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  1. I got the letter also. It's just a generic thank you to Crown & Anchor members much like all the other emails we're probably all getting from companies. And I did not think at all that the 'you' he was referring to was me specifically...he is talking about you in the familiar as he outlines the various things they've heard from people that they enjoy about RC
  2. Hi fellow SCer! I used to work near the VA. I feel so bad for the players on these teams😞 especially the women's bb team...they were such a bright spot for the city and so deserving. - we wanted to see them go all the way
  3. *waves* Hi neighbor, we're in Lexington also! In your situation we would've done the same, waited until the 48 hour limit to decide because the decision might be made by others.
  4. Update: just cancelled by speaking with an awesome rep in our exchange company travel center. Bonus, I didn't realize I chose the refundable option so getting our deposit refunded back to our credit card!I good luck to others trying to make the difficult decision!
  5. We only have the 1 cabin, it's myself, my husband and my son —this cruise was for his high school graduation and our 30th anniversary. Like you we were excited to hear about the 48 hour cancellation policy that came out, but the reactions in the last couple of days made things just too volatile for us.
  6. I'm sorry, but you have no way of knowing that or the consequences of what all is going on now on RCI or the industry as a whole. We are not alarmists, but the way things are going now and governments are responding, we just don't want to tie up money in a FCC.
  7. That's what we were initially thinking but what will the state of RCI or The cruise industry be after all of this? More thinking now would rather not tie up over $3800 in FCC
  8. We are scheduled to sale June 21 out of Puerto Rico on the Freedom of the Seas. Our final payment is due Friday. With the "pandemic" announcement, cancellations of events, speculation about bankruptcy and other future unknowns we are seriously considering if we should cancel prior to final payment. A week ago we had no intentions of canceling, but it seems like the reaction to this virus is getting worse by the day, on all fronts😟
  9. IMO, it is generous for what is happening AT THIS TIME. Cruises from US are not being cancelled yet, so RCCL offering this option gives peace of mind to those cruising in the next few months. Will cruises be cancelled? Maybe...maybe not.
  10. I agree with previous posters on the Freedom out of San Juan. We're sailing her in June and can't wait - she's our favorite RC ship and that was before her amplification
  11. We just got an email forwarded today from our travel agent (who knows how long they had the email from RCI that they forwarded) notifying us of adding St. Maarten, switching the port days for Barbados and St. Lucia and cutting the time in St. Lucia by an hour and Barbados by 2 hours (arriving at 10 instead of 7). This is for a 6/21 cruise...I've had to contact our tour in St. Lucia to see if they can switch us to Friday. We were already dealing with trying to decide if we were going to not do a port and add another 'sea day' so now we definitely will probably do that. We enjoy sea
  12. Wow, the Sports Bar bartender looks like he's actually working, lol. Every time we went in there, he was too busy watching crew mates play video games to serve cruisers🤣
  13. I can confirm that the menus posted by j1d1 are the main menus, in day order, for the Sunshine. There are four upcharge items available every night as well for $20 each. We only ate in the MDR twice because it just wasn't appealing. I HIGHLY recommend eating at JiJi at least once, it was wonderful.
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