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  1. Hi, We are currently on the Jewel and would like to ask fellow cruisers a few questions. Our TA somehow put us for 6pm dining in the MDR, although we rarely ever go down to the MDR these days due to various reasons. However during one of the breakfast service in the MDR we were approached by the waiter and head waiter and asked why we haven't been to the MDR for dinner. Don't ask me how they recognise us! In all fairness the waiter took very good care of us for breakfast and we decided to go for dinner one night - which was pretty much average and expected. Funnily the waiter asked fro our room number and took it down. We never went to the MDR again. However, today we had a phone call from the MDR asking if we were going down to dinner. Later that evening we received another phone call asking why we never went down! I felt this is a little too much as we like our freedom on where to dine. We have the dining package and we enjoy a leisurely dinner at the windjammer as well. Just like to ask you guys if this was ever experienced or if this is the norm. I understand the waiting staff will want to provide the best service and expect the best feedback from customers as part of their service. Cheers.
  2. On my 2 recent cruises this year (the last was 2 weeks ago) they were serving Heineken 0% in the Diamond Lounge, and I’m assuming they will have this throughout the ship. They previously has O’Douls and Becks zero but I haven’t came across them - maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough!
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