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  1. We always end up down a few bucks. But on the Glory I walked away $400 up from the dollar slots. And no matter what we always know it is just for fun and we have always had a ton of fun!
  2. Thank you kindly. I am most adamant in my dislike of Nassau and have always wished I could have been born a Scorpio;-)
  3. Both excellent points. And my face is a bit bent right now- not because of the underlying situation but because I realise I was PO'ed over getting thrashed on CC. Also because the conspiracy theories are a little funny. I am a real cruiser, I have never said I hate CC or RR's. All I meant was if rr's are in the wrong hands that they could be taken away. However many great points have been made. I did not consider that guests may use them for bon voyage liqupr- that's a great isea (provided you can handle it). At first I was also in denial that they would have bought liquor anyway. Shoot I didn't even know they were having marital problems. So agreed rum runners don't make people drunken idiots- people do that. Also agree. That I over reacted to negative responses. And you can continue to flame me for not liking bacon, going barefooted, smoking on my balcony, and bringing on ( a few) rr's. Also I don't like the shows, don't like Nassau, and am a Leo.
  4. Oh my gosh!!! I have been away from the internet and I cannot believe what chaos this post has created. I have read some really smart responses that definately gave me a better perspective. But I have also read some of the most idiotic prose I have ever encountered. Apparently I have assaulted several posters' morale code by airing my family's business and have been compared to a Jerry Spinger wannna be. First of all I thought that was what anon posting was about- to get people's unbiased input. Secondly my family is so unique it would put Jerry to shame. Then I see I have apparently blamed all things CCL and RR's wrongly. I NEVER wrote any such thing. I myself am a CCL and RR fan. Please actually read before you object. I am an apparent Troll also. Sorry Stu- loved you up until now- but that fact is people do visit the mountains as well as the ocean and couldn't give a poop about CC while they are doing it. Not a Troll- just a person with more diverse interests than you. Update- do not read this if you are just a hater- one is in recovery and the other not. Divorce on the horizon but hopefully all will be better off.
  5. Kind of far fetched agreed;-) But what if my loving drunkard kin were smokers and had lighters and thought burning a candle in the room would take away the smoke smell (not confirming or denying this). And what if they also had a fan, hot plate, clothes iron, etc. My point is just if you had an adjoining cabin (we did not) wouldn't you be a bit torked that your cruise was impacted when that negative impact could have been prevented. Dalthough I agree with other posters that they were probably going to find a way to be hostile jerks anyway).
  6. And you have inspired my first smile of the night. I really wasn't trying to cause angst and I wasn't trolling. This crap happened and then we took a mini trip to recover from the "vacation" sans phones, internet, etc.. I love my family as in I might maybe donate an extra organ- but not enough to do another trip like that one;-)
  7. [quote name='tonit964']Let's just say, Carnival [I]did [/I]take away the rr's. Do you really think that would stop them from drinking any more, they would stop fighting and everything would be fine? I think they would be at the bars, drinking and fighting just the same. If someone wants to drink, they will drink. I can't even imagine how many bottles people have taken away and/or hidden from loved one's that are alcoholics and it doesn't stop them from drinking. You need to be realistic but I do feel for you.[/QUOTE] First you are absolutely right. And second thank you- because it was rough watching people I care about and thought I knew go through that. I wish I could go back in time and ask for some of the rr's or figure out a way to get them from them. You are right though because if they were already having that many problems it wouldn't have mattered. It probably would have just been a higher credit card bill. I just need to take a breathe- been away from a computer for a while- and hope they can work things out and probably not plan any family reunion trips for a while.
  8. [quote name='texsun49']So two adults who choose to sneak aboard liquor against the rules, drink too much fight and now contemplate divorce and it is all Carnivals fault?[/QUOTE] Yes Texun. That is brilliant and exactly what I posted- except that it is neither. I have never stuck up for the, I agree it is their fault, but I also see that third parties experienced a negative impact from the terrible behavior. Let me ask you this- if security is called to a cabin and permitted inside and sees 20 lit candles but does nothing about it and the ship catches- who is to blame? Sure the candle morons- but do you think maybe somebody else in authority might be questioned?
  9. [quote name='MASCREW']Really? I can imagine what you think about this whole gun control deal.:rolleyes:[/QUOTE] Too funny;-) Actually if our stateroom held the contents of our house or vehicles or persons (while on land and licenses) I would have had no fear of stepping in and dumping the rr's- actually I would have rather handed them out to more responsible adults;-)
  10. [quote name='Jimmy Geegitz']So it's carnivals fault they are getting divorced?[/QUOTE] Nope and I NEVER said that. If I had thought Carnival was at fault I would have said so. I was wondering why this supposed contraband was not extricated from the possession of individuals when they clearly were not making wise choices.
  11. [quote name='swedish weave']Two questions ---- Did you report them to security ? What is the reason you didn't dump the rum runners ? You knew they had them.:eek:[/QUOTE] I didn't report them for two reasons. First they are my family and if anyone's family out there is like mine it is best to stay out of the drama (At least I made it back with my didgets intact and eyes not scratched out). But even that is no excuse- we didn't have to call security because somebody else did on more than one occasion (we missed a lot of the first. Hand drama because we were away trying to enjoy/salvage our vacation). We certainly had no legal right to force ourselves into the cabin to dump or take anything and I sure as heck wasn't getting in the middle of a domestic violence scene especially with my family there and vulnerable. I agree they are idiots and in the minority of really bad behavors (trying to be as decent as I can be). But I was horrified to even hear things second hand and what I did see firsthand. If I had been a stranger seeing this and calling security I would have been floored to find out about all the rr's being left in the room.
  12. I completely agree. But why can't CCL security dump it when they find it?
  13. You all make good points. I have brought rr's onboard but I have never seen anything like this. I wish I could have poured them out for them. I can tell you I won't be cruising with them again. It was so nuts. I can't believe they were not arrested or something and I can't believe nobody could take their stash and ditch it. If it got caught coming onboard they would have tossed it. Why can't people in control toss it later if they see it? Totally their fault(meaning the people I was with) but why doesn't Carnival toss it later if they see ir?
  14. Going to get flamed a lot for this I know. And I get personal responability and all. But a few weeks ago my brother and his wife were on a family cruise (my family, his, our parents, and some friends). They packed a crud load- probably 20- and as far as I can tell they all got through. Isn't Carnival checking at all? They drank and drank and fought and it was a mess. We even asked crew if they could take the rum runners away. Now they are looking at divorce. This is crazy. Has anyone else wished they could take the rum runners away?
  15. Got off a cruise a few weeks ago. Tons of people had respiratory infections. We made sure we washed our hands and used Purell like crazy. Seemed to work for us. Cross ref'ed the bumper. Apparently the OP made fun of her special needs kid or something. Geeze leave the drama out guys!