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  1. Highboy90

    "LIVE" from MSC Divina - May 28, 2016

    Thank you Radio for your time and effort sharing with the CC community. :)
  2. Highboy90

    Jewel misc. photos from around the ship

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing! :)
  3. Highboy90

    Your take on Bermuda

    Did Bermuda 2 years in a row now and would go back next year if I could for reasons mentioned.
  4. Highboy90

    Dockyard- buying tokens for bus and ferry

    Can purchase inside the Bermuda terminal. After 8:00 AM I think.
  5. Will be on my third cruise this Friday. First two were AFT balcony's and LOVED them. This time, a late booking and returning to Bermuda. Didn't feel like spending too much $$$ but wanted to cruise so booked a inside on deck 8 for easy access to the outside while watching for possible upgrades that never happened. Will I ever take an inside again? We'll see. :D
  6. Highboy90

    jogging track on Breakaway

    Last August, there was one or two water hazards one needed to navigate.
  7. Highboy90

    Web Cam Breakaway

    Working for me at the moment. But at times, it does not.
  8. Highboy90

    Somerset Water Sports

    Rented a Whaler from [URL="http://www.bdawatersports.com"]Somerset Bridge Water Sports[/URL] last August and will be doing so again in a couple days. Looked at others but decided to stick with what worked. As with a lot of high use rentals, boat could have been nicer but ran well. Owner and employees or family were nice. Rode a scooter. Quick and easy. Parking is poor and tight but, got out when done. If you book online, you only get a confirmation number and details. One thing I don't care for is it doesn't block out some or all of your credit card details though never had problems. Was looking at Blue Hole Watersports but a little harder to get to early in the AM and decided to stay near the ship and beaches. To [URL="http://www.blueholebermuda.com"]Blue Hole Watersports[/URL] credit, "Michael" was the only one out of two (the other being H20 Sports) that I contacted via e-mail to return a message.
  9. Highboy90

    Breakaway--Just Booked!

    Nice cruise and ship. Congrats!
  10. Highboy90

    Bermuda Photo Review

    Enjoyable read. Gave me an idea or two for my upcoming cruise to Bermuda. Thanks!
  11. Highboy90

    Dawn July 4-11 Review

    If my upcoming cruise aboard the Dawn next week falls between the two reviews mentioned, I'll be happy. :D Thanks for sharing folks.
  12. Highboy90

    Jewel or Dawn

    [B]Jewel or Dawn[/B] - I'll let you know in a week. :p
  13. Highboy90

    Review of NCL Dawn by NCL Newbie

    Thank you for taking the time to write your review. :) I was a little hesitant booking the Dawn (leave 7/18/14) but being I cruised on the BA last August 2013, figured I'd try another ship / port and save a couple bucks. I don't expect much. Hoping for a problem free cruise and nice weather. Looking forward to visiting Bermuda again. :D
  14. I saw this morning that a Inside - Guaranteed for the 7/11 sailing went for $279 if memory serves me correctly. It was gone just as fast. :cool:
  15. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I'll be on the Dawn in one week. :)