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  1. We have been very fortunate here on PEI with COVID only 27 cases all recovered no hospitalizations with no new cases for weeks. Just announced yesterday that we are opening an Atlantic Canada Provinces bubble on July 3. Our 2020 tourist season is all but lost and The Prince Edward Island Preserves Company will appreciate your continued support. Very sad not to see any cruise ships in our Charlottetown Harbour this year. Regards, Kevin Reid
  2. Well being the accountant I had a spreadsheet going with charges and credits matching up. When I got down to $31.51 owed to me I considered the case and spreadsheet closed. I am not wasting anymore time on $31.51 . Regards, Kevin Reid
  3. Took the words right from my keyboard. 😀 Regards, Kevin Reid
  4. I now know why I like you. I read the quote in your Signature. RIP Neil. Don't turn your backAnd slam the door on me. - "The Pass" Rush Regards, Kevin Reid
  5. Always appreciate your point of view. We were among the first people to get cancelled for our March 15 Silhouette. in hindsight I can now say we were completely STUPID in even thinking on going. We were going against the advice of our federal health minister. I was even considering FCC then my alter ego the accountant in me said, " Take the refund Stupid". We took the refund. Regards, Kevin reid
  6. Hello, Still here and loving your report. I meant to comment on your Cartagena comment re "hawkers". Prior to our 2017 visit to Cartagena the most aggressive peddlers we experienced were at Dunne River Fall Jamaica. Then when we visited Cartagena wow! the peddlers in Jamaica had nothing on the very aggressive annoying peddlers in old town Cartagena. It is too bad because that is the one thing that sticks out in my memory of a very beautiful and historical location. Regards, Kevin Reid
  7. Yep! This was the same guy, Ian B. Garcia, on Silhouette last March 13, 2019. Now I think I am wee bit younger than you guys and was really too young for the Beatles and I am more of a Paul McCartney and Wings fan. I owned "Band on the Run" & "Venus and Mars" LP's. I really enjoyed the show and it was actually my favourite from the cruise. Regards, Kevin Reid
  8. Thanks for sharing this. I did not know that. It worked great. Much easier than Quote whole thing and delete parts you don't want. Regards, Kevin Reid
  9. Okay it is all coming back to me now. Our group of six were on that same 2018 Reflection cruise with you and a good chance it was one of us. I believe we were both on Deck 10. I went back and checked your 2018 Trip Report and of course I remember reading and posting to it. Yes! there were a few other PEI folks on that cruise that we ran into also. This was our crew of six all from PEI on the 2018 Reflection. The PEI Dirt Shirt is a staple in my cruise suitcase. (circa 2010 Equinox) Regards, Kevin Reid
  10. Just catching up on your Photo Review and the above quote had rung true for me and have to add my two cents here. I felt your pain(past tense). I suffered for many years for an overpriced terrible DSL provided by our largest corporation in Canada. It's sisters company in Atlantic Canada, Bell Aliant, is rotten to the core with the worst customer service ever. I like you also use Lightroom but I use Smugmug to upload my photos for my Photo Trip Reports (PTR). The upload load to Smugmug was brutally slow. Thank God! Our Local cable company Easlink was doing upgrades on our roads and I can happ
  11. I hear you OP. Our cruise was the Sunday March 15 on the Silhouette. Stressed started for us on Monday 3/9/20 when Cdn Gov issued their recommendation not to cruise. We were resolved on going despite the many doubter around us. Friday morning checked in online for our early Saturday morning flights than drove over to Halifax. That 3.5 hour drive was very calming because no social media no added anxiety from the "are you still going?" gang. Then stopped at Costco to return an item and pandemonium was "full on" the parking lot was full... like Christmas times 3. People behind us in the parking
  12. News just released here (Prince Edward Island, Canada) that our first reported case of COVID-19 was a female passenger who sailed on Summit. She is reported to be in self isolation at home. Regards, Kevin Reid
  13. Today was a tough day especially seeing how beautiful of a day it was in Fort Lauderdale and seeing Silhouette docked via web cam and us not on it. This is our second cruise that we missed out on since 2016. That 2018 picture of Reflection was taken from the 17th St Causeway Bridge in Fort Lauderdale which is my second favourite cruise watching spot. Of course my favourite watching spot is here in Charlottetown. Keep safe in Ontario. Regards, Kevin Reid
  14. Yes! You have about 15-20 minutes to hit the edit Botton after your post. Regards, Kevin Reid
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