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  1. I know this review it late, but I questioned writing it up with the current situation. Now that most of us our hunkered down across the world, I thought it would be great to get something on this board not focused on the negative and get back to cruising. This is the good and the bad of our March 1st on the Regal. Answer any questions anyone has, although we know there are no cruising going on, and help spark some good conversation. The Ship: This was our 3rd trip on the Regal and it continues to shine. We absolutely love the Regal, and for getting some years on it, th
  2. Just to wrap this up, the corporate office did contact me today to clear this up. They did admit fault of the local employee and ensured me future cruisers will not need to fear of their reservations being cancelled during these difficult times. I hope this gives those comfort for upcoming travel through Port Everglades if you run into any situations.
  3. I agree with you 100%. I will share my displeasure with their corporate since I do use this brand often for work, but I understand their personal choice. My main reason for sharing is I want other cruisers to be prepared if they get into this situation over the next few weeks. Would be terrible to get there expecting a room and they see a tag on a suitcase and not let you check in. Could put someone in a bad situation if other hotels are booked or you have little ones that are already exhausted and cranky. We had a great cruise and made it back home to Ohio this afternoon.
  4. I will clarify my post, as one appeared to be deleted. Once we learned we were going to be able to disembark, I booked a room at a local hotel. As time passed and we were still not off the ship, I knew it was going to be well over midnight before we checked in. I wanted to ensure we would continue to have our room, so I called the hotel to inform them of our very late arrival. They asked if I was returning from a cruise, and being an honest person, I stated yes. They asked what ship, and when I informed them, they quickly stated that they had to cancel my reservation and they would do a refund
  5. Hyatt Place Cruise Port on 10th Ave.
  6. Some hotels, will not name, not accepting anyone from the Regal.
  7. Captain Tim just made the announcements they are waiting for the final paperwork with proper stamps and signatures before he can order the pilot. Should be soon he gets the paperwork and will order the pilot and get us in.
  8. Thank you. We did spend some time thinking about the scenarios today while waiting for an update, and although we were mentally ready for the worst, I can tell you I am not willing to be in that situation again!!
  9. As someone who has been part of this now, although nowhere near what those on the Diamond and Grand are and have went through, here are my thoughts. We knew the risk 100% and we took it 7 days ago feeling the risk was low. Each day of this cruise that went by, you saw more and more in the news of the spread and the risk continued to increase. We had an amazing cruise, but these last 13 hours of that unknown really made you think. My advice to everyone, if you are not willing to deal with the worst case, cancel! We on the Regal today we’re lucky, but we saw how two crew with no symptoms just be
  10. We have not booked a hotel yet. Where are you staying for tonight?
  11. Cheers!!! Where is the party tonight!?!
  12. Casino and shops are closed. Bars are open and have decent lines. Piazza is packed, so do not listen to some of the reports I’ve seen out there people are all in their rooms. There has been luggage in the hallway from what we are thinking was B2B but they put it out around 9am. They just took it downstairs, which I find odd if they expect us to be here much longer? Could be nothing, could be us trying to find hope! Working on changes flights again, but the satellite is not letting me call out. Trying to have family change our flights or get @Delta to DM us on Twitter.
  13. Still full access to the ship. Slight changes you would expect with the noro, such as no salt and pepper shakers and they hand you plate. You can still serve yourself at the buffett last I saw. No luggage. Vibe was okay last we were in public areas an hour ago. We are going to walk around soon since we are not getting updates right now.
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