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  1. Finally reached HAL to cancel trip one day after receiving the email about cancelling and two days before cruise leaves. Obviously not the 72 hours before a cruise as noted in policy. We are receiving full FCC!! Never expected it. We are so disappointed that we aren't going but feel happy to be able to plan another HAL trip. I dont know if this is a new policy but if you are in this category, please inquire. It might be handled on a case by case basis.
  2. Cannot get through by phone or chat. Was in route to FLL when email received. Anyone have an email or other phone #? Thanks.
  3. Can anyone give me an e-mail address or another phone # for HAL? Am cancelling my cruise leaving tomorrow, got the notice late yesterday afternoon & was already in route to FLL. Chat doesn't work & neither does phone #.
  4. Thanks for your review. We are leaving Sunday for same cruise. What's the earliest you can arrive at terminal? Is there ever a line waiting outside in the sun? We are in a Neptune suite mid-ship on 7. You mentioned these didn't have much balcony cover, is there any? What is a CO menu you mentioned? Thanks for the internet info as I need to work while on the ship. I will come back & post a review after returning on March 18th.
  5. Just returned from Celebrity cruise. Had not taken a taxi from EWR to port so had no idea of cost back to EWR. Was directed to taxi area by official in the terminal. It was a long walk but was clearly the shuttle bus/taxi pick up. There was a man who was lining people up, asking where they were going & then directing us to the next car in line. Some were taxis some were plain cars. Upon hearing where we were headed he would give a price. I did not hear any other prices. He told us $60 to EWR, $20 for shuttle. It might have been $30 for shuttle. This seemed high to us but we didn't want to wait around for a shuttle. So got in the plain car which had no markings in or out as a taxi. After a 10 - 15 min ride ( understand now its 10 miles) we arrived & the driver said $90 covers everything! Being 2 women with a plane to catch we did not want to argue. There is an area before you get to the taxi area where people seemed to be waiting for their rides. And by the way, there was no security present at the taxi area. I understand now, that if police had been there, they may not have been charging illegal prices. Do not take a chance on a taxi to EWR or anywhere else from this cruise terminal. I now understand that the usual price is no higher than $40 even in high traffic.
  6. Thanks to all who replied with helpful comments to future cruisers. There was no security present. There were 2 lines of taxis/cars. Some did seem to be real taxis. Before approaching the taxi area there was an area that seemed to be a pickup place for those waiting for their ride. I do not know if the shuttles in the taxi area were from Celebrity. I think they were as there was not another area they could wait. I will try to follow up with the NJ taxi commission for that area as this seems to be highly illegal.
  7. Just got back from Summit on May 5. Passengers were directed from the terminal (a long walk) to taxis. Guy who seemed to be dispatching a long line of taxis asked each group where they wanted to go, for us it was EWR. He said it would be $60 for taxi or $20 for shuttle which was at same spot. We needed to make an early flight so chose the taxi. It was about a 15 min. ride in a car which had no markings as a taxi. Nothing inside or out. Seemed like a private car. When we arrived at the airport, taxi guy said that will be $90 including every thing!! We did make our flight w/moments to spare & would not have made it on a shuttle.
  8. Just got off Summit in Acqua 1130. No noise heard from above. While on balcony one could hear conversation from the aft outdoor buffet seating area during meal times. Not bothersome to me. Also could not see anyone from the balcony on deck 12 but if you stand at the railing of the balcony you could see people on 10. Never saw anyone looking up however. I have not sailed Celebrity before so cannot comment on anything before my cruise. I did not find the "slats" on 10 offensive, I thought it gave a better view of the water than the canopy that I have read many negative comments about. Plsn to write a review soon.
  9. Hi, goldsmip: I'm on this cruise, too! 1st time on Celebrity.
  10. Thanks. Any other differences in the two plans except being able to stream on the more expensive plan?
  11. On the Summit soon & need to check work e-mails about an hour a day. Is the simple surfing package adequate? Is it much slower than the other package & does it drop a lot? Must use package for 2 devices as I need to access the computer through my iphone. Thanks in advance.
  12. Roy: Been following your travels for a long time but 1st post to you. I think you will be in Manaus in a day or two. Manaus is the site of a ship explosion during WW two that took hundreds of sailors lives & injured many more. On Nov., 1944, the ammunition ship, US Mount Hood blew up in Seeadler Harbor which sunk other US ships as well & damaged many more. My uncle was on the Mt. Hood. I have often wondered if there was any sort of memorial or grave yard in the area to mark this event. I know you love to walk around & explore so if you see any mention of this event maybe you could post a photo. By the way the cause of the explosion was thought to be human error according to the Navy. And thanks for writing about your travels. I enjoy reading your reports.
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