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  1. I will be over in 3 minutes. I will have a blue Callaway baseball cap on. Founder Hall?
  2. Greeting and Welcome to Charlottetown. Sorry about the weather wish is was a bit nicer for you today . It was beautiful here last week! Would of loved to meet and said hello to you today. I am literally 2 minutes away from the ship. Regards, Kevin Reid
  3. Love this photo. I watched with envy, via Webcam, as Edge left Port Everglades. Enjoy your transit! Regards, Kevin Reid
  4. Target Tours is a very successful operator here on PEI. They recently won a Canada (not just PEI) tourism award. Regards, Kevin Reid
  5. I Of Course I had already checked out your other Bliss videos. My son, Adam, also loves your videos and we think you are one of the best video contributors on Cruise Critic.(Please no blushing your are GOOD!) I noticed you had a question regarding/thinking of trying Celebrity. My DW and I are pretty well exclusive Celebrity cruisers just recently returned from a 12 night Silhouette with 2020 and 2021 booked on Silhouette and Equinox respectively. When people ask me if they would like Celebrity I respond with the following questions.... 1)Do you like belly flop/hairy chest contests? 2)Do you like climbing walls, zip lines, carousels, Flow riders, go carts on your cruise? 3)Do you like the heavy party Go! Go! atmosphere? 4)Do you like the constant announcements on the PA systems(Carnival)? 5)Do you like smoking in the casino or on your deck? ... If you answered YES! to the questions above then Celebrity is not for you! Edge does look like a beautiful ship and I have watched many YouTube videos on it. It being a new ship Celebrity is currently charging a premium for it. We have resisted booking a future cruise on the Edge/Apex mainly because they are currently only offering 7 night cruises during the period we like to cruise (our Canadian Winter) and we like longer cruises. Personally I think you and your husband would enjoy Celebrity. Think of all the new video recording opportunities for you. I have written a few detailed Photo Trip Reports (not Reviews) over on the Celebrity forum with direct links in my signature.( Even with a few videos thrown in). Check them out if you want to get a feel for Celebrity thru my eyes. Regards, Kevin Reid
  6. Very nice footage of two completely different new cruise ships. Saw Bliss from a distance at USVI while docked at Crown Bay couple of weeks ago. Those go carts looks like a lot of fun. Did we catch a glimpse of the drone pilot on Bliss's rooftop? Thanks for sharing. Always click on your videos. Regards, Kevin Reid
  7. CONFIRMED! This is the exact story you told us sitting at the World Class Bar aboard Silhouette. You were kind enough not to share this sheet! story with us while eating at the Lawn Club Grill. It was great to meet you. Too bad it was the last evening of our cruise. Regards, Kevin Reid
  8. Of course, I missed this posting... we were in serious 2019 cruise prep. Funny how things turns out. I meet this "msex10" guy at the end of the slot pull and something clicked between us. The five of us just hit it off right from the start... instant friends it is like we have been friends for ever. Thank You Mike and Margaret for sharing your cruise with Donna and I. Already looking forward to March 15, 2020 abroad Silhouette again. World Class Bar is waiting for us. Mike by the way Oceanview Café is on deck 14.Have you tried Coke Zero since your return... it is really good. Regards, Kevin Reid PS. I am feeling really guilty about not finishing this Trip Report. I am thinking of maybe trying to finish it first in Word then post all at once. We have new fast real high speed internet in South Winsloe so uploading photos will not be a headache. Would also like to do a Trip Report on our recent solo Silhouette. Solo in that we usually travel with others our first time sole since 2013. Sorry, Kevin Reid
  9. Now! that is funny! Love your humour. Regards, Kevin Reid
  10. Hello Norris, Thanks for sharing again your wit and photos. I would say video too but, seems like hardly anybody looks at our videos. I am currently only on page 7 and wanted to say I am here for the long haul. For those reading and can't wait for the summary I offer the following: "Anticipation" - Carly Simon "Patience Young Grasshopper" - Kung fu "Good things come to those who wait" - Heinz Ketchup Regards, Kevin Reid
  11. Linda, Nothing worse then being captive when it is raining on you. Really what else can you do but, smile and take it? You were all troopers this day. When reading your story I was thinking back to our wet day in Jamaica 2013 on this very same Silhouette. Donna and I were on the chair lift going up Mystic Mountain and it started pouring and we got soaked. On the trip back down the mountain we were nice and dry, sun shining, then the heavens open up again and soaked us. It was a very wet drive back from Ocho Rios to Falmouth. Regards, Kevin
  12. Linda, Now you have taken this trip report to far with your Dr. Pepper comment. It has to be the nastiest soft drink ever. My Son, Nolan, Loves it but, here is my take on Dr. Pepper. If In the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse and if I was dying of thirst and came across a vending machine with only ice cold Dr. Pepper in it... I would pass. Still Love reading your adventure. Keep it coming Regards, Kevin Reid
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