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  1. I agree that this is a small/teeny/tiny risk but one that I will gladly take. It is time to move on. ps WonderMan3-We have had a cottage in N. Truro for almost 40 yrs and look forward to a great summer.
  2. So if my wife and I are vaccinated we are protected against Covid. If other people do not want to get the vaccine (a minority at this point) so be it. We will happily go on a cruise and know that we are protected. It is time to take back my life and move on. Anti vaxxers be damned.
  3. Why do we again have to scroll through the Lisa Lutoff-Perlo information/ad before getting to the forums? If I am missing something I apologize. I have respect for her but dislike having to scroll through the info/ad every time that I come back to the forum.
  4. Now THAT is helpful information. Thank you.
  5. Well they changed my Ship from S class to Edge. That took away my itinerary. The closest that I can find is one day longer-and they tell me to find something else-there is nothing else. I cannot match the itinerary, length of cruise or right ship class but they say "Cruise With Confidence". Thanks Celebrity
  6. Yes, I have read that but seems that other people had said that they were able to do that. Through the course of this this topic I was hoping that someone would let me know if it is possible.
  7. I am now being told that I cannot change from an 11 day cruise to a 12 day cruise on an S-class ship. It is the proper dates, same departure port, same class cabin but 1 day longer. Is this true?
  8. That is unfair in many cases. I want to move from 11/20 to 11/21-almost the same date a year later. Virtually the same itinerary and CELEBRITY changed the ship from S class to E-class. They tell me I cannot do it. They call it "Cruise With Confidence". I call it "Cruise With Confidence As Long As You Do Not Change To The Exact Cruise On The Edge Class". Jeesh- This is how they want to lure an Elite plus back (or anyone)? I have been sailing since the days of the Mercury and Horizon. This stinks.
  9. Good idea but it does not work for many people. I want to switch from 11 day Reflection in Nov 2020 out of Fort Lauderdale to the same cruise -same weeks -same ports - but THEY changed the ship to the Edge. It is the same cruise Celebrity-Wake up! Do not penalize me because YOU changed ships. If you want customers back this nit picking is not the way to do it.
  10. Thanks so much for the help. I will call Celebrity today with the expectation of getting a refund of the Cruisecare.
  11. Sorry if this has been brought up before but I could not find any information. My European cruise for May has been cancelled by Celebrity. I had a rather expensive suite that I will request a refund for. I booked directly with Celebrity and used their Insurance company at a cost of $900. Does anyone know if this is also being refunded? Before I ask for my cruise refund I want to know if this is possible or not. Thanks for any help.
  12. Thank you Delta! (says me with $4500 in transatlantic flights)
  13. Exactly what I was thinking!
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