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  1. we're bargain basement kind of gals so we're good with that!
  2. wow thanks for all this info! i'll look into it. but since one of us is broke and one of us has limited vacation time we stick to florida departures which are pretty reasonable coming from boston.
  3. you folks have my friends and me pegged all right - we don't go to the specialty restaurants, we stopped doing excursions long ago, we don't go to the casino, we don't go to the art auctions, we don't drink that much and we eat like horses! the only on board purchase i make is to buy a crappy $10 hat almost every year because i always forget to bring one. the cruise lines must hate to see us coming. although to our credit we get in very few fist fights and don't cause much physical damage 😉 so what's the upside? they must be gateways to longer cruises (one of my friends has now started taking a 7 day with her family). maybe training ground for newer staff? easy entry for those new to cruising? i'll keep my fingers crossed that Royal Carib keeps it up. thanks for all your help! (fyi, we do these short cruises because one friend is broke and the other has limited vacation time and i think i'd go crazy from both of them if we were away more than a few days in the same cabin!)
  4. is it me or has anyone else noticed that there are fewer 3 night cruises? my friends and i have been going on a 3 nighter each year for the past 10 years or so but we're limited to either Royal Carib or Carnival for the most part. or MSC, but not with their reviews! my guess is that longer cruises are more profitable since they save money and time turning them over less often. which makes me wonder if there will be even fewer in the future? thanks!
  5. not to be Mrs. Bummer, but we were at Coco Cay a week ago and we mostly hated it. but perhaps because it wasn't fully open or because there were two ships docked, it seemed incredibly crowded. we all (7 of us) thought that there was hardly any beach left. the chairs and umbrellas are free but you have to rush off the boat early to claim them and they're really packed close together - it was like being on an airplane, maybe 12 inches between rows, no space between chairs. we did however LOVE the fact that the boat was docked! there are so few 3 night cruises nowadays we'll probably be there again next year. hopefully there will only be one ship.
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