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  1. We mailed a card and it arrived for my sons birthday 7 months later!
  2. Happy Travels! I have been looking for a similar site like CC for RVer's, have you found any?
  3. My "virus" awareness started in January. I had an Asian cruise, plus a 2 month land tour booked starting in Hong Kong on Feb. 1. When things started to heat up in Mid January in Asia, I was really aware of the impact this virus would have on the world. I had done research on pathogens in college and was shocked to see the images from China on social media. People dropping dead in the street, spraying of disinfectants on sidewalks, building hospitals in a week. I was not going to step foot on a plane or a ship, so we cancelled our cruise. It was the HAL cruise that never docked anywhere. When I voiced concerns a few weeks before the cruise on my roll call CC , I was called horrible names and criticized repeatedly for not wanting to go on the cruise. We lost a good chuck of money, but I don't care. It was not meant to be for us and that is okay. I am very happy with my decision, as hard as it was to make. What I can't understand is how the higher ups (cruiseline execs, government, etc) were "surprised" by the virus. I am an ordinary citizen and I could see this coming in Mid January!! I just am still in shock about all the events that have happened in the world. I cannot honestly see it returning to how it was pre 2020, especially cruising.
  4. They got credit to their credit card( so cash) I think. I will ask again to be sure. I don't want to give wrong information.
  5. Good luck. I have been back and forth with our travel insurance. Be sure they will pay if cancelled or bankrupt. I paid a premium price for the insurance and they are literally making me jump through hoops to get the money I am owed. Oh well, I have the time for all the hoop jumping they want. Be prepared. It is not like the old days of making claims on your insurance that's for sure.
  6. My friends had their cruise cancelled by Viking and got their refund in a week. Not sure why they and their friends got theirs back so soon, but they did.
  7. We bought an RV with our yearly cruise budget! No more cruises for us for a very, very long time.
  8. Where are you seeing free inside cabins?
  9. yep! Even if there was some way to social distance on the tender to the port, imagine coming back? How would that be done? time slots? They will probably start selling tender tickets, kind of like specialty dining. Only those willing to pay can go ashore!! Same with any excursions. How would it be on a bus? What about coming back on board at a port? There is always a line. Tape on the pier? I just can't see cruising the way it was before 2020. Sadly, it will never be the same.
  10. The theater on Caribbean Princess can only hold about 600 people. The ship holds up to 3200. So, on the cruise to Greenland last year, there were lines an hour ahead of the show. If you wanted a seat together, you had to be there about an hour early. It was a mess and there were always many, many mad people. No fun and no way to "social distance".
  11. I know. I am truly surprised that people are even thinking of cruising at that time.
  12. We were on the Greenland cruise in 2019, got it for $700 each interior, wait until the last minute, especially at this uncertain time. Having said that, and this is partially joking and partially serious..........we think we got a version of coronavirus on that cruise!! We have never been so sick(80% of the passengers were sick coughing by the end). We were sick for 2 months after the cruise. My husband and I jokingly say that we cruise passengers brought the infection from Greenland!! Despite numerous visits to the doctor after the cruise, there was no diagnosis. Anyway, the ports to Greenland were great, but the CB is too darn crowded. There would be 0 chance of ever being 6ft away from anyone. And sitting in the theater for 1 hour before the show(like we did every night) with all the sick people would be a covid night mare. I would not go again for $100.
  13. NPCL, you were actively involved in the forum where it was discussed about me not going on the cruise and losing money. So, to answer your question or statement. No one should never rely on others, who have a lot to gain, by you not doing your own research. I agree that is the way the world should be, that we should be informed of the things you mentioned above.....but, you should always do your own research. Just as you should trust a doctor with a diagnosis of cancer, etc, but you should still do your own investigation about what is best for you. Just as I did. HAL said up until boarding time that the cruise was fine and making all the ports, etc. But, I knew from reading many news reports etc, that it was not that way. Thus, I did not go on the cruise. So, all you have said is true, but I don't think we should blindly believe what is told to us. We need to find out on our own. But, I respect your opinion.
  14. I am not saying they should sue or would or would not win. I only stated that no one was forced to go on a cruise, they had a choice not to, even if they lost money.
  15. I was supposed to board the Westerdam on FEB 1 (the ship that only was able to dock in one port and no ports wanted). I was told to go or lose money. I didn't go and I lost my money. There is always a choice.
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