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  1. The turkey is sliced turkey breast. It is a bland meal. The pumpkin pie is not good. Sometimes they have another pumpkin dessert that is decent. We usually order something other than turkey!
  2. They start disembarking people at 6 am. Mostly those on Princess tours. 8:30 is definitely do-able.
  3. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/u-s-canadian-travellers-mixed-vaccines-1.6213176 This was a different discussion about opening up the boarders to those who are vaccinated. This is not related to US individuals getting mixed vaccines.
  4. Well - I didn't pack that much for this trip. Most of the time, the weather on this trip has been in the 50's.
  5. Thank you for the reality check. I knew it would be cold but didn't think it would be that cold. I have one of those poofy winter jackets I got at Costco last year for $25 and I have no clue how warm it is. I guess I will find out tomorrow. I will have a sweatshirt on underneath. Right now - Colorado is stunning! You truly live in a gorgeous place! Today did feel a tad nippy I have to admit. Approx where do you live? I wish you great weather in Europe!
  6. Definitely beautiful here. About 9 hours plus from my house. Feel free to use any images or email me and I can send the original, higher resolution picture when I get home. I thought I would be too late for colors as this was the only week that I could go due to a variety of reasons but it worked out great! Tomorrow taking Cog railway to Pikes Peak. I think it is going to be cold!
  7. A few more. We were in Salida, Buena Vista, Aspen, Crested Butte, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale and Gunnison area.
  8. Here are some random pics from the past 2 days:
  9. I do not. There are other things to do in Juneau.
  10. Here is a picture from today - perfect weather:
  11. Adventure Bound Alaska is RT Juneau. It used to be from 8:30 - 6 time frame. Your ship would need to be in port during that time. If you have a long day in Juneau - I would email them for exact times. Double check with Allen Marine - I believe @Italy52 went this summer when staying in Juneau.
  12. I am in Colorado Springs today! We will take off and head into the mountains. Today will be in Salida, CO and then the next 2 days will be in Vail, Breckenridge, Aspen and Glenwood Springs. Weather looks great.
  13. I loved their flowers that you could order. They were beautiful and affordable.
  14. I love your blogs! I can't wait to read this one. I had been looking at Tauck for France recently! So glad you got to experience France with out crowds. Lucky you!
  15. So glad to hear this! Good TAs are definitely worth their weight in GOLD!
  16. Let us know what your TA said today. How does Tauck deal with air cancellations?
  17. I agree. RT Seattle cruises have awful times in port.
  18. I can answer my own question. I looked at his LinkedIn Account. He was a Port Operations Manager for Carnival Australia until 2018 and now works for Inchcape Shipping Services as a Country Manager in UK which deals with UK Marine Services operations. Sounds like he has done well!
  19. It has been out of service during several of my trips.
  20. Roz, I completely understand. In early July time period - I had planned a Princess cruise for next April from Rome to Barcelona with 3 nights pre-cruise in Rome. Then I would have to get off the ship and get to Vienna for a river cruise 2 days later which sounded reasonable until I realized it was Easter and both Austria and Spain are huge Catholic countries. I would need to test before each one and also test in order to go through Heathrow to fly home. I was trying to figure out the logistics and with hotels and it was driving me crazy. I then was exposed to the Delta variant by someone at work who thought it was asthma (and so did her doctor). Everyone in 2 families tested positive and they had all been vaccinated with a variety of vaccines. 2 showed a lot of symptoms and 2 others showed minimal symptoms. That is when I realized Delta was spreading amongst vaccinated individuals (before it was in the news). So I understand the need for tests but I agree, the logistics are a nightmare. I think you could be positive and spread it and not show any symptoms. (Don't quote me, not a doctor). I did have a friend who had 2 Tauck land tours booked for next year. She paid for their insurance for both. She cancelled one and expected to lose the $500. They transferred it the cost of the other trip. I did find a Tauck cruise next fall (I think) that I was really interested in. When I spoke with them - I walked away thinking I had to spend $700 for their insurance which was a poor medical coverage insurance to just walk away from a similar deposit. My head was spinning as she explained everything. I really wanted to do this trip but decided I had to wait until this crisis was over and here it was next year. Now if it could be transferred to another future trip, that would make more sense. Please let us know how it all worked out. We all completely understand. Heck, I am flying to the next state later this week and it is sort of stressing me out as I will be out of my comfort zone and doing touristy things. But I need to get away mentally.
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