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  1. Thank you Bob and Biker. Was sure i would get the upgrade, have had success in the past. You win some, you lose some.😀
  2. John&LaLa, or any one else, was wondering what your thoughts are regarding our situation that looks like it has fallen under the not always cut and dry category. We are booked in an inside room for our upcoming 13 night Scandinavia cruise and we have put in low bids to upgrade to ocean view and balcony. Over the last month i have notified my travel agent on the balcony guarantee price drops a couple of times and they try to get it but are always told that it is only available for new reservations. I want to upgrade to a higher category and we are not allowed to. Is this pretty much the norm or do i need to worry that my travel agent isn't putting in the effort. Will still hope for upgrade, but either way , very excited for cruise. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone... First of all, thanks for all the great information on here. Today we received our upgrade to the Haven on the March 24th sailing on the Norwegian Getaway. How we got there... I booked this cruise about 6 weeks ago. Started off with balcony guarantee, sail away rate with no perks. Cost was 1825.00 total for the 2 of us. Then a few days later mini suite balcony dropped to the same price and we were upgraded, same exact price. Our travel agent also told me i could apply 2 next cruise certificates and that brought it down to 1325. So 1575 total when including the 250 for the next cruise certificates. This particular cruise had a lot of rooms available in every category right down the line, including the Haven. When i started the bidding process there was 15 Haven spa, 14 Courtyard penthouse and 12 two bedroom villas available. Seemed like a pretty good chance to possibly get the Haven experience. This will be our 4th cruise with Norwegian. I played around with the bids quite often but these were my final numbers as of this morning when 1 of my 3 bids was accepted. Haven spa 850 pp (knocked it up from 800 pp last night) Courtyard penthouse 750 pp ( knocked it down from 780 pp last night) 2 bedroom villa 1000 pp This morning i noticed that i no longer had the upgrade page available so i went to an old email and the first thing that pops up was Haven spa, expired. Then the other categories are listed and i see a couple that i cancelled and the another expired, the 2 bedroom villa. Then i see processing next to Courtyard penthouse. First thought was that its a good sign. also thought that its pretty early to be eliminating me, so this must be happening! Checked credit card and no change, checked rooms available and saw some off them dropping of the board. Little while later i checked my reservation and saw that it was changed from min suite to Haven courtyard on deck 15. So we have been upgraded to the Haven courtyard for a final total of 3,075 for the 2 of us which included the 1500 bid,(750 pp) with no perks. I do hope this information helps future cruisers as i did want to report back. One important thing to remember about this cruise was that there was a lot of rooms available right up until today. While i do realize that it's not fair to the people that paid full price, Norwegian made these rules and we are very happy that our bid was accepted and also many thanks to all the great information on this thread. One last thing, the winning bid was just at the lowest part of good offer. Rolf
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