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    Week of April 27 - Your Next Cruise

    I am most excited about the fact that our next cruise starts in just 5 days Wooo Hooo :):):):):) We will be going on the Carnival Freedom, a boat we have never been on! I am looking forward to the playing poker, getting in the hot tub at the adults only pool on aft, Serenity Deck, Red Frog Pub, and Guys Burgers! The excursion we are most looking forward to is the Mini Sub!
  2. ILove2go2Cozumel

    Week of April 20: Bad Weather ?

    What do you do when the weather is poor on a sea day? Enjoy the Covered Pool area if there is one, Casino, Towel Animal Demonstration, wear my rainbow socks and hope for the weather to pass soon. What about when the weather is poor on a port day? Haven't had that happen yet! (Knock on wood) If it did, we would check the Funtimes to see what is going on for the day if we had to miss an excursion. Drink more, care less. If you have any crazy weather related stories or pics feel free to share We love visiting the tree sculptures of Galveston! This beautiful art is the result of a hurricane!
  3. ILove2go2Cozumel

    Week of April 13 - How Experienced are You ?

    How many days have you spent at sea? 17 How many cruises have you taken? 3 What was your longest cruise? 7
  4. The photo links are working again !!! Yay!
  5. ILove2go2Cozumel

    Why is everyone posting huge pictures?

