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  1. Maybe try going to the steak house bar and see if the will sell you bottles of wine at the 50% off without having to dine. If not go purchase the wine package. I purchased a bottle of Duckhorn Merlot, bottle price was $35 after the discount. The Caymus Cabernet was $45 after the discount.
  2. Steakhouse was DELICIOUS!!! We ended up going twice on the 7 day cruise. Free Wine - Saint Helena Merlot or Chardonnay 50% Wine - I purchased one to open in the restaurant and we purchased an additional 3 bottles at the 50% price. Water - the server brought us a glass bottle of water called Acqua Panna, it was included in the cheers package. It was probably some of the best water I have had to drink, ending up taking a few extra bottles back to the cabin for the rest of the cruise
  3. I was in the same boat a few weeks ago. I finally decided to try the steakhouse on the first formal night and absolutely LOVED it! We enjoyed it so much we went back the next night. The server mentioned formal night they had 80 reservations and the rest of the cruise they only had 15 reservations each night. If you want a table by the window I would recommend making a reservation for 5:30 when they open so you can pick your table out, else it is pretty much first some first serve.
  4. If you don't mind could you take pictures of the dinner menus each night. I am going in April and trying to pick a night to go to the steakhouse, I wanted to pick a night I don't really care for the menu. No rush on the menus you can post when you get back from vacation. Thank you in advance!!
  5. When you get on the ship go to the guest service desk, They can change the guest names on the rooms for you and correct the keys. It is super easy process.
  6. I will be trying out the steakhouse Sunday night, I will confirm the winery, how Manu bottles you can purchase at the 50% off and price for the Dom Perignon.
  7. Electronic boarding pass is acceptable, I however have found it easier to bring the printed boarding pass.
  8. I love going to Los Amigos for drinks. Great drinks. great service!!
  9. It is at the Botton of the receipt it will look something like this 11
  10. I have been on Inspiration, Imagination and Fascination all 3 cruises have had the double digits numbers printed on receipts. I believe this is now fleet wide.
  11. I want to say it was maybe 60% off road driving and 40% road driving. I had a blast on the off road part. They give you bandanas to cover your mouth and nose in case you don't want all the dirt on you.
  12. I think he will be fine driving, they do give you time to drive around and get use to it before you hit the main road. After a lap I felt completely comfortable. It is kind of like driving a golf cart or go kart just the buggy has more power. Once we arrived to the beach the tour guy asked us what time we wanted to head back to the ship. we had said 2:30 and then ended up changing the time to 3:45 - 3:50 with the driver. The driver is flexible and she made a couple of trips back to ship as some didn't want to stay at the beach. It is about a 10-15 minute ride back to the ship.You will have the same driver that takes you from the ship to the buggy location and from the beach to the ship. It is a great day from start to finish, I hope your family loves it as much as my mom and I did!!
  13. To be honest during the orientation on how to operate the Buggy I was a little a nervous. Not to worry thought the tour guide made me feel extremely comfortable once I sat in the buggy and he showed me everything. The only thing I couldn't do was shift to low gear, I believe all of the other drivers has the same problem. The tour guy would have us all pull to the side of the road so he could shift into low gear for us ( I have a feeling this happens on most tours). Overall the buggy ended up being super easy to drive. I did forget to back my shoes and ended up having to wear sandals. I would recommend wearing shoes on the tour. You pay the $25 for the additional license when you arrive at the tour. If both people in your party feel comfortable driving I would highly recommend on getting both of the license. Unfortunately I did all of the driving and wish I would have someone else drive so I could look around more at the beautiful island. We drove into one small mud puddle but didn't have any mud on us. I guess this also depends on what time of season you do the tour. Last week they didn't get much rain but they will be headed into the raining season. We stopped at shipwreck beach and LOVED IT!! we ended up staying at the beach till 4:00 pm we had so much fun. The shipwreck has great drinks and local food.
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