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  1. Wedge pillow requested and supplied was on the Royal Princess.
  2. The We are on the Royal repositioning cruise to LA. Royal transitioned to Medalion.net 2 -7 day cruises(which we were on) before the embarkation of the 49 day cruise. We are elite and were initially given 50 minutes total from the start of medallion.net to L. A. I did manage to get the additional minutes for the 7day cruises added after explaining the problem. The alternative was to purchase unlimited use and forgo the minutes. The price , if purchased on embarkation day for the entire cruise, was $9.99 per day. No additional discount was given to elite or platinum members. This price was available to all cruisers. If minutes were chosen and exhausted, there is no option to purchase additional minutes, only to pay $19.99 per day for the balance of the cruise. With 14 days left on the 49 day cruise we have now been offered a package of unlimited use for the rest of the cruise for a total price of $109.00, again with no discount for elite or platinum. Look like this benefit has disappeared!
  3. On Royal now. Elite and Platinum received 50 minutes for the 49 day cruise. Unlimited costs $9.99 per day if purchased on embarkation day for the entire cruise. Thereafter it costs $19.99 per day for the balance of the cruise. No discount for elite or platinum members. The precruise offer read 14 plus days and was incorrect, but the internet company honored it for THIS cruise. I wouldn’t count on it continuing to happen. If minutes are chosen and exhausted, the only choice is to purchase unlimited. There is no option to purchase additional minutes. The elite and platinum benefit has disappeared! Incidentally, the speed is dependent on the ship being within the parameters of a specific satellite. It slowed in the lower latitudes. Just read the above about the discount. I was not offered one, I assume that was because of the 9.99 offer to all. I was offered at 14 days to go, a package for the remainder for total cost of $109.00.
  4. Sorry, having trouble remembering g the correct year!
  5. My comments were no indication as to when the video was made. The mirror at the top of the stairs leading to reception was changed during the dry dock in May-June, 1917. There were other decor changes including chairs, but nothing structural that we remember. The video does look dated. There is a period from May ? To June 11 in 2019 with no cruises scheduled on the Pacific. I looked on drydock schedules, but did not see it listed. Does anyone have any info?
  6. We have spent a lot of time on the Pacific. The entire MDR has always been called the Club Restaurant even before club class existed. The Show Lounge is the Pacific Lounge. I could see parts of the Caberet that I could recognize, but there were too many reflections inThe shot of the show lounge to see how accurate (or inaccurate) it was. The views mentioned are from the seating area outside aft of the buffet. As of April, 2018, the pool was saltwater.
  7. You don't have to always be ticketed to work with United directly, unlike American.
  8. Be careful. Not all orange soda on Princess is Fanta. I exchanged part of a minibar for what I expected to be Fanta (on the Crown I think). It was a brand I had never heard of and was terrible! Immediately exchanged remaining cans.
  9. If you are talking about the Princess Visa card, you can pay Princess including ez air cost, wait until it is off temporary authorization and points are posted, then use the points for a statement credit to pay all or part of the charge.
  10. Medicare and supplementals will only pay if you are treated by a medical person licensed to practice in the U.S. Yes, this may be in a U.S. Port but would have to be off the ship.
  11. Is the daughter under 16? I've never been supervised or had to sign a release on the Crown or any other Princess ship. The only restriction I have seen posted is that an adult be present if under16.
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