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  1. HAL has good itineraries, but the ship life seemed more like a rest home to me. The "entertainment and night life" was the worst I have ever seen on any cruise line. Even their "party night" was like a sleep party with a few people playing the piano. We are early 60, not the party type, but it was pretty boring. Having said that, if HAL had a great itinerary at a good price, I would sail with them again and just treat the ship like a hotel.
  2. I agree somewhat. There will always be that no matter what the problem is. I would not be one because I will not cruise in the near future without fully vaccinated cruise. I asked this because I was scheduled on the last HA Asia cruise that was only able to dock at one port last FEB 2020. I canceled before the sailing due to the risk of this sailing from Hong Kong to Shanghai. All the people on my roll call said they would go no matter what and enjoy themselves........not expecting a thing from HA. Then, when this happened, they all wanted a free cruise(which they got I think), a future free cruise, airfare, hotel, food, etc. It was all the very same people who said they would go no matter what and thought I was crazy to cancel. They were the most vocal on CC about what the cruise line owed them, even though they knew the risks. So, my point is. Go on the cruise if you want vaccinated or not. But don't expect all the other stuff. You know the risks.
  3. To all those who would go.....would you then want a refund or to be accommodated if you had to quarantine in your cabin? Or would you want to be compensated for missed ports that won't allow unvaccinated, or if someone onboard has covid? I bet most of those who say they will go will be first in line at customer service asking for refunds. I mean, I am no longer fearful of getting covid. But, I don't want to spend my vacation in my cabin, or wearing masks or missing ports. Why even go?
  4. Me too. Thanks everyone for the help and advice, much appreciated!
  5. Thanks, I will call them to complete booking.
  6. I tried to book two different cruises. On each one I tried to use 2 CNC and they would only allow me to select one for each. I have 4 $250 credits that don't expire until 2023. How do you use two credits per cruise? I just held the two cruises for now. Thanks for any help.
  7. Thanks MeHeartCruising! I have used them before, but it has been so long and I have never cancelled! I will book right now!!
  8. So you can just use cruise next as a deposit? If you end up canceling before final payment, do you get the cruise next certificate back? It is just added back to your account? Thanks
  9. Awesome! We were supposed to be on this cruise, but a few days before we cancelled. I am happy we cancelled, but I am also happy you enjoyed the cruise. We had extensive travel plans for SE Asia after the cruise for 2 months and it would have been a nightmare to figure out all the changes that happened on that cruise. Fortunately we got all our money back from insurance and HAL. Happy cruising.
  10. Yeah, but the waiver should be that the cruise line is not liable for ANY problems related to covid, including: 1. Quarantine in state room for any amount of cruise 2. Being infected and getting sick( no free treatment or transportation from ship) 3. Missing any/all ports No reimbursement, no future credit, no free care, no transportation, etc. Absolutely no compensation at all. You board the cruise and if any, or all of these things happen, you lose all your money. Do you actually think people would do that? Maybe, but the way everyone always wants compensation for anything, I don't see it. But, if people would still cruise knowing that any and all of the above can happen........happy sailing.
  11. I think you either have a excursion booked and leave with the group. Otherwise, no leaving the ship at all. You will probably not be allowed to physically scan your card and leave. Because once they let you off the ship, anything can happen......at least that's what I think.
  12. I don't see how they can "control" who the excursion takers are exposed to. Yes, the bus driver and guide probably will be tested. But there are so many activities that they cannot control. Restaurants(will it be closed to the public for the whole day), museums, trains, cultural experiences (farm visits, etc) I just don't see how it can even come close to controlling the environment except as someone mentioned above.....riding a bus, looking out the window. Never, ever, ever would I go on a cruise like this.
  13. We mailed a card and it arrived for my sons birthday 7 months later!
  14. Happy Travels! I have been looking for a similar site like CC for RVer's, have you found any?
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