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  1. We are looking to take a cruise with Seabourn in early March 2020. We are not very familiar with the referral coupon, but we are certainly interested in this. PM us please. Thanks, Tim
  2. Giovanni's on Allure had the best Filet we tried
  3. Yes included, on Allure, it is incredibly noisy for 30 people packed around 3 tables with chefs doing their deal. Good food, just very loud.
  4. I wanted to chime in on 2 more things--1 negative and 1 positive The pools were "nut to butt"---I have never seen pools so crowded. You could literally just get wet and barely move. There were time that the capacity was double what the posted signs said with lifeguards standing by . Other times early or late in the afternoon there was a little more room, but wow it was not appealing to be squeezed in like a sardine. The positive was the Wifi that was provided worked great. I was concerned going on this cruise because I have to maintain contact with my office. It was the best I have experienced on a cruise ship. I still have a very poor feeling for the Captain from Canada and his crew who did not respond to many questions. I chalk that up to a person who did not have the backbone to face his critics. We do hope and pray the person with the medical emergency is ok.
  5. I can say we loved having it . We always tried the Drink of the Day and tried many others. It was great to have wine with dinner. We were not charged anything over the $12 limit. It was a great feature to have daily.
  6. We just finished Allure and we throughly enjoyed Coastal. We ate most breakfast here and it was always served hot and wonderful. Dinner was excellent as well.
  7. We just finished Allure of the Seas. We have an Autistic son. We had hoped for some decent TV for him to view at night------------to say the TV programming is terrible is an understatement. We sure tried to learn the sport of Cricket---it was on nonstop LOL
  8. We thought it was a great value at $175 per person on Allure---we loved it. Going to Sabor for lunch and our choice of restaurants was so fun. Thankfully, our server at Giovanni's recommended their Filet Mignon. She said it was the best on the ship, wow was she correct. It was way better than what we had at Chops. Gave her a nice tip !!
  9. We had it on Allure and loved it, especially after seeing the crazy lines at Windjammer and Solarium and people loading plates a foot high. We left $5-10 to our server after lunch and dinner. $175 a person was a deal !!! If you are thinking about it, do it !
  10. I have not had a chance to respond. Our biggest complaint was the lack of communication from the captain and senior staff. All we asked for was an explanation for the possible ports we could go to. The captain made the statement very shortly after the incident and we certainly were confused how they throughly looked at all options for another port for us. I posted on Twitter and received a generic answer as well. As much as we enjoyed the ship, that many days at seas were way too many. Yes, we throughly explored every part of the ship and saw all shows possible. The crew did the best they could, but days a port give members a couple extra hours to take a breath. The crew works hard and we tipped everyone extra for all of their efforts. All being said, I do not expect RCCL to answer my emails, but it sure would be nice before we decide if we will cruise again. Final note, the Suite Lounge and Coastal Kitchen were phenomenal!!! Service, food and atmosphere were awesome!! We loved it up there.
  11. We are also on this sailing. I have to agree that the person's health is most important, however I have to say the captain has handled terribly. To have 5.5 days at sea stinks!! Repeated questions have been asked of the captain and I have directly contacted RCCL about options for a day somewhere. After the med emergency was announced, the captain rapidly announced 2 more days at sea. As many of us investigated, there were options. However, this captain and RCCL decided in a second that they would rather line their pockets without looking into the many options that many of us passengers looked into. Nassau can handle 8 ships, they have 5 in port today--Saturday--including an option for a class ship for us. Also, Coco Cay--has 2 ships there today, we could have tendered in according to 2 higher level crew members we spoke to. And finally, there was talk of Key West, we were told by officials, that was not an option. Bottom line, there has been a complete lack of communication. RCCL has decided to line their pockets and keep us on board, while we barely move through the water and we slowly tug back to FLL. Many are completely disgusted with RCCL. We have made the best of it. It is a beautiful ship and the dining has been good. We are in an Aquatheater Suite. The suite lounge and Coastal Kitchen have been great to get away from the huge crowds. Every time we have walked by the windjammer, there have been huge lines, I am glad we have not had to experience it on the Sea Days. Finally, I know there is little we can do with RCCL, but I can assure you that there will certainly be a large effort to get to the bottom of how this captain and RCCL severely put a damper on our vacation with their complete lack of effort to get us to another destination.
  12. That certainly sounds like that could be the case for the late assignment. We are still waiting word for cruise on Sunday--we are losing hope.
  13. Wow that acceptance was fast---we are waiting anxiously for our cruise this Sunday !!
  14. Thanks for the advice. We tried the airplane mode and made calls to try it over the home WiFi and it worked well. we are probably over doing it, but if all works well, we can begin cruising again for vacations.
  15. Thank you for the advice The $100 package I am referring to is a package AT&T offers--not RCCL ---that is unlimited calls and texts and certain amount of download MB
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