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  1. I am booked on the Valor for April 2022, I have 3 balcony cabins on deck 9. Talked to my PVP and two of the dividers could be opened but the third one could not. if you have a PVP they can see which balcony doors can be opened. I will try and see if the cabin steward can remove the 3rd door when we get on the ship.
  2. I would hold off and see if another 20% discount becomes available. I have a feeling with all the cruises being cancelled it might happen.
  3. I booked a 7 night on the Panorama In September. Looking to book the specialty dining but like to go on nights I don't really care for the MDR menu. Does anyone happen to have pictures of the 7 night MDR Menu they can share?
  4. I will be sailing on the Dream in April and was wondering if anyone has pictures of the Menu for the 5 night cruise. Thanks,
  5. I signed up for my first cabin gift exchange 🙂. What were some of your favorite gifts that you have received in a cabin gift exchange.
  6. Just returned from the Imagination. Currently only Imagination passengers have to do the off site parking.
  7. Love this game!!!! Wish they still did it on the 3 day cruises
  8. The cruise terminal took me about 35 minutes to get into it was so backed up. I would go directly to the lot with your luggage, The shuttle is a big bus and they put your luggage down below.
  9. Hi Everyone, Here is the directions & map to the parking location. I arrived to the port around 10:45 and they said the lot was full before 8am.
  10. I Sailed on the splendor September 14, 2019 out of Long Beach, I am a platinum member and we didn't start boarding the ship till almost Noon... I honestly wouldn't recommend going before noon, It was complete chaos at the terminal( I sail out of Long Beach a few times a year on inspiration) but going on the Splendor was a complete SHIP SHOW for boarding. Also, be prepared to be directed to a different parking lot about 2 miles away ( you save $56 for the week) and they shuttle you both way. The parking structure was full before 10am.
  11. Maybe try going to the steak house bar and see if the will sell you bottles of wine at the 50% off without having to dine. If not go purchase the wine package. I purchased a bottle of Duckhorn Merlot, bottle price was $35 after the discount. The Caymus Cabernet was $45 after the discount.
  12. Steakhouse was DELICIOUS!!! We ended up going twice on the 7 day cruise. Free Wine - Saint Helena Merlot or Chardonnay 50% Wine - I purchased one to open in the restaurant and we purchased an additional 3 bottles at the 50% price. Water - the server brought us a glass bottle of water called Acqua Panna, it was included in the cheers package. It was probably some of the best water I have had to drink, ending up taking a few extra bottles back to the cabin for the rest of the cruise
  13. I was in the same boat a few weeks ago. I finally decided to try the steakhouse on the first formal night and absolutely LOVED it! We enjoyed it so much we went back the next night. The server mentioned formal night they had 80 reservations and the rest of the cruise they only had 15 reservations each night. If you want a table by the window I would recommend making a reservation for 5:30 when they open so you can pick your table out, else it is pretty much first some first serve.
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