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  1. I agree. Just like the mega ships going to Alaska, it is insane there now, sometimes over 15,000 passengers per day in some ports. I was only saying that the local people I had interacted with only seemed positive. That was my point. No doubt it is a better experience on a smaller ship.
  2. Maybe because of the itinerary to Greenland, but there was no deck party for our cruise.
  3. I agree with Karoo. We have been on Golden Princess to some of these places(Bora Bora, Papeete, Pago Pago) and the people were very welcoming and happy to have us in their community. My husband and I just visit with anyone who is around and we have never gotten a negative response at all. At the stores and shops, they are thrilled to talk to us and happy to have the income. We are also going on the Jewel and are very much looking forward to it. We just returned from Princess's maiden voyage to Greenland and even the small village with 1000 people were very, very happy to have a ship that size(almost 4000 total people) visit. They made tons of money in a very poor area. School kids even went to the pier to practice their English skills. It may be a pain to have so many people in town, but if it makes the community money, then I think it is good.
  4. You don't have to have the app. We didn't on our cruise a few weeks ago and it worked out fine. Check in: More people in the medallion line than the regular line, haha. We checked in fast without a medallion. Gave them our passports, got our medallion. Drinks: To order drinks we still had to give our room number and name, they never even scanned our medallion. Don't need the app unless ordering from lounger, which didn't work at all. Wifi: You can get wifi without the app. Tracking someone onboard: you need the app Gambling outside the casino: you need the app Getting on and off the ship: Don't need the app Buying something onboard: Don't need the app It is really just taking up storage space on your phone, IMO.
  5. Read the latest reviews about it. The CB is crowded.
  6. But, I have cruised with you two before and you seem like a fun team! Keep it up, maybe the grumpy pants will not be grumpy if they see people having fun!!!
  7. But it does spoil it, IMO. I honestly do not care if I win or lose, I just go to meet new people. BUT, when people are cheating and yelling at the staff, it does spoil it. I especially hate the yelling at the staff.......it's a game people!!! Even if the answer is wrong, who cares, it's a game. It's not like a life or death thing. If you are confident you know the right answer, good for you, but to even approach the staff to point it out........really? I am a dental professional and I have heard several wrong dental answers that I KNOW are wrong, but I just tell my team, "sorry, that's the right answer, but, oh well" Never would I correct or yell or approach the staff. Plus, the staff is so overworked as it is, do you think they want to spend their time, use their internet minutes to look up new questions? On our last cruise the people on there were relentless and made the cruise staff cry by yelling at her. Is this silly game that important to them to hurt another human being just trying to make their cruise more fun? And it always seems like the cheaters are the ones yelling......go figure.
  8. I have also been on teams that got 20 right without cheating, so just because someone gets 20 right doesn't mean they are cheating at all. BUT, when there is a binder and a smart phone or laptop and the team wins time after time???? Anyway, I think those that do cheat must lead a sad, pathetic life if winning trivia on a cruise ship is their dream. And to argue with the staff is the worst and really sad to see.
  9. I just witnessed the same thing a week ago on Princess. A group with a binder full of previous trivia questions! The best was when the cruise staff became aware and played music instead of asking questions......awesome. We graded their paper and after all their perfect scores, they got 8 out of 20. It honestly was the best!! But, we were on 4 B2B on NCL and they did repeat the questions. We just play for fun, so unless the other new team members came up with the answer, we would not give the answer unless we knew it before the previous trivia. It's no fun to cheat. Trivia was created to allow people to meet other cruisers and have fun, not to have the great honor of winning a coaster! I refuse to take trivia so serious, but several on Princess do, which makes it less fun.
  10. They took our picture on the promenade while boarding on CB in August, not at the check in desk like they usually do. I agree that not everyone is used to new technology and gets frustrated with change. Just because I found it annoying does not mean I didn't understand how to use it or why Princess wanted it. Princess is collecting data about their passengers, that is it, plan and simple. Eventually they want to use that data to make more money, either by selling our personal information or by increasing revenue on the ship(like being able to gamble anytime, anywhere with the medallion). And eventually it will replace some workers, much like the self check out does now. Instead having 4-5 bartenders wandering around, people will order drinks with their app, there will be one person delivering drinks, princess saves by not paying 4 bartenders salary. It will probably eventually move to the dining, much like fast food restaurants that have the screens to order without ever talking to anyone. In the future with the medallion when they figure it out, when you check in, there will not be 20-30 workers doing check in, it will be a scanner, replacing 20-30 check in staff, therefore, saving money and increasing revenue. It is not to make the cruising experience easier or better for passengers, it is to make money for Princess.
