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  1. We presented ourselves to the Grand Hotel at 11:30 or so on embarkation day 7/27. A half hour later or so we were mini-vanned with one other couple to a lab 10 minutes away, in a semiindustrial area (we counted 7 cranes). We were quickly swabbed, then waited outside watching the cranes 1.5 hours for our results, that were supposed to take 30 minutes (be sure and confirm that they have not missed you when they call names, they almost missed me as ok). Then we were vanned back to the Grand, then waited until 2:30 with a couple snacks put out as lunch, to board a bus to the port. Then at t
  2. We caught our Florida TA on email just before he went home last night. He said he'd arrange for us to be added to the pre-cruise Crystal package people for shuttle transport to the lab. This morning, the Crystal rep in the lobby knew nothing about us having been added to the package people transport (she apparently didn't get the memo from our Crystal rep), so the plan now, per her instructions, with the new 12AM lab testing edict definitely in place, is for us to go independently to the Grand by cab. Then at the Grand, (where hopefully we will be relieved of our luggage) "when enoug
  3. Still Antigen testing. No clue why the change but Crystal used the word “ edict” which suggests annoyance and that it is Iceland’s idea. Iceland also reimposed 1 meter distancing and facemask requirements inside as of today. We are out of town on a private precruise excursion now so cannot check to see if Crystal has anyone in the Borg lobby to help package people.
  4. DH just got an email from Crystal ( again, I did not), 7 pm Iceland time the day before we board, saying Iceland has a new edict, namely, that the pre-cruise covid test be done at a “medical lab” and not the Grand. Depending on what group you are in, pax will either go straight to the lab from the airport, or to the lab after going to the Grand if “ independent”, ( that is us and I think Sierra) and then back to the Grand when “ the group” is done, and then to the ship. “ group” is not defined for independents. Pre- cruise Borg “ package” people will be shuttled around as a group
  5. *If* the testing is confirmed positive, note that the pax *could have gotten infected from unvaccinated locals ( there are plenty in the Caribbean), and not from vaccinated pax on Crystal.* Crystal is doing the best they can, following all protocols and then some, and that *is a lot*, above and beyond. I feel *very comfortable getting on a Crystal cruise next week,* and worry more about unnecessary cruise or port cancellations like Viking had when they were testing pax on board every day ( contrary to CDC guidelines for asymptomatic people) , than about Covid making me very ill,
  6. Based on the photos, you have been blessed with wonderful weather by which to enjoy Iceland. Thank you for posting, and I hope your anniversary cruise remains as wonderful as it has been for you so far.
  7. The need to house construction workers on board might partially explain why only 123 pax are on board 😳. The sales reps should be counseling people buying the upcoming cruises in the next few weeks ( and should have been counseling all along recently -- were they told?), that even though pax can still have a good time on board, there are still ongoing construction projects, problems and closed areas, and issues with water, TV, etc for some pax. This forum is the first we heard about parts of the ship not being finished yet. I just read that Helos and submersibles will not be ready un
  8. Where? All I found on Crystal FB site about Endeavor is Crystal PR and post after post talking about how pretty the ship is on pictures ( which it is indeed)
  9. DH just got an email (I did not , due to an ongoing battle I have with Crystal continuing to send him important update emails and not me, though I did all the booking, payments, etc, and I advised their reps four times now to send emails to me or both of us, not just to him because he may miss them). But the rep had called me. He was off duty before the email was sent out centrally. It leads with the information Screenshot below (showing 7/26 as the travel day on which people bound for Iceland have to show evidence of a negative test within 72 hours *before boarding their first
  10. What quarantine? Five day quarantine is for the unvaccinated, that has not changed. I am vaccinated, or I would not be able to board the Endeavor, as is everyone else. The new requirement relevant to the vaccinated is for testing within 72 hours before boarding a flight to Iceland (effective 7/26)
  11. Here's the Icelandair information just out about the pre-boarding testing requirement (within 72 hours of a flight to Iceland) https://www.icelandair.com/blog/iceland-is-open-faq/
  12. For anyone following this thread who is coming to Iceland and then joining the Endeavor July 27, or beyond: even if you are vaccinated, you will now again need an advance negative Covid test (effective July 26, per Iceland) .
  13. You are coming in July 26, right? You now need to also plan on having proof of a negative PCR or rapid antigen test within 72 hours of arrival, even if vaccinated. Spread the word if you know others on the cruise.
  14. I just got a call from my latest Crystal rep (I have no TA). We are scheduled to leave CA Friday July 23, to arrive in Iceland July 24. He started out by telling me that I "will need a negative COVID PCR test within 72 hours of entering Iceland", even if vaccinated, i.e., a just announced change in policy in Iceland. He said an email would go out from Crystal "tonight" about this (unclear if it would be sent from the email called "TRANSIT", like the testing location instructions were, or "Crystal", so be alert"). Then he read me information that said it goes into effect July 26, so I
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