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  1. I know this thread is kind of old, but I just bought a booklet. Hopefully, it will come before we leave for the Keys. If I use it, I'll let other people know about the experience. 🙂
  2. I could go snarky right back at you, but instead I will clarify that the chat group on the Port of Miami's live webcam were wondering why nothing was going on at almost a quarter after 4:00 since according to the Port schedule the ship to leave the dock at 3:30. Everyone there knows cruise ships don't always leave on time; they just wanted to know if anyone knew why. I think you jumped to the wrong conclusion concerning the tone in which the question was asked.
  3. I'm watching the Port of Miami webcam. Nothing's happening. We're wondering if anyone knows what's up.
  4. Thanks! That's where we'll go. Maybe, we'll just book a hotel down there. My daughter and boyfriend want to go fishing, and I was just reading about the fishing pier at the South Point Park.
  5. I posted this on the Carnival board before I realized it was better suited here. We had to cancel our late September cruise, but instead of canceling r/t plane tickets to Miami too, we decided to do a land-based Florida vacation starting in Miami. Could someone tell me where we can we go to wave at the departing cruise ships?
  6. If one struggles with feeling like cash is crass (like someone I know who is offended by gift cards), you could give both, a small gift and cash. The recipient can keep both or whichever they value most.
  7. We had to cancel our late September cruise, but instead of canceling our plane tickets, we're going to use them and take a little land-based vacation. Is there a good spot near the cruise port where we can wave to the parting cruise ships?
  8. Here you go... "As you know, exemptions are very limited and capacity-controlled based on the total number of vaccinated guests projected to be on your sailing. Unfortunately, we have reached our limit and are not able to clear your booking to sail."
  9. No cruising for dh and me next month. Dh was denied an exemption for our September 26th cruise. I was 99% sure he would be when I booked the cruise. We have a family cruise booked for March of next year. He's already agreed that if Carnival decides he can't go on that one either, we can go without him. It will be weird-I've never cruised without him- but it's his decision to not get vaccinated.
  10. I got the email eventually, just not as swiftly as I thought I would. Thanks for the replies. All is well as far as the booking going through.
  11. Earlier this evening I booked a cruise over the phone with a Carnival representative, something I've never done before. I've always booked our Carnival cruises with a TA. I haven't gotten a confirmation email yet. Does it take a day or two? I did get a text (with my booking number) asking if I wanted text alerts. So, I know I have a booking "on the books".
  12. Thank you for the speedy reply. So, it's wait and see for now.
  13. We aren't cruising until March of 2022 and haven't paid in full yet. If I understand the procedure for applying for exemption correctly, the members of our family who will be applying for exemption can't do so until two things happen: the cruise is paid in full and the email with the exemption form is sent, which won't happen until the cruised is paid up. Is that correct?
  14. How glad I am to see this thread. We're in a very similar situation with having booked 2 Havana class rooms for our family of 5. My eldest son is not going to be able to join us as I suspected would happen when I booked the trip, so I listed him as the 3rd passenger in his stateroom. I came to the same conclusion about not calling to cancel him. It's barely worth it financially.
  15. I'm helping our friends plan their first cruise, and it would be very helpful to be able to share the Daily with them from a 7-day Norse Legends cruise or at the very least any Daily of a 7-day European itinerary. Can anyone here help me out? Thanks in advance!
  16. In the past, I always bought the bare-bones trip insurance policy when we cruised. Typically, our cruises have been 7-day Caribbean itineraries that included a balcony stateroom for dh and me and an interior stateroom for the 3 growing kids, an excursion at ports of call, 2 nights in a hotel, and sometimes air fare from BWI to Florida; usually we drive. For these trips I've purchased policies based on a total trip cost of around $7000.00. The most I paid for a policy was $201.00. All three kids are independent adults now, and even though we've cruised several times with one or two of them, we haven't cruised as a complete family since 2013. Cruising as a complete family is finally supposed to happen next year when we celebrate my youngest daughter's several times delayed college graduation cruise. The only reason I was able to include her oldest brother in the booking was by adding the "Cancel for Any Reason" additional coverage to our travel insurance. He badly wanted to go, but given his lifestyle, he was afraid of how much money I would lose if he had to bail out. When I told him I could add "Cancel for Any Reason" insurance that will cover all of us for $159.00, he was so happy that he offered to pay for it.
  17. I am so sorry for you guys who were supposed to sail in June. If this is the first time you have been Covid-Canceled, welcome to our unhappy not-so-little club.
  18. Oh, snap! Two days. Been there. We missed being able to sail last year by a day.
  19. March 2022 on the Vista. The upside of our cruise plans getting cancelled 3 times in 2020 is that we have even more to celebrate in March of 2022 than we did in the spring of 2020. Two college graduations instead of one, several hundred dollars in OBC instead of none, and the youngest in the family will have just turned 21.
  20. My favorite coctail was a plain old Greyhound until I had one at a friend's house and he threw some tropical fruit in the glass with the vodka and grapefruit juice. I really liked it. In fact, It's my new favorite. I'm wondering if this concoction has a different name. If not, what are the chances that I could get a Greyhound with a fruit medly in the glass onboard when we cruise?
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