    I had this problem with my review. I had uploaded all my pics to photobucket as the size they were... 1600X1200 ... HUGE. I had scroll bars on the bottom of my laptop screen and the words were getting cut off. Mid review I exceeded my bandwidth! When creating a new account for the rest of my photos I discovered that Photobucket has a setting that you can make all the uploads 800x600.
  6. Sorry bout the pics not working. I put in my signature that they will be working again on the 18th (since I can't go back and change posts) and that all pics work after page 4. I realized this MID review so I was able to get the "important=DOLPHIN" pictures on another account so it wouldn't be ALL the photos
  7. I found this site in someones signature on a different review. It has TONS of Triumph info (and lots of other ships) It has funtimes posted in pdf format. http://cruiseclues.com/shipstips/carnivaltriumph.htm#carnivaltriumphcarnivalfuntimes
  8. That's all for now. Thanks for sharing my journey with me. Any questions, advice, comments, inside information you would like to share........ ARE ALL WELCOME. Tips I learned the hard way: Don't tie down everything so good it can't be quickly disassembled. The shops don't open till 6:30pm on embarkation day. Anytime dining is in a different level (3 not 5) of London dining room. It's anytime not anywhere..... Cameras are allowed at Dolphinaris. Take your camera everywhere even if you don't plan on using it. There is good mixer for your booty in the morning on the Lido deck. Don't laugh at any question the customs officer asks.
  9. Saturday April 14th - Debarkation (Kick us off the Boat) Day Our last night and we finally both slept well. I didn't know we could order room service breakfast the night before and we hadn't been to the Paris dining room for breakfast the whole trip so we decided to try it. As we were leaving I saw all the room service trays in the hallway (btw in case you didn't know....that's where you put them when you're done.... housekeeping comes and gets them) I asked a room service delivery person what's the latest we could order room service and he gave me a blank look and said "Yes, room service" Our room steward Maynard noticed this interaction and came over and asked me what I wanted to know. I asked him if I could've and he said yes. I could order by door tag and by calling in all the way until they wanted everyone out of the rooms. If I had known that I would've ordered everything I had not yet tried. My goal was to sample everything so I could give a good review (ya, that's why....LOL keep telling yourself that) I would have been just as happy in the room so I feel we didn't miss much by missing it all week. I am not a morning person and it was work for me to be socially acceptable that early in the morning. We sat at a big table as we were pulling into port. There is alot of rumbling and shaking involved. All the dinnerware and glassware was rattling. I had croissant and cream cheese starter, omlette and hashbrowns and apple juice. I don't remember what he had. We went back to our room to double check we got everything, poured out the rest of my booty, watched the dolphins in the port from the balcony until it was time to go to the Lido deck to wait for our zone number to be called (18). We said goodbye to our room ! Theres only 2 areas to wait to be called. The Lido deck and some other place I can't recall that you can't smoke at. We quickly found a lounge chair near the pool and bar and waited to be called. I had a leftover soda but it wasn't cold so I went to get a glass of ice and thats when I saw a tropical fruit juice being dispensed at the beverage station! DOH! I just poured out the rest of my cheap rum so I wasn't scared going through customs. They call many zones at a time so it only took 30 minutes laying in the sun to get to go down to be called to Level 3 The Capitol Atrium Bar (aka The Hub) Then we stood in line for what seemed like forever..... it was not moving! We could see the doors we were supposed to go out of but they weren't letting people go. Many were wondering why they would call us if it wasn't time to go. I figure its a way of staggering the amount of people in the areas. I would've rather waited those extra 20 minutes on the Lido deck but I guess they have a reason for that, or was this unusual? Finally, they let us through and we punched our sail and sign cards for the last time. We made our way down to the luggage claim area and it is alot bigger and brighter and more organized than I was expecting. It is not hard to find your luggage at all! On the big concrete columns were the zone numbers and the bags were all still neatly arranged so I found my big black bag very quickly and the bright pink ribbon wasn't neccesary although it does add flair. My other bag was accidentaly closer to the 17 section but that wasn't too hard to find either. The line for customs looked unbelievably long and we had allready decided to use a porter since my big bag weighed alot. A porter is the way to go !!!!!!! I went to the "line" to get a porter and there was no one in line. Some lady asked me if I need a porter and she fetched one in 1 minute. He followed me back to 18 and loaded up our bags. He asked us what kind of documentation we brought and we told him birth certificate and Drivers License. He guided us to line 4 - Passports. I was concerned we were in the wrong line.... I did not want to get up to the front only to have to go to the end of another line. I said something to him and he said "I like this line" (winking at Joe where I couldn't see) I said "But" He said "I really like this line" smile I thought OK He knows what he's doing. He says "After 20 yrs doing this, I know what I'm doing" Heheheh .....read my mind Anyway, he then explained that this was a porter line and it didn't matter what ID you had they would accept it. These lines are way shorter too. It moved fast. Less than 10 minutes later we are standing in front of the customs officer showing our forms and ID. He asked Joe his name and what state he was born. Then he asked "Is this your