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  1. So, are you saying we don't have to take ship excursions now? If so, where did you find this information? Thanks
  2. Oh nice. When did they inform you that your cruise was cancelled? I hope we get ours soon.
  3. Maybe just try a New England/Canada cruise. The Canada ports are all very scenic and amazing. Also, Norway is pretty awesome!
  4. IMO there was not any scenic cruising. You can go on excursions, but even sailing into port was not great. We even got up at 5 am one morning to watch sail in and literally did not see anything. No icebergs, no whales, nothing. Just the island. I loved going to Greenland, but it was not as I expected it to be. There is a lot of poverty and problems there. So, it is hard to enjoy yourself seeing all of the poverty. We hiked extensively but most of the ports are not really for tourists and the last one Nanortalik was a tender port and most people waited hours to even tender in because only one tender can be docked at a time. We were on the first tender, but had to wait to get back to the ship. There were lots an lots of complaints on the ship. In that village there was a lot of injuries because they don't even have a sidewalk from the pier to the town, about a mile and no other transportation options that I saw. Would I go again? Nope, but I am glad we went and saw a place we have never visited. I enjoyed not having the "regular" port experience seeing so many shops, etc. I would compare it to visiting Icy Strait in Alaska without the cruise center part. Just small towns that are lovely in their own way. You should go, but really research each place and go on an excursion that you might like or have something to do in your mind. As far as private tours, there may be some on Nuuk, but the other places........I doubt it.
  5. We did the same cruise on Caribbean Princess(I don't recommend that ship it is so bad and over crowded). The cruise was nice, but many people did not like the ports. We just hiked and enjoyed the scenery, but there is not much to do. They are just small villages really. IMO, it nothing at all like Alaska, but it was fun to see a different place. The Canadian ports are awesome!! I would probably not go there again, but it was fun for the one time.
  6. I thought about it too, but I heard on CC that someone disputed a charge once and got banded from the cruise line. Now, I am not sure if it was the same type of thing or if it was someone who charged a lot while on board or someone who cancelled after final payment, etc. But? I just don't know or remember. Anyway, the chances of getting the money back quicker are if we just let Princess process it. Once I did that for a cancelled Asia Air flight and it took months. But, unlike you, we had already paid the credit card, if you haven't paid yet??? Well, Hawaii must not be meant to be for either of us in the near future. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  7. Wow, that makes me super mad! How can they do that? What other business can take your money, cancel your trip and then keep your money for another 2 months?? Shame on Princess.
  8. I am sure that is what they are doing, but if someone wants their money and they call, they should refund the money!!! OH, the Antarctic cruise was cancelled? I was very interested in that one, I hadn't noticed. Sorry, I hope you get to cruise soon. Thanks for the reply, it makes me feel a bit better.............
  9. It is annoying that they can legally take so long. I have cancelled a few cruises on NCL and got the money back the next day, plus the cruise next credit the same day on my account. When Holland cancelled a cruise, our card was credited in a few days. Why does Princess think they can cancel a cruise and drag their feet about a refund? This might be the last straw for Princess for us. After taking all the perks(internet, OBC, etc), this may very well be the last transaction with Princess. I didn't cancel the cruise, they did. They knew this was coming and they should have had all the issues worked out so people don't feel frustrated with the process and get a quick refund. It is literally a click of a button. Yep, no refund for me yet and not happy about it.
  10. Thanks for posting this, I was just wondering about the B2B cruises!!
  11. Oh really? I called Princess and the rep said it was in the queue. I don't know. Hopefully they will start processing them sooner than that. If people have already selected which they want, why wait? It seems it would be more complicated to do it that way.
  12. So, it looks like 4-6 weeks...........thanks everyone. I hope we can all cruise soon.
  13. 14!!!! EEk, so sorry. Have you been able to cruise yet? I hope so. I didn't want the FCC, just want my money back and then I can decide who to give my cruise dollars to. Thanks.
  14. BOOOOO, I hope ours doesn't. I mean, they are the ones who cancelled. They should be able to easily refund the money to our credit card. Well, at least you got it. Thanks
  15. Princess recently cancelled two cruises on the Sapphire10/2022. I opted for the money back. How long has it taken before you see the money? I want to book another cruise on a different cruise line and I want to have the money already paid to Princess ($1600). Anyone with any past experience on how long it took to get the refund? Thanks.
  16. Maybe they "did" but I think people have been abusing the testing and it will no longer be paid for unless a real reason......not travel. IMO and also what is being reported.
  17. I just read an article today saying that people are getting charged for covid tests for travel. Some people have gotten bills for $200. I don't know, I have never gotten a test, but just so you can look into it.
  18. Yep, Hawaii and Mexico in October/November 2022 cancelled.......
  19. So true, I thought everyone had to be masked. Good catch on your part. I looked at the picture and didn't even notice.
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