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  1. Here’s some more Hawaii. The views looking down are from our hotel room in Honolulu at the Hale Koa, we scored an ocean front room on the corner on the top floor! The ship picture is the Celebrity Eclipse at anchor in Kona. Melody
  2. You can dress as formally as you wish, the least dressy would be casual long pants for the guys & a collared shirt; just about anything goes for women (sundresses with a wrap, it can get cold in dining room). You can be smart casual every night or dress up every night. Things have greatly changed attire wise on ships (likely due to airline fees) Enjoy your first cruise!
  3. Amberjack is a very mild white fish, maybe it’s seasonal? I’d go to Panama City (Eglin AFB) normally November-January timeframe. Melody
  4. It was always quite busy on Eclipse two weeks ago, actually overcrowded a couple of nights
  5. We did, top floor, oceanfront room for our 50th anniversary. Much preferred the Vancouver to Hawaii with the five sea days up front
  6. Anita, isn’t the Emerald Coast just lovely. I love the white, soft sand. I used to have trips there to Eglin AFB. Hope you tried Amberjack fish. Enjoying the photos. Melody
  7. We just had this package on Eclipse (Vancouver to Hawaii). We have 5 lbs of pictures! & the digital copy. Book it prior to boarding for $200, you can use your 20% (if elite) once on board, saved us $40
  8. Hi Jim & Iain! Glad to be part of your virtual cruise. We used to live on Grape Ave in Sunnyvale! We’re just off Eclipse (Vancouver to Hawaii) & anxiously awaiting Reflection for MardiGras & b2b ABCs. This will keep me occupied for a time! Enjoy your cruise! Melody
  9. Here’s some of the Elegant Chic night (Celebrity doesn’t do formal anymore) shots. Melody
  10. The HydroBoost also really helps if you get a bit much sun while on a cruise. My DH missed a spot on his neck & got a bit fried. The HydroBoost really helped. He now uses it as an after shave treatment...I made him get his own!
  11. I had those board shorts for our Hawaiian cruise & land vaca 2 weeks ago. Perfect. Think I wore them 4-5 times on excursions. I got mine at Sierra Trading Post for considerably less money
  12. Here’s the second day in Hilo first 2 pictures from first day Melody
  13. Here’s some photos from Hilo. Volcano National Park & fabulous lunch at a local house. Melody
  14. they did give them back. But they’d already been thru agricultural check so left them checked with bell captain in a secured room
  15. I just paid $11 for that bottle at Costco!
  16. Just off Celebrity Eclipse, enjoyed the main dining room. Here’s a couple of pictures
  17. I just came off an overnight flight from Hawaii (84 degrees to Colorado into a snowstorm (20 degrees) our first flight was cancelled so we spent 3 days with just what we had with our carryon. I had the Athleta sweater in the deep blue marble that Anita posted on the first page...highly recommend it & I’ll be buying other colors of it. I had on a blue animal print vneck tshirt & Costco traveler ankle pants I wore my Keen Rose water sandals with my black compression socks. It was the perfect combination until we hit the snow. Then I pulled my poncho out of the carryon. I’ll never, ever travel without it again. Best of everything.com fashion poncho, $14 about 20 colors. Can’t figure out how to post the link, my mind is too tired 🙄.
  18. Kim your photos are wonderful. We love the Yellowstone area. Great colors in your photos. here’s a couple of our Hawaii ones. Melody
  19. That blue dress is what I picked up at Soft Surroundings for under $25 the week we left for the cruise, it wasn’t in my planned wardrobe & I love it, easy to pack (rolled up without a wrinkle) & I feel good in it. The dress id planned on for the luau I wore onboard at the second elegant chic night (I like the blue better). We’ll work on photos this weekend, but now it’s time for a nap! Melody
  20. Keep baby powder in your beach bag. I get rid of sand on the feet with a couple of shakes of baby powder. Been doing that since we lived in Okinawa 80-83. Melody
  21. Well, we’re finally back home (& into a nasty snowstorm). Our flight scheduled for Tuesday night at 7:30pm got pushed to 9:30pm, of course we’d already taxied to the airport. We boarded & sat, then sat some more. We were very grateful to be in first class (nice splurge for our anniversary). Pilot comes on about 10:30pm & says I don’t want to take this bird over the ocean with a fuel gauge that’s wonky (we all agreed). United put us up in a hotel, gave us transport vouchers & meal vouchers (for over 250 folks), only difficulty was we had to drag our bags with us. . they put us on the 9:30 flight again on Wednesday night in first class but not together... we got a $2 all day city bus pass & rode it around to many of the historical sites in downtown Honolulu. Lots of fun. Back to airport & we & we got right thru TSA & to the gate, seriously took under 5 minutes from cab (bags to skycap...he took the bags thru agricultural check...worth the tip!). I asked gate agent if he could adjust the seats, nope FC is full, ok, I’ve got this. We had two window seats, row 4 & row 6. I had row 4. Got into my seat, my seat mate goes to sit down & I ask if he’d switch, he said sure, he’d rather have a window to sleep! Score! Flight departs on time, gets to LA, we get our connection & get into Colorado Springs exactly 15 hours (including time changes) that we left Honolulu. We’re both really tired & plan an early night. Heres a couple of pictures. Melody
  22. Wow! We’re still in Hawaii ❤️ But finally have some WiFi. Such a lot going on in the board! Congratulations Laurie! Anita, wow, fabulous trip, Purduemom, make the best out of changes fabulous vacation, wonderful cruise. More later when we’re home later in week. Melody
  23. After Hawaii definitely, it’ll be pretty major surgery, new bone grafts & all. The titanium is reacting like an allergy. I’ll likely wait till after our MardiGras cruise in February if I can!
  24. Margaret, I love the scarf! I think I have one that’s very similar News from dentist (after over 4 hours in the chair). Well it looks like we’ll have to remove both of your implants! I have insurance; however, my cost will be about $6K, ouch! So for now I have a temporary crown & a dental repair kit. His comment on the dental repair kit, remember less is more...sigh. Melody
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