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  1. Excursion credit came through last night, May 20th (it says it was sent on April 21). FCC is showing accurately on our Princess accounts. So, onward. Hoping to cruise again.
  2. Our cruise was scheduled for April 5th. I made the request for Option 2 on March 12th. Just now the amount for the cruise + EZ Air has been credited to our account. This is good news, yes. We are still owed the funds for 4 excursions.
  3. Just noticed, the Island Princess in British Columbia, Istanbul and Alaska~excellent.
  4. A happy day on the deck of the Island Princess, May 2017, Alaska~
  5. This is disappointing but good to know. In the cancelling of our Australia cruise and adventure, I worried about a few things like this. We had tickets to "La Traviata", in the harbor, staged by the Sydney Opera House, bought through them. After one short email, they refunded immediately, less a small fee. I will remember this. We haven't given up on Australia and hope to go someday.
  6. Has anyone booked a Princess excursion to the pontoons? Do you know the name of the pontoons for Cairns and Port Douglas? I have tried to find a price list online of the on-pontoon extras, such as scuba or guided snorkel, etc. but have not found one. Any info out there? Thanks!
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