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  1. Sorry if I’m repeating info but am at sea w limited internet time. Just read that two boys from Chicago area died and parents are still missing...so very sad. But we all are responsible for our actions and choose to take excursions! It’s a failure of today’s world that lawsuits are the common answer to every event. All IMHO
  2. ...having cruised out of Brazil, one must hope they don't provision there! Unbelievable how things go down!😮🤨
  3. ...seems to me that MSC is in such a hurry to 'join the crowd' that the proverbial left hand is disconnected from the right! No, I've not cruised HAL, but have an abundance of both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity and am hard-pressed to find such glaring inconsistencies! ...agree with you!
  4. Absolutely agree with you!
  5. Butlered drinks are included? Sorry, question from an MSC virgin🤔
  6. WOW!! Guess we'll not be entertaining in the cabin! Our first MSC cruise is on the Divina in YC, it's beginning to look like they're going the way of the other lines from this! Thanks for posting, there's so much to be gleaned from the experiences of others on Cruise Critic!!
  7. ...have to agree with George C! We've done numerous Aqua and Suite cruises on X, don't like MDR, love Luminae and won't go back unless it's Suite (but the $$$, oh my!). We're doing our first YC in December and very much looking forward to it. Considering it is about 1/3 the cost of X it may be hard to go back after YC! Good luck with your choices!
  8. hmmm, are you on the 6 Dec sailing? See you on board, if so. I believe that I read somewhere on these boards another cruiser's question about Top 18 and the answer was yes, it is available to YC. This will be our first MSC as well...certainly hungry for all/any information!
  9. Well I can say for sure that the four of us are excited about the prospects of MSC and YC! We're under the 60 day mark now so time will go quickly. We, too, will most likely haunt the same places as you. We're pretty easy to recognize...a tall couple and a short couple...two blonde gals and the guys both still have full heads of wavy dark hair, LOL!! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Jim & Eileen and Vince & Carol🍷🍷
  10. We feel your pain, LOL. After many years of them on RCCL and Celebrity, we have avoided them like the plague! This is our first MSC, too, and it might have been one of your posts that encouraged us to go! Hope we meet you two one way or the other over the 11 nights! We're long-time PA transplants to DE!
  11. Great to hear! Hopefully we'll see you at the Meet & Mingle? We, too, looked for a longer trip (two couples sans kids) hoping to be away over Christmas & New Years but that didn't work out either. This is our first trip with MSC, however we're booked next year out of Barcelona in YC if this works out well. SO looking forward to our bit of time in MIA pre-cruise and then boarding the Divina. Looking forward to meeting you! Eileen
  12. Thanks, Hank! I think we'll leave the tux at home this trip...jacket and slacks maybe a couple of ties for the guys, cocktail dress will suffice. Are you on 12/6 11 nights? If so, we'll see you there!!
  13. Thank you both!!!
  14. Sorry, sverigecruiser! There are for of us in YC this December for 11 nights. It seems there are many threads about Gala and theme nights (mostly on the Seaside), but it also seems like Divina is a completely different story. Wondering how to pack...do we need 'theme' things, or how many Gala nights are there and is 'cocktail attire' sufficient. Thanks so much for your reply!
  15. We'll be on the Divina for 11 nights (our first MSC). Am I right that there will be 3 Gala nights? Are there also theme nights (as I continually read about on Seaside)? We are two couples in YC. How to pack, LOL! Thanks anyone for the help!
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