSC Rep said we wouldn’t be receiving a refund because we were no shows at the port. TA told them and gave them the reference number including the date of cancellation. Finally an MSC supervisor said it had fallen through the cracks and was their fault. They would have to notify the folks in Italy to approve the refund. Long story short, after submitting all the paperwork including the physician's note and also the physician needing to complete a form, and all of the massive amount of paperwork that included copies of our driver’s license, passport, etc we received our refund of govt taxes and cruise - almost 4 months after we canceled. Needless to say, we will never again consider sailing on MSC. We sailed MSC on a B2B many yrs ago when they had the Orchestra here. They were new to the American market so they had many problems on the sailings. We thought we'd try them again, but with this experience, I don’t think so. We never planned to cancel but life has a way of throwing you a curve. We never expected or anticipated a medical issue that would prevent us from taking this cruise. So beware if you have to cancel your sailing.
  12. Does anyone know how to contact the Loyalty Ambassador on the Grandeur of the Seas? Also what is the email address of the Concierge in the Concierge Lounge? Thanks
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