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  1. We are also on your sailing and totally agree with you!
  2. I just downloaded the app, looks like this may actually be helpful. I know the website is much better since our last cruise. 😁
  3. What! No "DING"! We should start a petition to bring back the ding. That's a welcome aboard thing. We want our Ding We want our Ding 😂
  4. Just enjoying the view with a cold drink at the Sunset bar, that’s all we need. I can’t imagine how long that smile will last!
  5. Thank you, that is a dealbreaker! I assumed as much, just needed the confirmation.
  6. Help us understand what’s going on here, Celebrity unlike Royal will not be conducting test cruises, is that correct? We are concerned that if the test cruises fail, Royal will be back at square one with the CDC. We have the Explorer of the Seas booked for July and are considering canceling and sailing on the Equinox. Should we be concerned? The Florida governor is another issue!
  7. Will someone in the industry please answer the question, does the governor have the authority to tell them how to run their business!
  8. Tell us about Sandbar, we have a B2B in February. Is this a local hangout we should check out pre cruise. 😁
  9. That doesn’t help! We have already canceled five cruises. I guess the two booked for 2021 are not as safe as I thought they would be. 😩
  10. My wife and I have had this conversation a number of times. You can not keep your distance from other passengers on a plane no matter how hard you try. There is so much more available space on a ship. That’s why are next three cruises are drivable ports. We wouldn’t fly until June 2021 for a cruise from Copenhagen.
  11. This goes back a few years. What time is the Midnight Buffet. 🤔
  12. We have a B2B booked. If NCL cancels one leg for capacity requirements, we would not be happy. We would cancel the other leg. Would we get FCC for the leg we chose to cancel, I would be surprised if they would. The war of words would begin.
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