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  1. We are also on the Dec 1 sailing. My email said to show up at 2:30. Plan on getting to the ship between 11:0-11:30. 5 Days and counting!!!
  2. We will be in SJ next week. Would love a copy of the map. Thanks!! hrmkr@comcast.net
  3. Did you go see any of these entertainers? What type of music did Raul and Brendan play? What were the shows and how good were they in the main theater? We board on Dec 1.
  4. We are in the exact same boat as you looking for a 2-2.5 hour tour before our Woodwind snorkel tour at noon. We are just going to grab a taxi to take us around. I always have tours planned so this will be something completely new to me by just getting a taxi.
  5. I called RCI and specifically asked them. They told me 11:00 PM on Thursday 11/28.
  6. Thank you. How far are these from the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel? We are staying in an airbnb right across the street
  7. Does anyone know the timing of when RCI puts out the Black Friday sale? Is it at midnight or 12:01 AM of Friday? I am hoping it comes out sometime Thursday evening. we sail on December 1 and 11:00 PM on Thursday is the cutoff when the cruise planner closes. We purchased the DDP and hoping it may drop a little bit for the Black Friday sale
  8. Why couldn't you get a shot and a beer at the same time. Does Royal have a time limit in between drinks?
  9. Authentic local cuisine. Not tourist traps
  10. We are also doing the Woodwind tour in the afternoon. Looking for a 2-2.5 hour tour of the island before snorkeling. When are you cruising? We are on the freedom of the Seas on Dec 1. Small world. Living less than 30 minutes apart
  11. Stinger, Looking for restaurant recommendations from "a local" in the Condado area? We have been to OSJ and sort of know which one''s to go to there. this trip, we are staying in the Condado area.
  12. Charles, What tour company are you using? Where are you in Maryland? We are from Laurel.
  13. We sail on December 1. 2 days after Black Friday. We are currently paying $48/day for the Deluxe Drink package. if the price comes down below $48 on Black Friday, can we cancel and buy it at the lower price or are we too close to our sail date.
  14. We are sailing out of SJ in December. As Stinger suggested, find an Airbnb that you like and message the owner and ask. We were in the same situation and asked if we can just drop off our bags and then come back later to check in. They had no issues with that request. We found an Airbnb in the Condado area which was cheaper than in Old SJ. It is a short taxi ride if you want to visit that area.
  15. I read today that the taxi's were blocking the Uber's from coming to pick up their passengers in protest. Could get interesting. Thankfully, we do not fly into SJ until the end of November. They have over 1 month to battle it out.
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