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  1. I never said that I had a booking for this cruise - what I commenting on was Seabourn only offering the poster a FCC
  2. I am confused as well. A FCC has been offered to you but no refund. If my cruise is cancelled I will be expecting to be offered either a FCC or a refund.
  3. Can anyone help advise as to how we order the complimentary bottle of spirits for our suite? Thanks.
  4. What you state is pretty spot on from our experience - we did have a snack at the hotel. It is all about the train trip - we did a ship excursion (Azamara) and it was seamless
  5. Got it - thanks I will now be able to give DW the directions 😉
  6. Yes I also cannot see them on the Quest Deck Plan - or am I having a Dad look?
  7. Why oh why would the Vasco De Gama go to Kangaroo Island today and put passengers at risk? Surely no one will disembark - already 2 dead and bushfires are raging over a lot of it.
  8. Knotty I always really enjoy reading your blogs on your HP cruises. It is most interesting to hear about the HP and the remote areas of the Scottish Isles as not many seem to report on CC. Let's hope in the future you can squeeze in another trip.
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