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  1. ok, trying to get some updated info. We're going in Sept and, of course, the day in Santorini has 4 ships! I am leading a group of, maybe, 20 adults. We're in port from 7-7 so if we get off early the boats to OIA won't be running, correct? So, we can 1) get off early and plan on doing the cable cars up or 2) wait a bit and then the boats to Oia will be running? Also was planning to get a private group tour to do the beaches and wine tasting...last time I was there we did it ourselves with the donkeys (was hysterical!) and public bus to Oia but with a group of thi
  2. It was 6 days out! Actually, one of my friends/going with us had read about the week before (I think that's the first week) was cancelled so when they called me, as the agent for everyone, I was not surprised but at that time there was absolutely NO information or reason why....and even though I spoke with the Galapagos desk numerous times over the next couple weeks (trying to get the refunds going at that time was mind-numbingly frustrating!) there was no info as well. Hoping that now, after all this time, they have it down to a science? Very excited to go on Flora. PLU
  3. I believe that no company offers points for sailing on their other ships, other than Azamara to RCCL. Sailing on Royal doesn't add points to Celebrity and vice versa...it's an interesting one way benefit!
  4. A big thank you to all who have posted and researched so that those of us who were 'bumped' have some good info. We were to take Expedition with the MP extension on June 9th....were all packed and ready to fly out June 5, got the call May 31. Opted to cancel and move to Flora for July 2020, have 6 in our group (now 5, one was unable to rebook) and we're very excited about being able to experience Flora, although (since we booked 2 years in advance) it's still a long wait! Now that I have more detailed info on what actually happened (or what we THINK actually hap
  5. I have looked far and wide and just need clarification...is Qsine still operating on the Connie? I see the only Specialty Resturants on the Connie are Tuscan Grille, Qsine and Sushi on Five...was hoping Le Grand Bistro might have appeared? Thank you!
  6. how do you find it? We're on Edge in Europe next year...would love any discount!
  7. It's too bad things turned out for you the way they did. We were booked on Xpedition on June 8, booked this cruise 2 years ago and had a group of 6 going...but when we found out the June 1 sailing was cancelled I was not surprised when the call came...I've been waiting to do this trip for so long but we all (I have a group of 6) opted to take the refund and future cruise credit, then we booked the Flora for next year and actually came out with quite a bit of money left over It's so interesting to see all the different opinions/comments on what happened. I can't imagine that Celebri
  8. Hey, Marilyn,,,thank you for your continued addiction to the Edge! Here's my two cents! I did one of the pre-season but were in a Panoramic oceanview which is basically the IV without a balcony,..problem with those is that they all overlook the tenders so view wasn't great. Had a large group on in Jan, everyone had IV's. I really like the cabin but not the shade, which I think they didn't plan out well. For those of us who like to peek out during the nite or in the am when our companion still sleeps there's no way unless you raise the shade all the way up...In
  9. I am a TA and also sail quite a bit. We did the Milennium in 2014 and selected the foreward most oceanivew on deck 6 for it's large size (first time sailing with my travel buddy). The second nite around 1am the thumping started, I called Pursers desk, they sent security to investigate and it quieted down. Half hour later it started again...I called, they checked, it quieted down, 30 minutes later...... After two nites of this found out we were above the crew disco 🤔 I pitched a fit and they moved us the next morning...thankfully a balcony cabin had opened up.
  10. Great idea...I can hold up a sign...'Can I reliever you of your extra bottle of wine?'
  11. Quick question, we just booked last minute and not clear on policy re: bringing wine/champagne onboard. We can bring 2 bottles/cabin with no charge and after that $18/bottle fee? If we buy any of the wine packages, do they keep track if we don't finish the bottle for use the next night? (as they do on a couple of other lines) 🍷 Prefer to avoid the total drink package using nightly Happy Hours and behaving cost wise!!! 😉 Thank you!
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