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  1. One breath?? This is clearly a contagious virus, but I do not think the "one breath anywhere" hypothesis has been able to be tested, much less proven. Nor has it been disproven, of course. Intensity, frequency, and duration of exposure are what the health experts have stressed are key, to try and keep some rationality to their recommendations. Otherwise I agree with you about how the world needs to figure out how to continue even if many people get Covid, given the greater than 99% survival in infected people under 65. Given a lot of us cruisers are older, and/or hav
  2. The article which reported the cruise experience before and after pax and crew tested positive was interesting. But looking at the photo of the two crew members, if Sea Dream wants to improve a few things, it might want to start by instructing crew not to wear their masks under their noses, as the guy in the black mask is doing in the photo.🙄
  3. Steamboats, do you know why HL just cancelled the upcoming Antarctica cruises ?
  4. HL currently only allows residents of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to board, following German regulations since Covid.
  5. Steamboats, that sounds like a good start to get cruising going again. Testing, and not just temperature checks, are important. I suspect most HL cruisers are either from big cities or their suburbs, so most potential customers have access to testing, or can travel to get it done, if motivated enough. A 200km drive is doable ( especially with your wonderful Autobahns 🙂 As I am now retired and have time for long trips ( which were supposed to be long cruises) , I would figure out how to find one of the testing centers in Germany if 1) Germany would let me in ( with a recent negative U.
  6. The website now says that as of September 15, a corona swab will be required before boarding , and can be done in 80 plus various German health centers they collaborate with, and will be included in the fare cost. Us foreigners from U.S. and elsewhere are apparently still out or luck ( I cannot even fly to Germany to visit an okd friend with cancer, much less board a cruise ship in Hamburg, even if I am testes corona negative pre-flight -- because things could instantky change).
  7. Covid has reduced us to giggles about SLSD writing googles instead of goggles. It boggles the mind.
  8. Why finally got our credit card refund for this cruise! Yay! My TA was very persistent in following up.
  9. About 10 days ago the HL website added a lot of detailed information about options for cruise refunds, rebooking, safety plans, thermal sensors on board, etc. They also sent me a new letter stating that due to popular demand, they added an option to apply deposit payments from cancelled cruises to a future cruise that is already booked ( which had not been offered before), plus 3% of the cruise cost OBC . One had to notify by June 1 if one wanted to do that. So, given Europe is opening up a lot, and U.S. is opening a bit too, and hopefully flights will again be allowed for no
  10. I decided to request a refund on my cancelled late May BTB cruises several weeks ago on an email, . After no response of any kind for two weeks, I reminded them on email of my request and that German law requires refund within 14 days. I got an apologetic reply, referencing the corona circumstances. They said it would ‘help them a lot’ if I were to take the future cruise credit instead. Meanwhile a bunch of catalogues appeared, but no refund. Hamburg, Kiel, and Travemuende ports are still closed.
  11. I still have not received an email from SB, and neither has my TA. She said last week when I asked for a copy of what she had that all she got was a “submitted” indication from the website, but it did not say what was submitted and she did not think to take a screen shot as she assumed I would get a direct confirming email. When DH and I were at the airport, after being prematurely disembarked, I saw this book for sale in the airport bookstore:
  12. Why not just book on the website to get things going?
  13. My BTB cruise that was to start late May was cancelled last week but I have not yet asked for a refund. I have not yet decided if I want a refund or 25% off a future cruise not already booked (if it sails before 4/30/21) I have until late May to decide, but as I also have an October 2020 cruise booked (not sure if that will sail, though I have hope ports will open by then) and May 2021 cruise booked, selections are limited for times in between, as I don't want to book anything more before October to avoid suspense in September. Last year when HL cancelled my Nature cruise
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