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  1. Thank you both for your quick responses. I think we’ll go with the B2 midship and give up the extra foot of balcony, especially since we’ll be in the Atlantic and I am prone to seasickness.
  2. In looking at the B2 category staterooms on deck 8 on Serenity, it appears that some of the aft rooms have larger balconies than the midship rooms. Does anyone know if that is the case, and if so, is there any advantage to being in one of the rooms with the smaller balcony?
  3. You have to do a mock booking. When it’s time to select your cabin, you will see in the description of the available cabins whether it is feet or head forward.
  4. Just another reason to love Serenity!
  5. Thanks. The pictured configuration, with the seating area next to the balcony, is the one we prefer (rather than the bed next to the balcony). I didn’t realize that all staterooms were this configuration.
  6. I like that Crystal tells you when choosing a stateroom whether you’ll be head forward or feet forward, but how can I tell whether the bed is next to the veranda or the bathroom?
  7. Thank you both for your quick replies. They’re very helpful.
  8. Can anyone tell me how limited the view is from the “slightly limited view” verandah cabins on Serenity?
  9. We love the Ensemble lounge as well, particularly for dancing before and after dinner. We were very disappointed on our Edge cruise in February that there was no venue on the ship comparable to Ensemble. The foyer had music in the evening, but it was loud, crowded, and generally not danceable, with a tiny floor and folks walking back and forth to the martini bar. For this and other reasons, we will stick to the older ships and leave the Edge class to a younger demographic.
  10. Is it possible to take a tour to Morocco from Gibraltar on a 9 hour port stop?
  11. Flying in to Orlando too late to buy wine for the cruise. Is there somewhere near the port that we can find bottles to take on board? We’ll Uber to the port, so can stop along the way if necessary. Thanks for any help.
  12. Thanks for responding so soon. Using the roll call, a few of us with 12/13 year olds have agreed to meet the first afternoon so the kids can get acquainted. I signed up for the slower internet, mostly so our granddaughter can stay in touch with her parents at home. (“What, no streaming?” she said.). Also signed up for the thrill park at CocoCay and a couple of private excursions that I hope she’ll enjoy. This will be very different from the cruising my husband and I are used to, but it’ll be an adventure!
  13. Are the meals in the bistro adults-only? I’d like to go there but will have a tween in tow.
  14. We’ve also only done traditional because we like getting to know “our” waitstaff, but this time we’re sailing with our tween-age granddaughter so need more flexibility. I’ll let you know how it goes.
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