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  1. Yes, working 12 - 14 hours a day, on split shifts. The most time they get off at any one stretch is about 10 hours and that is only 1 or 2 times a week. Most times they get 6 or 7 hours off between work shifts. So if they made $2000 a month that isn't enough.
  2. Sounds great. Thank you for the response.
  3. We are doing basically the same cruise, or close, in April 2020 and are going to do the 144 hour visa, also. Can you tell me if you did anything, paperwork wise, prior to leaving the US or did you do everything at the pier after docking in Shanghai. I have found a website by the Chinese government that appears you can fill out some paperwork prior to leaving from the US. I haven't gone through the process of doing it, and won't if it is somewhat painless to do what is needed at the Shanghai pier. We will have our return to the US airline tickets, hotel reservations and passports, so that meets the requirements to get the 144 hour visa. Just wondering if we need or should do anything prior to leaving here.
  4. I too would find it offensive and as a 6 1/2 year member of the Air Force I can honestly say I have never seen anyone use the uniform as a way to get attention or favors. I am sorry that you feel you have. I separated from the Air Force in 1976 and have not been around many members of the services in the past 40 years, on a personal basis, other than talking with a nephew that retired from the Navy about 15 years ago, and seldom about his service. It may be perception on yours and or my part, but I have not in any way seen a person in the military use the uniform in the way you say.
  5. I used to wear a suit for elegant night and really kinda miss those days, BUT, I have submitted to the masses and it does make packing much easier, by not having to take a suit. These days, on the more mainstream cruise lines I wear nice jeans and a pull over shirt to cruise casual nights and slacks and either a button up shirt, but more often just a collared polo shirt. Nowadays you will see less than 25% of the people actually dressed in formal attire. But like I said I do miss the "good ol' days", but if in Rome do as the Romans.
  6. Count me as one that puts you in the un-popular category. Military wearing their uniform is in absolutely no way trying to draw attention or recognition to themselves. It is nothing less than showing pride in what you are and what you do.
  7. I have been on several cruises where military members wore their dress uniforms. I think it looks great!! Your story about your son reminds me of my own situation in 1973. Had just returned from my tour in Southeast Asia and had just started my assignment as a Squadron Tech Instructor, at Sheppard AFB. Had only been at the base about 2 weeks and my wife hadn't gone to work yet and I was making in the $450 or so a month range and my squadron commander had a practice of taking his new TI's to his country club and wanted those TI's to wear a regular suit. I didn't have one and didn't have money to buy one, so I did what any young Buck Sergeant would do, I lied. Told him my wife was sick and we couldn't go. Would gladly have gone had I been allowed to wear my Dress Blues. So let him know to Be Proud and wear his Dress Uniform.
  8. Ships aren't "loosing" anything. Passengers, if forced to pay for drinks will simply drink a bit less. I have "smuggled" booze on, years ago, and bought as many drinks from the ships bars as I would had I not "smuggled". I made a drink in the room and took it out but had I not had the booze in the cabin I would just simply not drink as much. I set limits on how much I will spend on cruises.
  9. Completely agree with Thark, this new "format" sucks. What I used to be able to type in a couple of words and get very near what I wanted, now gives me basically every post for every ship in the cruise line. I type in Vista Cozumel and I get every comment on the website for every ship that has Cozumel in it. I DO NOT want to have to initiate a new App or change settings for something that should already be set up. There are other choices to search cruise info and though I have been a CC member for a lot of years, will start looking at more friendly websites.
  10. That is true but as long as you stay off Harborside it shouldn't be a problem. Most streets drain relatively quick.
  11. My complaint is the Cruise Critic doesn't have a thumbs down button. Maybe they will create one, just for you.
  12. Or those who complain about military men/women who wear their dress uniforms for elegant night? Sorry but if I EVER heard anyone complain about this on a cruise they likely would not be back to the dining room as I will embarrass them so they would be ordering room service for the rest of the cruise. Much like all Marines will tell you, there is no EX for military people. I am 68 and if needed I would gladly put on a uniform, a much larger one than when I got out of the Air Force 42 years ago and do the job they trained me to do.
  13. Substandard is very, very subjective. That I believe is much of the disagreement. If I go to the buffet and just want to get some fruit and there is no pineapple or grapes or whatever, and that is the only thing I wanted, then some people will let that define the entire cruise. Others go get a hamburger and a beer.
  14. We are booked on the Vista for this Thanksgiving week. Our family of 10, Grandparents, Parents and grandkids.. Age from 13 to 72. We too are looking forward to the Vista. We just got off the Carnival Breeze 2 weeks ago and our youngest daughter came up with the idea to take another family vacation and the daughters, SIL's and Grandkids wanted to go on the Vista, to see how the "amenities" are. BTW, the Breeze is a really nice ship and if you aren't just set in concrete on a balcony the deluxe outside cabins are really a good deal. They are larger than a standard outside and have a bath and a half. The only drawback is they are on decks 1 and 2. The Vista has these cabins as well. We didn't notice any noises that were a problem. We were on deck 2 mid ship and found it to be a good location. Easy to get from one end of the ship to the other. Close to the dining rooms and the theater. The shops are only a couple of decks up and if the elevators are busy easy enough to use the stairs, even for a 68 year old guy that is "husky". :) We have used a TA out of Massachusetts for the past 10 or 12 years. Carnival does not allow TA's to discount cruise prices, but they are allowed to give on board dollars. I am pretty sure that CC doesn't allow posting of TA names/numbers so not sure how I could give you his info. Our Thanksgiving cruise, because they are always jacked up in price by Carnival, the TA's get nice commissions and the price difference between CCL and him was $350 a cabin. And we have 5 cabins. But if you haven't done so, it may be worth it to check with some of the online TA's to compare prices. CCL does make it a little easier, but not much, to make changes to your reservation, mostly because the TA has to be the middle man to get any price reductions, but a 10 - 20 minute phone call is worth a few hundred or for our upcoming cruise over a $1000. The Vista is built a bit different than most cruise ships, in that the atrium area is not wide open up 6 or 7 or more decks. I think it is only 3 decks high. It has a large aquarium in the lobby area. I am sure you have looked on their website at all the things there are to do. As I said earlier the grandkids are charged about doing the sky ride thing and the rope course. I will write a review after we get off her and give my impression. The things we liked or not. I know it will be a fully or near fully sold out cruise, so will find out how crowded it is. It does appear that it was designed to pack as many people on board as possible so hopefully there will be plenty of public areas to accommodate. As long as there is a couple of seats in Alchemy or the Piano Bar I can be happy. :) We do spend quite a bit of time around the pool area, when the family all goes, but if it is just the 2 of us we are more in the lounges for shows or sitting on the lido but usually under the overhangs or in the Serenity area. Have a fun filled and wonderful cruise. And do as my better half does, pack and repack at least 4 times. :)
  15. Wow you can't imagine how immensely useless your comment is.
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