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  1. We got to the ship about 1:30, walked right on, we had to have our medallions scanned a few times on our way thru the terminal, and sometimes we just had to show it. It was very quick and easy. Have fun, we were on the Crown last month.
  2. Has anyone rented quads from quad project, in Bonaire any information would be appreciated
  3. Does anyone have any information on quad rentals ,
  4. We did this tour a few years ago, it was very strenuous and muddy. We were not prepared for this. Make sure you have plenty of water and good hiking shoes you don’t mind getting muddy
  5. Does anyone have any information on scooter rentals , i saw it mentioned on the boards but it didn’t have any information about it.
  6. I’m sorry if this has been mentioned before, or off topic. can u stream netflix on your computer in your cabin?
  7. Well, we got a message today, princess cays stop was canceled, and we got $75 OBC/pp too
  8. We are on the next cruise, I would love a sea day and $75.
  9. we live in SEFL, I always wondered where people find the last minute cruise deals for FL residents. Can you share where you find the deals?
  10. Are you able to purchase a bottle of vodka on board to keep in your cabin? If so, does anyone know how much it is?
  11. Can anyone tell me how to link booking numbers with our friends we are cruising with.
  12. Is there another way to open this file? My ipad won’t open any of the links posted.
  13. We are on the Crown Princess in January, does anyone know where we will dock?
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