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  1. Thanks for the live and review! We are on in March, so we enjoyed following along and picking MDR nights! By chance, do you recall who the bartenders are at Crooners? Also, I asked in another thread with no response. Did you see any hard seltzer on board (i.e. White Claw, Truly, Etc.)? DW keeps asking. Go Steelers! Josh
  2. I’ve searched, but can’t find anything, so want to confirm if anyone recently off the Regal saw any spiked seltzer at the bars (i.e. White Claw, Truly). Wife was asking and I know it was not on board last March. Seems like seltzer has grown in popularity, but cruise lines may be a bit behind the trend still.
  3. Now that the Regal is back in the Caribbean, we always look forward to see if anything new on the menus or patters (we are not on until the spring). Anyone who is on the upcoming sailings, can you post pictures of the menus and such?
  4. We just got off the Regal Sunday and ours came today.
  5. Is there different versions of the cookbook? The one we have does not have this. We got ours in 2008, so maybe there is a new version? I did not think to look onboard last week not knowing there may be different versions. Ignore... was looking for the full recipe, not just the sauce.
  6. This is what I remember from last week on the Regal. Bohemian Rhapsody Christopher Robin Crazy Rich Asians The Greatest Showman The Green Book Johnny English I know there were a few more, I just don't recall.
  7. We just got off the Regal yesterday, and Duck a'l Orange was on Night 4 on our trip. There were seafood options on the buffet every night in addition to the Crab Shack (Extra $$). The MDR always had at least one seafood option. Lobster was available in the MDR on the final formal night over a really great risotto (they have changed the recipe since launch of this new dish). We ordered a second one it was so good. We only skipped the MDR one night, which was the night they had a German Theme on the buffet (which is a must). Overall, we are huge foodies, and the food on the Regal this past week was very good. We always got an extra dish to share and try, and yes we ran into some dishes that were not good. For example, the Beef Medallions are very tough/dry and the braised beef short rids were all fat. So many others like the Surf & Turf (Filet and Prawns), Tagliatelle con Polo and Ship Daniele were amazing.
  8. We called PC on Monday and we saw no disturbances. Bathrooms had running water and ice for drinks.
  9. Steve is on the Regal this week. We saw him on Wednesday and his second show is tonight.
  10. We are also onboard and found that very strange. Amazing professionalism by the Captain and crew!
  11. Jovie was very excited when we showed her this tonight!!! She said hello!
  12. Grand Princess, Eastern Caribbean 2002.
  13. I would agree with this. For my upcoming 2019 cruise, the cabin locations we wanted were already sold. I checked the Princess page every few days to watch for one to open up. This just happened last week, and I was able to call and get moved into that cabin. Not sure if by doing this, I jumped a wait list? Worth a shot to just watch on princess.com for one to open up as people move or cancel.
  14. Sounds awesome! You will always find us at Crooners before dinner! I actually moved our cabin today as one opened up in the location we were previously on the Regal. So we are all set! Enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  15. Thanks!! That is what I expected, was just looking to see if anyone had some pictures. I think we are going to stick with our room location, selection is limited for locations without lifeboats below. Enjoy your time onboard now! Looking forward to hearing reviews from the first sailing when everyone gets off.
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