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  1. We recently booked the July 16 cruise. We live in Pennsylvania and always drive to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. The air credit for this itinerary was $350 per person.
  2. We're currently on the Gem, due back to New York in the morning at the end of our 11-day cruise. Everything on the ship is normal, no one that I've encountered has reported being sick. Our cruise has been uneventful, no missed ports. The crew is doing a great job keeping everything clean and sanitary.
  3. Currently cruising on the Gem, so no. NCL is really pushing the "free money" Cruise Next deposits on this sailing. Inserts in the Freestyle Daily, separate notices placed on the bed at turndown. Perhaps future bookings really are down.
  4. We are currently on the Gem, are Platinum, and did not reserve any dinner reservation times in advance. We made our reservations onboard on embarkation day and got all the times we wanted, at the restaurants we wanted.
  5. We're currently on the Gem and I plan on writing a detailed review, the good and the bad, including the tour companies we're using, after we return home next week. Look for it. In the meantime, if there are any specific questions, I'll try to answer them. The internet has been good this cruise.
  6. Jamie, it looks like the Balcony Guarantee price is still $750 a person above what we paid for the Sailaway Inside, so even a max $400 per person bid on a balcony would still be well below that. Interestingly, Strawberries and Wine are being offered as a Sailaway perk, for everyone apparently. I've not seen that offer before.
  7. The price for a Sailaway Inside on our Feb. 24 Gem sailing dropped $400 a person on Wednesday from what we paid and is down $550 a person from the listed price about a week ago. I'm debating whether to call today and ask (nicely of course) for some onboard credit or wait until next week and see if prices drop further. We also have an Upgrade Advantage bid in for a balcony that remains pending at 11 days out.
  8. Jamie, any way you can check the number of balconies remaining on the 2/24 sailing of the Gem from NYC?
  9. I second the use of Cosol Tours and Ford Grey Tours. A recommendation for St. John's would be to book one of the tours offered by Antigua VIP Tours.
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