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  1. I did not want to post a bunch of pictures right now I have been real busy since I returned from the cruise. I will try to answer some of the questions I was hearing before I left and give a quick review on some of the trip. Day before the cruise: We always stay in Miami the day before our cruise (IF its out of Miami). We stayed at the Miami Hilton Downtown we really like this hotel and it is right on the Biscayne Bay. We could see the ships come in which is great. We ate lunch at the hotel which was very good and did a quick pizza at night. The Bliss: I will start with we had a great trip food was generally good though out the ship. There was a fun atmosphere in all the venues and our favorite bartenders were in the Maltings bar with Rickey and the crew. Pros and Cons Pros We really enjoyed the go carts the whole family and our friends enjoyed this. The ship is beautiful only a few things I did not like. Our mini suite was nice just like the other away ships no different. The food on board that I enjoyed were as follows. Cagneys was great everyone's steaks were very good, Lebistro was very good, so was Lacucinia. My family liked Lacuchina more than I did but it was not bad. Our favorite Restaurant was Q oh my the loaded fries are awesome all the meats were very good and the portions huge. We ate 1 meal in the Buffet all our breakfasts and most lunches. The food was good not great but there were some highlights like the breakfasts were real good. Lunches just OK Prime rib night was great there cause you can ask for a thick slice which I like. We did not eat in the main dinning areas so I can not comment on that. The Solarium was awesome but I never stayed long . Night life I always liked on NCL this was great as usuall we did go to Jersey Boys witch was good. Friends did Havana and Prohibition they did enjoy those more than Jersey Boys. The drinks were always good throughout the ship I never had many waits unless it was at a event like the party's in the back of the ship. All the Greygoose and other drinks that folks were speaking of were included in the package. The stops on this trip were great highlighted by Cane Garden Bay we had a blast here. We do not do any city tours we do our own we did similar beach stop in St Thomas. Nassau we do not like stayed on the ship . Cons: The room steward was not good and very standoffish. He was disturbed when we asked for clean sheets and the room always was half clean we seemed to always be missing something like towels and he never put up the pull down bead. The Mexican restaurant was horrible every thing everyone ordered was UN edible. The guac was the only thing I could stomach, The local was not as good as Oshehans. There are no more pool tables or dart boards the area is small and packed for the shows below and the food was bad like bad frozen food. No tvs or sports to watch in here either so I did not visit often., The folks doing the photos wanting you to purchase right at the dinner table is very rude and tacky. It was a No every time the did this. No activities for teens like basketball, volleyball or anything out doors. Kids were complaining about that. The part in the boarding process where they let folks in with disabilities is just bad folks with nothing wrong with them got on board with no disabilities to run to get Vibe passes we all could see them running. All of us with boarding 1 and platinum did not have a chance after that. They should just do a lottery to eliminate this. The internet was horrible nuff said. The only unpleasant staff I ran into were 1 pool bartender, photo folks, 1 person at guest services when I had a false charge and 1 dealer in the casino so very minimal. Any questions on anything let me know
  2. Cagneys is a steak restaurant? If the steaks are not good what is the point? well they used to be good I hope this week when I go there they will be. It seems like all the specialty restaurants are tuning into a fast food experience and that is not good
  3. I will be onboard with you. just got off a plane for last minute work travel so it set me back a little on my pre cruise prep. I think I am close to being ready oh and just got my haircut. 👍 I hope the wife and kid have there stuff ready. i will also be in Miami on Friday we’re at the Hilton Miami downtown been there before nice hotel and close to the downtown festivities.
  4. March ,April, June July August thanksgiving week Christmas and New Years. Basically half the year . SLO season is when folks with out kids normally go
  5. The price you are giving is the slow or off season . High season you would be adding at least 2000. I am cruising the Bliss in March for 3 people in a balcony no flight. Add ons with the free at sea I added was a 4 day dinner plan for my son a soda package, insurance for all 3 total price $4500 . That being said I canceled my November cruise and I am now doing a AI in Cabo with flights for $3500.
  6. Thanks for pointing out my 1000 I figured I would make it now. LOL
  7. So they have a pool table darts and games like they do in Osheehans? I have not seen information on this
  8. Go to the highest point of the ship it looks amazing.you can almost feel like you can touch it.
  9. Now charging 2.35 at the end of dinner is cheesy . If they did that to me I would say that was your whole tip.
  10. Does the local have games like darts or pool like other ships? And can you use the arcade package on them
  11. I agree I don’t know why Diet Pepsi is so bad exp in drinks
  12. I am thinking it is a waste of time they prob just want to wait until a last minute cancellation and that is probably the only way to win your bid if they are sold out. If I am wrong please correct me.
  13. I would not even bother letting NCL know why your not booking with them at all. It is a waste of time. I like others will shop around and book with another line. They already know people will leave. I have heard one thing on this tread I do not agree with, folks think here on CC were a very small portion of cruisers and nothing will change when we complain. This is not totally true its all metrics if all of us are making negative comments about this particular issue other folks that cruise NCL will be too. Those folks will be the ones that will be complaining at guest services or to bar managers.
  14. This is just like switching insurance company s or cable company's just go to who has the best deal. Cruising has now come to this we need to accept it everything is now mediocre at best and you just have to pick the Line that offers the best bang for your buck. NCL is not looking like the best deal right now after comparing cruises .
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