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  1. If If and buts were . . . . well no one is telling the OP what to do. People were simply trying to answer the question the OP posed. My response specifically stated what is the "likely" way the insurance company will look at it. But until the OP files a claim, they won't know for sure But in general, it is highly unlikely any reputable doctor will say that having an outbreak of Shingles in early December will definitively impact your ability to travel at least 2 months later. But the insurance company is the one who will determine that.
  2. Actually my mother has had shingles. Still has an occasional outbreak. But that is all irrelevant. You did not comprehend what I wrote. Here is what I said: "That said, I am not sure the insurance company will buy someone saying they have shingles in early December as a reason to cancel a cruise in February. " And that is 100% accurate. It is early to cancel a cruise in February based on getting shingles in early December. Now if the person still is or will be affected by this in February, that is a different story. But you can't have an illness in early December and just assume you will not be able to travel in February. That is simply not how it works. There needs to be certainty. I just don't see that with shingles. Something else like a major operation that the doctor can certify needs 3 months of rehab, sure. But not something like shingles which could resolve quickly or could last longer. No reputable doctor can sign off with certainty in early December that the shingles will be ongoing in February. And I will bet that is what the insurance company says. The OP needed to wait til close to February and if the condition was still ongoing, then make the case to the insurance company. But since they cancelled the cruise already, they may have screwed themselves
  3. Have to look at the terms of your insurance contract. They would define pre-existing condition there. Typically pre-existing condition is one that you had at the time you booked the cruise and took insurance - so if the Shingles came after that, that would likely not be considered pre-existing. That said, I am not sure the insurance company will buy someone saying they have shingles in early December as a reason to cancel a cruise in February. The question is whether the medical condition will be resolved by the time of the cruise or not
  4. Yeah - sounds like the same agency 🙂 I forgot to mention, my great rate that I booked on Cyber Monday happened to be a group rate they had available - with a refundable deposit. The rate was quite less than Royal or elsewhere on the same oceanview balcony It does pay to look around to see what is out there and not just rely on RCCL's booking direct
  5. I don't know - while Royal's direct sales this past weekend may not have been great, I was able to take advantage of a Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale at a large online agency and booked a new cruise on Harmony at a great rate with a host of perks included by the agency (free gratuities, OBC, free specialty meal) . May not have been direct through RCCL but deals were out there
  6. I was able to book the soft drink package at $6.50 a day instead of $9. That was a win !
  7. I feel sorry for you having to go through life judging others.
  8. I would much prefer to share a cruise with a "slob" versus someone who is judgemental and rude and worries what other wear or look like
  9. They are a flat rate - was around $28 a year ago
  10. You are wrong IMO. Read her whole post. The whole thing was judgemental and rude
  11. If dressing up is what you like, nothing wrong with it. And if what you like is being laid back and casual and are more the shorts and polo kind of person, nothing wrong with that either. Glad Royal has adopted this approach - people should enjoy their vacation as they prefer
  12. Check Hotwire - MCO airport area only if you are ok with opaque pricing (if you know what you are doing you can pretty much figure out what hotel you may get for the bargain price) For example - I paid $60 for the Fairfield Inn near MCO at the end of October (booked several months in advance) You may have to look a few times til you find a bargain that pops up you like
  13. I booked this for 2 people later this month - Direct: $73.68 Fairfield Inn (Hotwire opaque pricing but you could figure out the choice) ($60 plus $13.68 tax) $80 Cortrans Shuttle ($40 per person roundtrip) $153.68 total $190.13 Go Port price for Fairfield Inn - $169 plus $21.13 tax Saved $36.45 booking myself and get to use the smaller shuttle from Cortrans I prefer vs the big GoPort busses Added bonus - Fairfield Inn has free shuttle pickup from MCO, offers free breakfast and is in walking distance of the mini mart to but wine and soft drinks for the cruise
  14. Believe me, you were far from hurting my feelings. I chuckle at foolish people like you who throw around insults and flex their keyboard muscles when someone has an idea or opinion they don't agree with. As to the truth, the truth is you are the one being judgmental and intolerant of different ideas and opinions. A normal person can respectfully disagree without tossing out silly insults like you did. But go on, keep tossing out your insults if it makes you feel better. It will simply give me another laugh
  15. Whatever. I was just answering the question someone posed, what would you do. People abuse this all the time so they can bring Fluffy on their trip. You yourself have said national registries won't work My view is not discriminatory toward service animals. It is simply an opinion of one way to solve the issue of too many people abusing the system and taking dogs on cruise ships to the detriment of others. Sorry if a potential solution offends you - not my problem
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