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  1. I wil be in St. Thomas the end of April and was thinking of doing Sapphire in the morning followed by Paradise point, let me know what time you decide to go.
  2. Maybe try your search again. I just did the search and they listed 3 cruises for inspiration and 3 for imagination. Could have been an error in the system
  3. Have a great cruise! I will be sailing on the inspiration on Friday!
  4. So glad I read this post, I set sail on my 25th cruise on Friday. I will be contacting my PVP tomorrow. Thank you everyone for the great information
  5. I honestly have no clue... I would say bring it and see what happens.
  6. They will bring him a small little dessert and they will sing to him. Another option is going to the candy store and purchasing a cake for $10 and they will have it delivered to your table or cabin. If you don't eat all the cake they will also save it for you fo the next night We always think the cake is delicious and worth the $10!!
  7. Thank you everyone for all of the great comments. I decided to book with SilverMoon.
  8. Was on the Inspiration last weekend and I received the Tervis cup. Hope to get the blanket when I cruise in a few weeks.
  9. Wish I could have seen this post 4 days ago and I would have taken pictures of the dining menus for you. Here is a picture of the MDR wine list from the Inspiration this last weekend.
  10. Here is a picture or the wine list that is offered in the dining room.
  11. I had a trip planned to stay at the Caribe for the end of April for two nights before my cruise. They were scheduled to open in December, around the middle of November I received an email from the GM they were having delays with construction and cancelled my reservation. Once I received notice of this I started searching for a new hotel and boy did the prices really go up ( keep in mind San Juan charges an 18% resort fee of the total price of your room). If it was me I would maybe book another hotel as back up just incase they have anymore delays and then you can always cancel it a few weeks before you go. I hope they open in time for you, the property looks AMAZING!!
  12. Do you recall if it was automatic or stick?
  13. What did you end up doing in St. Kitts? I am going in May and can't decide what to do.
  14. Yes, one bottle per person.
  15. Thank you! Do you want me to get a picture the bottle wine list in the main dining room?
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