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  1. If you Google it, the balcony looks pretty HUGE!!!!!:'):') Gorgeous cabin! Enjoy your cruise......
  2. Awwwwww! Have a great cruise!!!!!! So exciting for your daughter. Cannot wait to hear all about it. Breeze is a GREAT ship. We've been on her twice. Enjoy!!!!!!
  3. We just got off the Magic on Sunday, from an 8 night. Our steward came on Saturday to introduce himself, with the comfort card. I picked BOTH and he was fine with that. We come back to the cabin a lot during the day to take "room breaks" and just like to lie or plop on the beds. I prefer they were made. :'):') And when we get back at night, we like the turndown with towel animals and the ambiance of the room. Again, he seemed fine with it, and it's what we like.
  4. Yes, both of our Breeze cruises were done in the theater, and we just got off the Magic on Sunday, and that was also done in the theater. Can't remember what happened on the Pride years back, but I'm thinking it was outside. Wish they were all inside!:')
  5. First of all this thread is not about YOU. That's great that you have a healthy immune system. But not everybody does. Get over yourself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I wonder if it's being rolled out in the ports at different times.........
  7. We just got off the Magic. I am a smoker, and there times we walked through there and it was bad for ME. Then at other times, you couldn't smell smoke at all. It was weird........
  8. I KNEW that's why you were egging me on..........:'):'):') We did NOT sleep with the door open. Cabin was nice and cool, and it was MUGGY out there....
  9. Not true. We just got off the Magic 8 night Eastern on Sunday, and they didn't give us any Customs Forms. We heard someone else question it, and if your declarations are UNDER $800, you do NOT need to fill one out. I bought four cartons of cigarettes on the ship ($125) and that was about it, plus some t-shirts and magnets on the islands, so we didn't need to fill them out. Definitely made debarkation MUCH faster.:D
  10. We just got off the 8 night Eastern on the Magic Sunday, and when he came around on Saturday to introduce himself, he had us fill out the "comfort card'. We also checked AM and PM, and we got both. He said it would start the next day (Sunday) which it did. He was great. Not sure what I would have done if he didn't do both, but he did, and we were happy with him.;)
  11. The cab ride, for the 3 of us, was about $18. We just used the 888 Cab service. No, we didn't get the wheelchair until the 2nd day. LifeSAVER!!!!:'):'):')
  12. We did the dolphin swim, as it was a gift for DD's HS graduation. It was amazing. Then we just did some shopping/drinking around the port area before getting back on the ship. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but that was her major gift and she LOVED it!!!!!!:cool:
  13. At check in. With the hole punched. [emoji847] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. You definitely will not be disappointed. Great ship and crew.:D:D:D
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