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  1. Hooks in place but no hammock on very large balcony. Junior suit description is a misnomer, itis really a medium to large cabin on Deck 12. Best to have Port side for sun, and its is quiet, away from the scrum at the pool. Stern lifts go strait down to restaurants which is useful. Hope this helps. Alan
  2. Sorry cabin number should be 1218, dyslexia strikes. Al;an and pam
  3. Having just returned from the Caribbean, very very few made an effort to impress. I saw one black tie in 2 weeks, mostly shorts and loose shirts for the gentlemen, I felt definitely out of place with my stripy blazer, The Ladies were more glamourise and seemed to make an effort. I hope this helps, Alan and Pam
  4. The word suit is a misnomer, in reality my junior suit 2018 was more like a large twin or double cabin with too much furniture in it . 2 Dressing tables and a second sofa/4ft foldaway double bed. Ample shelves and storage space. The bathroom is compact with a shower over the bath and solid bath screens. The bath does have rather high sides so persons with mobility problems beware. The cabin does have a huge balcony with table and 2 chairs and space for 2 sun loungers. It was far enough away from the pool area to avoid the razzamatazz and noise generated. The floor has the best cabin stewards
  5. Another quick question, what are the Wi Fi packages and prices available on Explorer 2 ? Thanks in advance Alan
  6. FellowPension Cruiser Tried the02476 number this morning which put me through to the 0203 number with all the options and recorded messages. Eventually contacted a Cruise team member who assured me that I could check in the night before having printed my boarding card etc. The check in staff would be able to find my cabin tag. Have grave doubts about this since the baggage is bonded, but will give it a go and see what happens. If anybody from Marella is monitoring these boards this watch this space Thanks for your help, Alan
  7. Thanks for the reply, I have tried the 0203 4512585 number but have had no success in getting through. If you have another number please let me know. Thanks in advance, Alan
  8. Could someone give a definitive reply to this, as it will change my travel plans. I am booked on a 10am flight to Bridgetown on Sunday 2Feb . I had planned that I travel to LGW on the Saturday and drop my 2 cases off at around 1700 on the Saturday and stay overnight at LGW. My local TUI store yesterday told me that cruise passengers could only check in 2/3 hours before before the flight and not able to use the the night before service as described on the website. The store have in the past gave been guilty of misinformation and confusion. I have tried using the help lines with no
  9. See my comment re the bag drop operating the night before at Gatwick on the New to Marella forum, apparently available from midday the day before your flight till 10pm. Can be confirmed on the before you sail on your booking confirmation under flights. Hope this helps. Alan and pam
  10. Sorry should have said from midday to 10pm and from Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester
  11. On the booking website under flights, it states that if you flights on the following morning one can check in between 2pm and 10pm
  12. Staying at the Acor in the North Terminal. Looking at website and confirmed by local TUI office, check in is open from 1400 - 2400 the night before travel. We are also on Explorer2 and the only remaining query is what type the plugs are ? U tube clips are not clear. Anybody help ? alanandpam
  13. New to Marella, and am traveling from Gatwick to Barbados with 10am Departure.I Am going to overnight at the airport, so firstly, at what times can you check your bags in the night before? Secondly, what are you now allowed to carry on an overnight "carry on" case these days other than clothes. Thanks in advance Alan and Pam
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