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  1. I am having trouble booking Irie Tours.   I have sent several emails.   Nothing.   I checked my spam.   How do I pay for this? Cash?   Credit Card ?    Can I wait til I get there?   Just very confused.  Please advise

  2. 18 minutes ago, dianajo67 said:

    Talked to a couple tour operators who said Royal has reached out to providers on St Kitts.  Sounds like a lot of the “normal” offerings won’t be available because it’s a Sunday which is not a common cruise stop day there.  Many assets also have others obligations.

    i do know that Thenford Gray tours are running.  Mad Max Dune Buggy tours have added a tour that day (21 oct).  Blue safari added on a half day snorkel beach tour.  None of these are through the ship.

    We signed up for the Blue Safari half day tour.   🤞🏻

  3. 29 minutes ago, Johnamac123 said:

    Can you explain why your port stop was canx? I'll be there on Navigator OTS 12/12...

    My TA sent me an email informing me of the cancellation.   It said it was cancelled due to the pier construction not being completed.  I also heard that Bonaire has 2 piers for cruise ships to port at, so maybe you will get lucky and port at the other one.   Not sure why FOS isn’t.  

  4. What date are you arriving? I live on the island and I'd be happy to take you around and I can customize your tour based on your interests. I speak primarily English, very little of other languages.

    Can you PM me please? Thanks!

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