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  1. We wish to remind you to return to the online check-in page to register your flight arrival and departure details. Providing this information is important in ensuring a timely embarkation and debarkation process for all guests. Kindly follow the below link to complete online check-in and provide your flight arrival information. We look forward to welcoming you and appreciate your assistance with completing the registration process. Personal information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is available on the website. This is the email I got this morning for my canc
  2. I got a email today to remind me to put my flight information in check in info for my June 12 cruise that was canceled. I’m letting American Express handle my refund. HAL never again
  3. I canceled shore excursions, Internet, drink packages for 4 on March 2 for Alaska cruise , got $ 3.19 credit back yesterday. LOL you can’t make this up , 3 dollars , waiting on 12 thousand for canceled cruise. Filed with credit card I will let American Express handle it from now on.
  4. You think the people that paid HAL this money are not worried about their livelihoods and careers? Unbelievable how people will back HAL to hell and back. Bottom line,HAL owe people money and they need to pay them.
  5. Maybe we also need to think about the people that have lost jobs and need the money that HAL is holding that doesn’t belong to them.
  6. Can you find anyone that had their cruise cancel by HAL that has got a refund? Unbelievable to me how for people will go to defend HAL. This was to be my first HAL cruise I’m sorry I will never get to see hoe special HAL is.
  7. The rep. told me on the phone when she told me my refund could be 90- 180 days from cruise date.
  8. If reports are correct they have the cash. They are just not refunding anyone—— 0 refunds for April.
  9. You do realize when they cancel the cruise they have NO proof to prevent a timely refund . Not sure about your credit card but mine says different about bankruptcy. You are running out of ways to back HAL, if you feel good about waiting 90-180 days great, most people are not.
  10. Don it’s not the amount of threads, it the amount of negative HAL talk that bothers a lot on this board. Some will back HAL to hell and back
  11. They are a lot on here that will back HAL to hell and back. Bottom line they are holding money that does not belong to them. I was told 90 to 180 days from date of cruise, not when it canceled, which would be at least 90 from June 14 for me. Filed dispute with card ASAP. I bet my American Express gets money from HAL sooner, they credit it to my account in less than 24 hours.
  12. That’s the reason you need to dispute with your CC ASAP than it’s not your problem. It’s foolish to trust HAL to refund any cash.
  13. My TA was told today it may be 90-180 days from date of cruise, June 14, for cash refund. Starting my credit card dispute tomorrow.
  14. My ta told me today that HAL told her no refunds have processed yet. She said my June 12 cruise could be 90- 180 days from that date. She can not get a straight answer from anybody at HAL. That is way more than being patient. You can believe HAL bs if you want, I’m filling with cc.
  15. What we are being told is a minimum of 60-90 days, they are not really giving a time. I think they are buying time to get their act together to file bankruptcy. Will the credit card refund after that?
  16. Has anyone filed a dispute with their credit card company? How long should a person wait until we do? Maybe someone with experience with this has some info. I see bankruptcy happening sooner than later.
  17. I canceled Internet,drink packages and excursions on March 2, HAL canceled my cruise for June on April 12. I have heard absolutely nothing from them. Is this the way you run a business that wants to have customers in the future? I do not think they plan on having future customers they are getting everything in line to file bankruptcy. They have 12 grand of mine, I can’t get a response but the standard Waite 60-90 days BS.
  18. I canceled excursions, Internet, drink packages on March 2. Have not heard or seen anything from HAL
  19. I agree 100 % , it’s not about the people answering the phone, we all no they are on a script. HAL has people’s money and a lot of folks are out of a job and needing the money ASAP. Taking 60 days to refund is outrageous, and not canceling cruise’s that we all no will never happen, no excuse. They have 12 thousand of mine that I have be waiting on since March 1, probably will never see it. I for one will remember HAL’S customer service in the future
  20. HAL needs to stop jerking their customers around cancel the Alaska cruise’s until at least July. The Vancouver port is closed until July so quit telling lies to their customers.
  21. By no means would I give them more money if I where you, you probably will never see it refunded. I agree 100% they need to officially cancel the Alaska cruise’s until at least July.
  22. Get ready to get beat up by the HAL supporters. One reason, they hope you cancel so they can offer you a credit and not cash. I have a cruise leaving Vancouver in June, we all no that will not happen, but you will not get anything out of HAL. I canceled drink package, Internet and excursions on March 1, still have not heard anything from them. They have 12 thousand in cruise money that I’m afraid I will never see. I can understand a delay for the cash refund , but not informing customers is outrageous.
  23. Additional flexibility: We heard your feedback that you want the value of your tickets to be secure and redeemable for a longer period, so we have extended the ability to plan, re-book and travel for up to two years. We’ve waived change fees for your trips through May 31, 2022 if you have travel booked in April or May as of April 3, 2020, or canceled travel/eCredits from flights in March, April or May 2020. You can also change new tickets purchased between March 1 and May 31, 2020, without a change fee for up to a year from the date of purchase. My trip is for June. Unless they extend this p
  24. Still the flight will have to be canceled by the airline. I have 4 tickets with delta for a June cruise to Alaska, if I cancel all I can get is credit in the names on the ticket to be used within a year from date purchased. I bought tickets in January and have to use The credit by January 2021. They will hold out sometime up to the day before the flight to cancel hoping you cancel and then they just have to give a credit. I will loose by money, have no plans to fly before next summer
  25. I canceled drink packages, Internet, dining and excursions 28 days ago. I have got nothing from HAL. Waiting for them to cancel June Alaska cruise from Vancouver , they no it’s not going to happen, so I can get my money back. They are delaying refunds for a reason. We will be lucky to see anything back from them.
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