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  1. Are there deck chairs aside from directly around the swimming pool? Have booked an outside stateroom for the first time and thus am interested in alternatives to balcony seating. Thank you. Clipper
  2. The knowledge on this board is amazing. Thank you all. The PG seems to better meet our expectations and I made the upgrade this afternoon. Based on your input, I think we will be much happier there, particularly since the ship is really the destination for us on this trip.
  3. We currently have booked a Britannia Club cabin on next year's QM2 5-day 4th of July sailing. I know the Princess Grill cabin is twice as large in total footage, but the seating area (sofa, coffee table, etc.) looked about as cramped and jammed up against the bed as that in the Britannia Club cabin. Is the reality different from the pictures on the Cunard site? For what it's worth, we generally travel in larger cabins than either on other cruise lines, so the cabin is going to seem small in any case. I guess the question is whether it's worth the extra money for something less small given that this cruise is comparatively high-priced to begin with. Most important is the single seating dining, which either option offers.
  4. Thank you, all, again. I spoke with the shore-side concierge this morning and changed our seating from late to main. She could not have been more gracious. I was extremely impressed! I had been told Disney customer service was exceptional and my experience certainly bears this out.
  5. Thank you all so much. We are in a one-bedroom Concierge suite so will discuss this with the on-shore concierge when the time comes to speak with him or her.
  6. We (a couple in our sixties) have booked a suite on the Wonder out of Galveston fairly late in the game. As a consequence, only late seating was available. As this is really too late for us, I am wondering whether one can reserve a table in Palo for several nights of a cruise. I don't want to eat every night in the Buffet and in-suite dining for dinners strikes me as impractical. We appreciate your input.
  7. We are booked in the deluxe owner's suite on Jade in January. Although I don't recall purchasing them, we somehow have ultimate dining, ultimate beverage, and choice shore excursion packages. I have figured out the dining package since no charges were registered for specialty dining reservations, and guess we can order certain drinks without charge (or is there one?) and am totally clueless about the shore excursion thing. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  8. My Time dining finally opened up today for our January 4 cruise on Navigator. Booking dining for the entire week was a nightmare -- all sorts of error messages, a message to input my credit card information, etc. I knew one had to book each night separately, but it took signing off and then signing on several times before I could get the task done. Now when I try to sign in I get a message that states "Booking locked." What does this mean and how do I unlock it? Frustrated in Houston
  9. We are in an owner's suite on Navigator on Jan. 5, 2015. We are booked currently for anytime dining. I know I eventually will be able to reserve a two-top for each night of the cruise and it will probably be for the time the MDR opens. That being the case, I wondered if it would not just be simpler to have our agent request a two-top for early dining. But how likely would that request be honored? Would having a suite make a difference? I really want to dine by ourselves on this one and don't want to do anything that would put it at doubt. Thanks so much.
  10. Pleased to get a per diem credit for this shortened cruise but doubt there will be anything I want to spend it on to such an extent as to use it up. Is it use it or lose it? We have a suite so even a day is quite substantial.
  11. Thanks for everyone's input and the photographs. I feel much relieved and can start really looking forward to the trip. Clipper
  12. We are currently booked in an aft Sky Suite on Solstice for an Alaskan cruise next July because the sailing date worked best for us. However, after reading all of the posts of cruisers who are fretting about being upgraded to a suite from Aqua Class, I am wondering if we have made a mistake. We need the extra room of a suite because we spend pretty much all of our time, aside from shore excursions, in our cabin and I can't see us sitting comfortably lined up on the sofa in the Aqua Class cabin. But I am getting the distinct impression that Celebrity has placed its emphasis on enhanced food and service on Aqua Class. I know we can ask for admission to Blu and perhaps be accommodated, but that seems rather awkward and potentially embarassing. Would it be better to pick another line?
  13. I miss the old Loveboat -- the Pacific Princess. What a charmer! The many other Princess ships on which I have sailed subsequently lack its kind of unique personality. In fact, it's the increasing blandness and sameness of Princess ships that's starting to put me off them.
  14. I'll be on it going solo (my partner can't take the time off). Hope to meet you. Tobin (Clipper) Houston, TX
  15. Looking at a cruise on Sapphire and want a suite with a private balcony, i.e., one that folks cannot look down upon from upper decks. PH suites on Caribe deck are available as well as fore suites (107 & 104) on Caribe, Baha & Aloha and aft suites on Emerald (730) and Caribe (750, 752, 757, 755). This is a cruise up the coast from L.A. to Vancouver in May and we spend a lot of time on our balconies and in the room. What would you pick? The price is about the same for all. I've done a search on this board, but it has just left me more confused than ever, what with vents and pillars, etc., to take into consideration. Thanks in advance for your help. Clipper
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