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  1. For sure I see them serving people on the buffet instead of people serving themselves and people not being able to get their own drinks on the Lido
  2. I don't drink soda anymore but WAAA on switching to Pepsi. Even though I don't drink soda anymore sometimes I do drink a rum and coke and rum in pepsi is just wrong
  3. You guys forgot about the all important Chair Hog posts. Love the aruguments that happen in those
  4. We went ahead and booked a cruise leaving May 16th just in case. We couldn't pass up the awesome rates. $295 a person for an 8 nightery out of Miami on the Horizon on the spa deck. That $295 includes taxes and port fees.
  5. lunch on the Lido and a Kiss on the Lips from the bar
  6. 2011 Carnival Fascination as our ship is sailing into Nassau Bahamas. One of my favorite pictures I've taken
  7. Ahhh well that makes sense. I did my share of cruising on Carnvial and luckily never had to do an upper lower. Now if they were to make those cabins single supplements I would for sure do those. A cabin to myself without paying double Sign me up
  8. Last year when we did guarantee room we got assigned about 2 weeks before the cruise. We are doing it again on our cruise in April. As long as we don't get an upper lower interior room, which we were told, that wouldn't happen, we don't care where our interior room is
  9. When it come down to it as long as I don't forget my wallet, passport, boarding pass and prescription meds anything else I forget I don't really need But I do like to pack baby wipes. I like them better than those hand sanitizing wipes, less abrasive on my skin. I get the non scented sensitive skin ones I also like to pack a cheap cup to carry around on the ship for water. I don't like to bring my good Tervis Tumblr just in case I lose it.
  10. I normally take only one or 2 pair of dress pants/ skirts and will re-wear them through the week for dinner
  11. I found online that there is only going to be 2 ships in port so shouldn't be too back. Like I said I just need me a chair on the beach and a good book. Maybe a cocktail.
  12. If you have already booked your cruise and already redeemed the OBC reward just email the redemption code to the casino. We booked on Friday and sent our redemption code same night and it was added to our account by the next day. Also I read some where that only one OBC per cabin. There are 4 of us going and we have 2 cabins booked. We each got to redeem the $100 OBC. But yes if you end up not using it you can refund it on My Vegas and get your coins back.
  13. Cool thanks. I just want a lounger on the beach and relax and enjoy some quiet time
  14. April 25th will be my second time cruising Royal Caribbean and my first time stopping at their private island. I read on a blog that there could be upwards of 3 or 4 ships at port that day. That doesn't seem like it is going to be a relaxing time on the beach to me. Does it feel crowded? Will it be hard to grab a beach chair/lounger on the beach and just chill while enjoying a good book and maybe a swim in the ocean?
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