  11. You can just go to the pier like before, no need for medallion. I think you still have to get a medallion as part of check in, but several people on the last cruise hated it so much, they went to guest services and got a card. But, you still have to use the medallion to get on and off the ship even if you have a card.
  12. All I can say is Princess must be getting some big reward from the Medallion with the amount of money spent on it. Think about it, they are gathering our personal information like never before. It didn't work for drinks, sometimes didn't open the cabin door, took longer to get on and off the ship on our last cruise on the CB. Forget about ordering drinks from you lounger, haha. Several people on board dropped their medallion and it broke into pieces, when was the last time you saw a cruise card do that? And, several people had to have theirs replaced due to the battery. Plus, all the people in port walking around with their medallion around there neck is just not good because it totally says..'tourist'. I didn't even try to do it for checkin due to it not even having the Princess name on it anywhere(the app) and it was just as fast for me as those that had the medallion. Just check in like regular. Why go to all the trouble of the app when you can check in just as fast as the medallion line?
  13. We are 3 days from elite on Princess and about 10 from Platinum plus on NCL. We like both, but as RichandCindy said, we were on that same cruise to Greenland and it made us like Princess a lot less. Almost to the point of never sailing on Princess again. The hour long wait in theater and extreme crowding made for a stressful vacation. I agree 100% with what was said. Anyway: NCL wins with entertainment and overall fun. Especially regarding trivia, where people are much more "normal" on NCL and not acting like they will get a kidney if they win as they do on Princess. Food: Really about the same for me. NCL rocks chicken wings and Cagney's is way better than Crown grill. Princess has better desserts by far. Cabins: same Less smoking on Princess, sometimes NCL smells like an ashtray in the casino. Kids: the same really, it just depends on time of year. People: much more fun on NCL and younger in age. People don't seem as entitled on NCL as they do on Princess. Either are fine, that is why we have split our 300+ days and just pick which has the best itinerary and price.
  14. We are 3 days away from elite, haha, so just platinum. But we only booked this cruise for Greenland and even with the negative things stated above by myself and others, it was worth it, so go and have fun. My advice: Just FYI, EVERY show in the theater was at least an hour long wait, not just production shows. EVERY venue was packed for every single event, be it trivia, lectures, magicians, comedians, zumba, the marketplace cafe, atrium. EVERY place was packed full, and usually standing room only. People figured this out and would actually go to a previous event just to have a seat for a future event. When I say it was crazy, it was crazy. So, plan the things you absolutely want to do and get there early...you will be fine, just a long long wait. We were really, really lucky with the weather. There was really only one day where we could not sit outside for short periods of time. But, even on good sea days(weather wise) there was still crowding every where. So, those that say if the ship had covered outside seating it would solve the problem.........not sure about that. It might be better, but it does not solve the problems CB has with crowding, IMO. Also, we were able to get on the first tender at each stop. We were up at 5am, saw sail in, ate breakfast, got a tender ticket by maybe 6:30am(so go early, even if they say they start at 7am, they start a bit early). We always got the very first tender and it was actually so much better to be in the town before anyone else. But, the downside is, none of the stores or museums will be open. So, if you decide to do what we did, hike out of town, then it was awesome. We are in our 50's, and able to do that and that was the best part for us........first, getting away from all the people and second, really experiencing all of Greenland's beauty. When we hiked back into town, the town was packed, but all the businesses were open, so we could visit then if we wanted. We do our own laundry too, so that was not an issue for us. When I visited the laundry onboard and did a few loads, I did so at 9pm and got a machine right away. I only had time to wash, so I hung up the stuff to dry in room. It worked fine. We only take carry on, so we were first off the ship and it was fast and easy. The same with checkin. We didn't want to do the medallion ahead of time(I just don't like the medallion at all and was not wanting to have all that information on an app that does not even carry the Princess name. We also had several problems with the medallion on the cruise......check you statements!!) and were on without it faster than any ship. But, there was a big back up at luggage(which we didn't have, only carry on), so maybe that is why we had absolutely no line to check in without medallion. We only had an interior, as we have done with over 300 days at sea, so staying in the cabin was not as attractive as if we had a balcony. But, when we needed to get away from the people (as we do on ALL cruises, but usually around day 20+, not day 3!!!) we just watch movies in our room. I was not complaining about Princess in particular, but about the Caribbean Princess and this particular cruise and fellow cruisers. Hopefully it will be better for you.
