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  1. sweetgirl26

    After cruise tours in Hong Kong

    RCL does have a tour that takes you around Hong Kong. It was a nice tour. We went to Stanley Market and a couple of other stops. If I remember correctly it was 79 dollars and your flight had to be after 3 pm.
  2. sweetgirl26

    Uber vs Taxi from SYD

    Thank you! This is exactly what I need!😀
  3. sweetgirl26

    Uber vs Taxi from SYD

    How long does the train run? We are arriving at 10:25pm. We are staying in the Rocks. We will be able to use the train? We can't use Uber. We are moving from Guam back to the mainland via the cruise ship. We won't get a phone until we get back to the mainland. I have never used Uber, not on Guam, but don't you need a phone for Uber to contact you?
  4. I got slippers on my cruise last month on the Voyager out of Hong Kong . They probably sent the leftover inventory to Asia.
  5. sweetgirl26

    Port of Phuket

    Sorry about that! I sail RCL the majority of the time. I forgot that I was on the Asia thread vs a RCL thread.
  6. sweetgirl26

    Port of Phuket

    Phuket is a tendered port. Keep that in mind when you set up the time to meet your driver. The people on RCL excursions will be allowed off the ship first. Then people with priority tender tickets: suites, PC and DP will be allowed off. I would allow at least an hour to get off the ship to be on the safe side.
  7. sweetgirl26

    Ovation, No more Diamond Lounge

    I agree. Nothing.
  8. The Ovation is great! Go and have a good time!
  9. sweetgirl26

    Ovation, No more Diamond Lounge

    We just got home from the Ovation. I think for $ 500 more a GS would be worth it on the Ovation. You will be able to go to the CK for all 3 meals. The CK is great. The food is great! The service is great! You don't need to go to the specialty restaurants. Also, you will have access to the CL if you are not DP. Also they give tours to the bridge for guests in GS and above.
  10. sweetgirl26

    Ovation, No more Diamond Lounge

    We just got home from a cruise on the Ovation. There is a CL on deck 12. There is not a SL. The DL was turned into the Golden Room on 6/8. They used the Music Hall for the DL on the last night of the cruise. Not sure what happened on the next cruise. The Golden Room has - 8 tables for the high rollers. The max bet is $50,000. I heard ( from a reliable source) that on a Quantum cruise that a man from Asia spent 1.7 million in the casino during a cruise. With that kind of $$$ I would rent or buy my own yacht!
  11. sweetgirl26

    Ovation, No more Diamond Lounge

    We took a cruise out of Hong Kong last Sept. The big difference is in the MDR. They do not have assigned tables. It is open seating. But by day 3 we were able to get a table for 10 with people that we met in the CL. Don't worry you will have a great time!
  12. I like this response! :):)
  13. sweetgirl26

    Loyalty Perks No "3 Free Drinks"???

    Thanks for a good laugh!:):)