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  1. I received the same email. I am sailing on Anthem on March 1st. I am a diamond member and I will be taking full advantage of this!! Yumm!!
  2. RC is really good with that stuff that's why we choose them! Have fun on Oasis! We are going on Oasis May 10th from NJ! I love that ship! It's simply amazing!! 🙂
  3. Glad you are on your way home safe. According to my mom, it was a great cruise with no rough seas!
  4. We are going on this ship in 3 weeks and can't wait. I am not that worried! Looking forward to a great vacation! We Love RC!!!
  5. And for the record this cruise didn't come from the Bahamas at all. It was in the Caribbean on an 11 night cruise. That article is wrong.
  6. Your opinion. My mom said everything was fine on the ship and the captain came on an assured people they were cleaning the ship when they came off for the next cruise. I have my opinion and you have yours.
  7. Yes, my mom is on this cruise now. They started Disembarkation at 8:30am and the 12 Chinese people are being flown home. They are making this into more of a big deal than it is. The ship is fine. The next cruise is a tad delayed for cleaning. We will be on the ship in March and we are not worried. If they really thought it was a problem they wouldn't let people off and they wouldn't do the next cruise. People are making this more of a big deal than it is.
  8. Sorry I wasn’t trying to argue or anything, I was just giving my opinion since I just came off adventure last week! I loved bringing my daughter with me and would do it again even without a nursery onboard! Cruises are for families and kids and that’s why we love them! Your raw your friends will enjoy it too! Have fun! :)
  9. I just came off Adventure last week and my daughter is 15 months, there is no babysitting fleet wide and there is no nursery program on the adventure for children under 3. Unfortunately, there is NOT much for kids under 3 to do on this ship. The only thing they did have (which I found out towards the end of the cruise) was family time for toddlers under 3. they had 2 sessions a day and you basically bring them to AO and they read and play songs for 45 mins. The times never worked for us. It was at 9:15am and 5:15pm. 9:15am my baby was still sleeping and 5:15pm we were getting ready for dinner.
  10. I am on Adventure on July 26th. Are you sure Drew Devine is the CD now?
  11. I am on Adventure on July 26th. Are you sure Drew Devine is the CD now?
  12. Wow! Thanks everyone for all your comments! I didn't mean to start any debates or fights LOL. It was simply a question. I am not going to take my child in the Pools where she is not allowed, I am not trying to Jeopardize anyone else's cruise, we follow the rules, even when other people don't. We will deal with the Splash zone as I am sure she will love it. We are looking forward to our cruise now in 16 days. 🙂
  13. SORRY, She is not Potty trained yet. She is still in diapers...
  14. Hi All, Going on Adventure of the Seas with my family in 18 days and I read that babies are not allowed in the big pools? I have a 15 month old and she loves the pool and water. Is it true I am not allowed to bring her in the pools with me on the ship (Not including the solarium pool). Also, does anyone know if this ship offers the babysitting program? I read that some ships offer it and I am not sure if this one does. Thanks so much!
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