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  1. We budget $100/night to gamble (each for me and the Mr). We don’t do it every night sometimes we bank our money and go double one night. My point is last cruise my husband lost roughly $700 of his own money. He won a bit, if I’d have to venture a guess I’d put his losses at about 1k on a 7 day cruise in 2017. I did not win and probably barely went above my budgeted $700. He gets casino offers. Discounted rooms, not free. DOU card as part of the offer and some OBC. I am positive he did not have the 1500 points normally required for DOU when we left. I have never received an offer myself. ETA: slot play only.
  2. Still on page 1 but just popping in since I LOVE your reviews and we are pondering the 4 day Baja cruise in February so this is perfect timing! Can’t wait to read and happy anniversary!
  3. Thanks for your review, we are on the BA in November and also from MN :)
  4. Love your reviews! We're pondering this itinerary in 2020 so looking forward to it!
  5. Thank you for the review! We are torn between Hawaii or Europe cruise in 2020 and your photos are making a good case for Hawaii! :D
  6. We were on the Magic about a year ago and muster was indeed inside :)
  7. Beautiful photos! We just got back from Europe last week (land based) and are on the Breakaway next year (in the Caribbean) so you are making me nostalgic and excited all at once! :D
  8. Great review! We have a cruise out of Canaval in November 2019 (so faaarrrr) and will probably stay at the Four Points too (we stayed one night post cruise last time) and had no idea about the shuttle so thanks for the tip! I’ll have to try one of those margaritas :)
  9. Loving this review, anybody who drops a left shark reference is a friend of mine! :D
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