  15. Don't give Princess any ideas, or soon they will sell balcony space, as a sleeping space............just saying
  16. Well, I just completed my post cruise survey.........for what it is worth. I just don't think Princess cares as long as their ships are full. Who cares if even it they had 4 nightly shows it still could not accommodate all passengers on board? Who cares if there are no seats to eat a meal, all the while at least a dozen tables taken for playing cards? Who cares if most of your day is spent wondering how early you need to get to an event to find a seat.......any event. Princess doesn't.......so much for coming back new. I came back sick and stressed out. Greenland was the ONLY saving grace of this overcrowded, maddening cruise.
  17. I also wanted to add that we did enjoy visiting Greenland and I am glad we went on the cruise. Kudos to princess, the captain and our glorious weather that we were able to see all the ports in Greenland. We loved every minute on shore. It was not princesses fault that so many rude passengers were on board, but it is their fault for adding so many more passengers without adding more venue space. That made for a very bad mix. I also agree that the sea day activities were sparse. I also agree that the staff was exceptionally good, even with this challenging group of people testing them constantly. I could not imagine them ever wanting to accept another contract on CB.
  18. You are right about the passengers, but the crowding made it ever so worse. Probably even nice people lost it a few times because you could not escape the rudeness anywhere you went. But it I agree, it could happen on any ship. We have been on CB 3 times, none were this bad, but all were extremely crowded.
  19. We agree with Hank. We had to arrive at the theater 1 1/2 hour early to sit together(.2 of us) There were many fights about this, one night security was called in. People saving seats as usual and fights because of it. When we say it was bad.....it was bad. Lots of mean, angry, entitled people onboard. I have also never seen anything like it. One lady made the ice cream girl make her cone over 7-8 times because it had air bubbles!!! All the while berating her. It was bad. Her answer was “ I am elite I can do what I want ” eek Tendering was said to be a nightmare but we were on the first tender at each stop so no problem for us. Up at 5 am! Even if these mean people tipped the staff $1000 more, no amount of money can make up for this rude behavior that was witnessed over and over and over again. Signing up for crafts involved an hour waiting in line. Then arguments would break out because some people would want to sign up 10 people( capacity was only 24) one lady behind me grabbed the sheet of paper out of a woman’s hand. I am not making this up. Trivia?? OMG people act like they will get a kidney as a prize. Treating the staff so rude. Count us in to never sail CB again.
  20. We have been on CP twice and are about to board again. One thing I will say is, it is very crowded. A few years ago they added several cabins and no more public space, so it is crowded everywhere you go. Elevators take along time, seating in all areas, especially the theater are very crowded. We had to go to the theater 45 minutes early sometimes, and the very least 1/2 hr before the show to get seats..........any seats. So, just a warning. On NCL, we are platinum, we have never had that issue with the theater. Casino is good, like all cruise ships, at taking your money, haha. Dress is casual, although Princess does dress up more for formal nights than NCL, but it is not required. Princess is better, IMO, at sea day activities and you can stay busy all day long. I think they are very similar really. Have fun!
  21. All my sail away rates were for an inside cabin. As stated above, after 150+ days, I have never gotten an upgrade. I did bid once, but didn't even get that! haha
  22. Nice review! Thanks We have sailed about equal amounts on Princess and NCL (150+ days on each) and we think they are almost the same. There are some things that Princess is far better at (tendering being the first) and some that NCL is better at(entertainment is very good). I feel the same amount of nickle and dime efforts on both. I have also sailed RCCI (only 21 days)and Holland(10 days). Holland was the worst ever......yawn, so boring. We just book for the itinerary and cost, but, really, all the same. Happy sailing!
  23. I would. It is okay until they have karaoke until 12 midnight! But, it is interesting to say the least, people just don't realize how bad they sing! No sound proofing it seemed..........for 14 long nights! haha, change if you can.
  24. I have sailed over 150 days on NCL(I will be platinum plus after my next cruise of 30+ days) and always booked sail away. Never have I got upgraded, not once. I don't care because I am happy with what I book, but just wanted to give my input. It seems status has nothing to do with it, and like others said, it is all a bid process now it seems. But in NCL's defense.....I am elite on Princess and have never got upgraded either! haha, just not in the cards for us.
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