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  1. I hadn't actually done the math. Nope, dh and I definitely aren't going to drink almost a 1000 dollars worth of anything.
  2. Not that I would want to do this with more than one suitcase, but the cheapest way is public transportation. https://www.cruzely.com/the-cheapest-way-from-the-airports-to-the-port-of-miami-just-2-25-per-person/
  3. Wow, choices! Thanks. Maybe one for lunch and one for dinner. 😉
  4. Barring a flight delay, we should reach the Residence Inn at Coconut Grove around the tail-end of lunch time the day before our cruise. If we want to have a good seafood meal on the waterfront, where would you suggest we go? What if we decide on Cuban cuisine instead? Any suggestions?
  5. It looks like you all had fun doing the shoot. Thank you for sharing your pictures and your experience.
  6. If you don't mind my asking for more information, what was amazing about your experience?
  7. I would like to hear either your experience or advice about the professional photo sessions on the Horizon. I'm entertaining the idea of a booking a photo session during our upcoming 30th anniversary cruise on the Horizon. I have reservation about it because Dh and I have had our picture taken as a couple formally a few times over the past years, on land and once at sea, but the proofs weren't so great so we never went through with the purchase. Having our photo taken was an awkward experience, and even though we tried to look relaxed and happy, it always showed in the photos that we weren't. Thanks in advance.
  8. Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2030....You remember that time we were all supposed to go on a cruise together and GG "The Know It All" got left behind.....
  9. Fortunately these people were not our regular dinner tablemates. I think it would have gotten awkward fast. When our kids were 4, 6 and 9 we took our first cruise. At the embarkment lunch, we were escorted to a table that already sat a an attractive, nicely tanned, expensively dressed family of 3 -older man, much younger wife and cute little girl of about 4 years old. The man immediately greeted us. Very nice manners. Soon, we were all socializing except for the wife. She was stony-faced and only spoke a few words to the little girl. I figured she had a headache or something. Maybe she and the husband had words before we got there. No eye contact between the parents. The man mostly boasted about his real estate business but was interesting to listen to. As the meal went on, his little girl lost interest in eating her chicken nuggets and french fries and started playing with them. Her mom told her to stop playing with her food or she wasn't going to be allowed any dessert. The girl didn't stop. She continued dancing her chicken nuggets around her plate and onto the table. The mom more loudly threatened something else (don't remember). The girl put the nuggets down but she started fingerpainting her plate with the ketchup that was on it. Mom was really ticked now. She hissed a threat at girl who was completely ignoring her, and barked at the husband -who appeared to deep in conversation with my husband and pretending to be not at all aware of the mother-daughter conflict-"Do something with her!" With dead eyes, he flicked a look at his wife and calmly said, "You started it," and immediately went back to talking to my husband about real estate.
  10. Following. I didn't know about the Luggage Lounge. I'm glad you brought this up. The replies are very helpful, but I'm heading to Yelp to learn more.
  11. We're cruising on the Horizon in early November, 2019. FTTF opened up almost exactly 9 months before. I don't know exactly when it sold out - I stopped checking after 2 weeks- but I do know it didn't sell out as quickly as the people in our FB group thought it would.
  12. Another vote for skipping the Radisson's breakfast. We were completely underwhelmed by the food.
  13. For those of you who have flown Southwest from BWI (or nearby) to FLL in November, what was your fare in either cash or points. I'm certain we have enough points for 2 round-trip flights. It's too early to book for November so I can't check. I have a vague idea but I thought I would ask here. Thanks.
  14. Super helpful. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  15. Thank you for sharing your experience. I bet you are a very busy person (missed the email with the final payment date) who really needs a vacation. We all make mistakes, and hopefully because of your story, this is one others won't make. Now don't forget your family's documentation (allusion to previous thread about the couple who couldn't get on the ship because they left their birth certificates back home) 😉 I'm glad to hear you will still be going and will be in the cabin you originally booked. Back in January of 2016, we canceled a November cruise in order to take advantage of a HUGE price drop on the same itinerary in March of the same year. My only hesitation in rebooking was the possibility of not getting the cabin we wanted so close to the sailing date. As it turned out, the same cabin was one of the few left on the March sailing. :)
  16. We've been to Cozumel several times in the fall (Sept/October). It's always been hot. Twice it rained pretty hard but not for long.
  17. Thank you for sharing so much of your cruise with us through narrations and lots of photos. I look forward to more.
  18. Yes, that's true. I didn't address that last part. Dh and I have very different ideas about how to enjoy at-sea time. For the most part, we meet up for meals but otherwise entertain ourselves differently. I expect I'll spend as much time in the Havana area as he will on our balcony.
  19. I hope you don't mind me giving my answer to your question about why anyone would spend extra on a balcony if they're booking Havana category. What you're saying makes good sense (and cents) if the person cruising is indifferent to what a balcony room has to offer. But, some people - dh and myself being two of them - the balcony is very important to our comfort and to our enjoyment of the cruise. We tried it once. We enjoyed everything else about that cruise, but we agreed that from then on, if we couldn't afford a balcony room, we wouldn't go on a cruise until we could.
  20. Good to know. We're staying in 8469 on the Horizon next November. I wasn't too concerned about the noise from the Lido or Havana decks but I hadn't researched which -for lack of a better term - service areas were nearby. I've read some people's room reports about banging sounds, slamming doors and noisy service trolleys. I'm glad to hear you weren't sitting on your balcony when the ice cream cone was dropped down from above.
  21. I'm glad you asked this question since we already booked a Havana aft-balcony room on deck 8 for our cruise next November. I was pretty sure deck 8 would be okay, but I was still wondering about what kind of noise we should expect.
  22. This is something I would like to hear more about.
  23. Thank you for indulging my curiosity. That does sound like bad chemistry - no conversation unless it's to complain. NO thanks!
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