girlfriend" Joe said yes He asked Joe "What is her name" I laughed! It reminded me of the couples game where the guys had to describe what thier SO's were wearing with thier backs turned. I took it as him joking with him..... testing him. Ohh yeah..... NOT joking. Definitely Testing!!!! The porter looked at me funny. OOps not a good time to laugh out loud! People are something people smuggle too! He asked if we bought alcohol- NO Let us go! Time finding luggage and going through customs was less than 30 minutes! Quicker than getting on! Our porter hailed a cab to take us back to LQ where the car was parked for free. 5 days of salty grimy air had covered the car. Ohhh well, just a little dirt. We stopped by a car wash to give it a rinse. Time to drive 3 hrs home. This time we took the lesser highways and skipped going through Houston going through countless small town after small town. Just to let you down easy , here are a few more non cruise related pictures I randomly took on the way home. That's a BIG PIG! Horses Another Harley
  10. We get back to our room to find our last towel animal! Stingay with my sunglasses! (In this video I thought I was taking a picture.....I am laughing cause I thought it looked like "something else". Comedy show 11:00 Adults only comedy show with JR McCollom Hilarious, I highly recomend. If you sit up front you should not heckle, he will call you out! 12:36AM Checked our balance at the Pursers desk. Bar tab........... . $190 (3 nights nightclub & various bars) PrePaid Tips...... $115 (we left it as it was) 2 Bingo cards .. . $ 40 (O 63) Scrapbook stuff . $ 37 (Book and decorations) 2 cartons cigs.. . $ 57 Band Aids........ . $ 6 Bottled H2O ...... $ 5 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Total charges $450 We had planned on @$500 so we were UNDER budget! Ya! Our bill shows 2 credits for $7.23 at 11:36 AM on embarkation day! I guessing that is when we put our sail and sign card in the machine for the first time but what is the credit for? Why $7.23? Is that like first drink is on us kinda thing? Early embark credit? Any ideas? We packed up our bags and left them outside the door, making sure we still had our important documents! Filled out our customs forms and watched some of the shows we had missed on the TV. The talent show was good. There was a couples challenge show that was hilarious. The guys had to describe what thier women were wearing (with backs turned) and I was impressed that most of them could do it to a T. I saw Tex doing some crazy awesome dance moves! I fell asleep before midnight!
  11. I had the Asparagus Vichyssoise starter. It is delicious! For the main course Joe had the Chicken, mashed potatoes, and grilled onions. My nieghbor was havaing the Veal Parmigiana with zuchini and 2 mashed potatoes and it looked so yummy I had to try it. Farewell Song
  12. Friday April 13th _ Fun Day at Sea Whole album link http://s1154.photobucket.com/albums/p540/ILoveToGoToCozumel/04-13-12%20Fun%20Day%20at%20Sea/ Yay we got to sleep in! Room service breakfast delivered at 10 Today I wanted to accomplish everything I had let slip during the week. Lounge by the pool, ride the slide, take photos of the ship that I had forgotten to all week because of having too much fun. Oh wait, there's NO such thing as too much fun! Atrium Bar Ceiling 11:28 Paris Dining Room entrance Elevators 11:30 Stop by photo gallery to kill time before the dining room opens and to see embarkation photo and get a scrapbook kit 11:56 Buy the scrapbook kit. 12:00 Buy a carton of Marlboro to take home for 28.50 12:00 Buy a box of $6.00 Bandaids for my heel blister. We had lunch in the Paris dining room and our server reminded us that we might want to skip dessert since there was to be a chocolate buffet in the Lido Buffet. Forgot to take pics ......sorry. 12:31 Aft Pool, Chocolate Buffet, Hot tub, Pizza, Slide We go to the aft pool to find chairs. It was not very crowded back there and there were chairs near the pool. We lay out our stuff and I go find the chocolate fountain. I saw where it was but the line was long so I grab some chocolate cheesecake and go tell Joe "where it's at". The fruit that they would dip for you was watermelon , honeydew, and pineapple. I was hoping for strawberries and bananas but the melons were surprisingly good! 12:40 I can't handle the sun without my sunglasses so I have to go back to the room. I go to the elevators nearest the aft pool. They let me out mere feet from our room! We were so close to the "good pool" all this time! I have to sample some booty to celebrate this new discovery! 1:00 I couldn't find the Ice Carving on Lido. Went to the slide and had a go at it! The line was short and it was fun! My bikini bottoms stayed on! 3:07 Order two strawberry daquiris from the bar and enjoy in the hot tub! $16.68 There were only 3 other people and NO kids in the hot tub! They were talking about free drinks at some other party and about the farewell party (which I had already highlighted) so I made a mental note to not miss that FREE drink opportunity! (I love anything that is free) 5:30 We arrive fashionably late to the Farewell Party. It is not nearly as crowded as I would've thought it would be so no problem finding a seat. Saw our table mates that are to blame for the lack of food porn on elegant night! Waved at them! I knew that we could order anything we wanted from the bar and it is free so I got Diana (lovely blonde from Ukraine) to get Joe a Jack and Coke, I just took a screwdriver since I like them already. The other choice was Mimosa (champagne and OJ) and one other I can't recall. We had one drink and one dance and it was over. They announced the comedy show that we had missed during the week so we vowed to not miss it again!
  13. ILove2go2Cozumel

    Carnival Triumph April 14 Review (long, with pictures)

    Great Review!!!! I agree, that California Roll was so light and refreshing! I almost ate the little wasabi (leaf looking thing) but luckily Joe stopped me. He LOVED the Carribean pepper pot! We both had the salad! It was yummy....... Ya never know about "Other peoples kids"