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  1. We have been on CP twice and are about to board again. One thing I will say is, it is very crowded. A few years ago they added several cabins and no more public space, so it is crowded everywhere you go. Elevators take along time, seating in all areas, especially the theater are very crowded. We had to go to the theater 45 minutes early sometimes, and the very least 1/2 hr before the show to get seats..........any seats. So, just a warning. On NCL, we are platinum, we have never had that issue with the theater. Casino is good, like all cruise ships, at taking your money, haha. Dress is casual, although Princess does dress up more for formal nights than NCL, but it is not required. Princess is better, IMO, at sea day activities and you can stay busy all day long. I think they are very similar really. Have fun!
  2. All my sail away rates were for an inside cabin. As stated above, after 150+ days, I have never gotten an upgrade. I did bid once, but didn't even get that! haha
  3. Nice review! Thanks We have sailed about equal amounts on Princess and NCL (150+ days on each) and we think they are almost the same. There are some things that Princess is far better at (tendering being the first) and some that NCL is better at(entertainment is very good). I feel the same amount of nickle and dime efforts on both. I have also sailed RCCI (only 21 days)and Holland(10 days). Holland was the worst ever......yawn, so boring. We just book for the itinerary and cost, but, really, all the same. Happy sailing!
  4. I would. It is okay until they have karaoke until 12 midnight! But, it is interesting to say the least, people just don't realize how bad they sing! No sound proofing it seemed..........for 14 long nights! haha, change if you can.
  5. I have sailed over 150 days on NCL(I will be platinum plus after my next cruise of 30+ days) and always booked sail away. Never have I got upgraded, not once. I don't care because I am happy with what I book, but just wanted to give my input. It seems status has nothing to do with it, and like others said, it is all a bid process now it seems. But in NCL's defense.....I am elite on Princess and have never got upgraded either! haha, just not in the cards for us.
  6. I read about LATREW, and was not sure if it means you don't get extra points, or you don't get ANY points. Do you know? I just booked at 30 day cruise and that would have made me platinum plus, but only if they count.
  7. Why not the ferry? That is what we are going to do. We only have carry on, but last time we were in red hook, we saw the ferry and it is feet away from the ship. Do tell why not using it.
  8. I have gotten 4 in the last month, I deleted them all, and keep getting them!
  9. We just booked both cruises. The price was the selling point. I think the price will come down due to high inventory, but I also got a great airfare from Sydney, so I had to take the price of the cruise as of yesterday. Sometimes the airfare won't cooperate!! I am going on a Princess cruise to Greenland in a few weeks and I booked about a month ago. I got the cruise for about $1000 pp, and it ended up being the lowest price, it is now about $1500pp. You never know, it has just gone up since I booked. Maybe they got enough people to book with that low price. I have gotten fantastic deals at the last minute, but when you need a long distance airfare, sometimes you can't wait until the last minute. Goodluck!
  10. I am elite on Princess and Platinum plus (next cruise,needed 6 days), so I have spent over 150 days on each line. They are both really the same when it all comes down to it and I am happy with either depending on itinerary and price. As others have said, formal on either is not formal. Princess does suggest it more so that NCL, but we travel before and after our cruises and don't take lots of luggage, so we never take formal wear. Yes, I take a nice pair of black pants and a fancy shirt( but in my mind that is not formal). We have never been denied in the main dining room, but we usually respect the fact that others may want that formal experience and eat in a specialty restaurant(not required formal) or the buffet. Your only option is not pizza by the pool. We usually do long cruises and Princess and NCL both have fun activities on sea days. Holland is the worst and most boring cruise line ever! We never take the 5 free things at NCL, but if you like the free drink thing, NCL wins from what my friends say. In general I think Princess is more pricey than NCL( and I compare every single day looking for deals). It just depends on what you value. If you value the cruise experience, maybe Princess is the one. If you value the ports, NCL might be the one. Like someone said before, you are the only on can judge which is the one for you. Happy sailing!
  11. I am never a cheerleader for any cruise line, and I have been on several..........but I will say that NCL is doing the exact same thing ALL the cruises lines will do, make you pay at their final payment date. I highly doubt any cruise line would "work with you". The PCC may say so and the customer service rep on the phone might say so, but when it comes time for final payment, that is it, you pay or you are cancelled. I think that those that said they would work with you are not being truthful and I would be really careful moving forward with just their word. ON the plus side, I always book cruises last minute and I get fantastic deals, so maybe that is your only choice? But, it being a holiday cruise might not be the same. Good luck with your cruise and have fun.
  12. Thanks, I did not know that. I get shareholders and I am 10 days from elite, but I had never heard of the loyalty OBC. Nice.
  13. What is the loyalty credit and when do you get it?
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