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  1. Agree 100%-Save 50% or more. Do it on your own.
  2. Is escargot still an every night selection?
  3. Usually shown 3 times. On our upcoming Allure it is on the first three days.
  4. Agree 100%. Plus you've already paid for your meal in the MDR.
  5. Get it now, and if it goes down lower than your price, cancel and rebook. Our price is $44 for the Allure Mar. 3rd.
  6. True story Twenty or so years ago we had a young lady? wear a skimpy negligee to dinner. They had some provocative pictures taken, which surprisingly were displayed in the photo gallery. Two or three days later they were kicked off the ship in Georgetown, Cayman Islands for doing drugs.
  7. All Oasis class ships are tremendous.
  8. Probably for the best. Hang in there. There's always a few.
  9. Did you notice they took down our posts from the previous page?
  10. And keep in mind that many(if not most)men hate, and are uncomfortable in a tux.
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