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  1. Ok thanks for replies. Just seems odd that they would wait until so close to the cruise to realise it was overbooked given final payment is at least 120 days before hand ? Dont understand the concept of "guaranteed rooms" - do they have a different final payment date?
  2. Having booked a Sept 2021 Cruise and paid deposit we now have access to My Viking which certainly has a wealth of useful information. However, did note with interest/concern Clause 22 of the Guest Ticket Contract where Viking states that they reserve right to overbook accommodations and if that happens you may be denied boarding? I realise this may be a very rare condition but did not see it mentioned in Terms and Conditions which is all that you see before you pay deposit 🙂 The term "refused boarding" implies it is a last minute issue rather than something that may happen at the Final Payment date which you could maybe accept more easily ? Given that you may have booked and paid for flights, hotels and tours based on the dates of cruise it would be a major inconvenience. Yep, understand that travel insurance is a must but a late cancellation like that would seem a bit rich. Anybody ever heard of it happening?
  3. Yes actually have two "land" trips planned before that but cant even book flights yet for them 🙂
  4. Seems to me that one issue with Silver Spirits Beverage pack is that both passengers have to sign up for whole cruise ? Would be much more inclined to just sign up for the days at sea and not the whole cruise 🙂
  5. I note in FAQ that Champagne not included in Silver Spirits Beverage Package? Do you just pay per glass at the time ?
  6. Yes SM77 the sliding doors were mentioned in other thread and an image attached of PVs with one. Looking at 6014 as preferred cabin at this stage and it has a sliding door
  7. Also, flying in from Australia can involve up to 24hrs flying each way and do like my space on planes and comfort at airports even if for a shorter time . Pretty sure the comfort gap between Economy and BC is a lot more than the gap between PJS and PV 🙂
  8. Once again thank you for all the responses. As first time cruisers I feel PV is a great entry point and that money saved can be spent on other aspects of holiday like adding on a couple of days at end for example. Laundry can be dealt with in a number of ways . As for excursions probably need to investigate a bit more about where the ship docks in relation to the "town" and what exactly is close by. I certainly agree about wanting my space but that especially relates to tours where extended bus trips do not appeal 🙂 Have been to Berlin and Copenhagen before so wouldnt be doing any Berlin excursions at this stage
  9. Thanks everyone for detailed and thoughtful replies. We will book in a few days in a PV Krisval - does that attached table suggest not all PVs have sliding doors but only the ones listed?
  10. Thanks Aussie. What time of year are u cruising and what type of cabin did u book? We are looking at a PV1 120 days is a good deal it seems so no probs with deposit which is $500 each without fly component
  11. Yes that is a good point Hanoj. The Viking Homelands cruise only has one full sea day as well . How much do they charge to do laundary?
  12. Thank you H&F For a very detailed response . Food for thought
  13. As it does seem wise to book very early just wanted to ask a couple of questions in a new thread about room choice before doing so. Like the look of PV but tempted by Junior Suite although about $3000 more each (AUD) . Looks like a bigger room obviously and some earlier access to bookings and confirmed reservations. Perhaps the biggest attraction is laundry service:) As a newbie not sure how difficult access to laundries on board are or whether the extra guaranteed dinner reservations and early access justify the expense of almost $200 extra each day? I know at end of day these are personal choices but would appreciate feedback from experienced cruisers on these points. As will likely settle on the PV option I assume PV1 is the preferred choice given it is more expensive ?
  14. Just got a reply from VIking Australia so still confused 😉 “When you make a booking with us we require a deposit within 3 business days of making the booking and then we don’t require full payment until 4 months prior to departure which is quite standard between all cruiselines.”
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