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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to our American Neighbours!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to our American neighbours.
  3. "Way back when", I joined CC, I was using a Apple Mac and drove a Nissan Maxima...thus macmax.
  4. In Canada & the US, the final payment date is determined by the cruise line. Most ethical TA's will process the payment directly with the cruise line not through the agency. TA's will usually request payment a week or so prior to that date to ensure that there are no credit card issues and the payment is confirmed. Some cruise lines have reduced the final payment date to 60 days out but Azamara is still at 120.
  5. By December you/we will have a much better idea on what the cruise experience should be like come March. If you booked with the refundable deposit option you will get a full refund. I suggest that you wait awhile yet (like we are all doing) before pulling the plug on your cruise.
  6. October is still in hurricane season. Late Nov usually has great pricing.
  7. The point is that Princess will not (usually) inform you that the FCC has been processed so you should check your Princess account often to see if/when it shows up.
  8. 13. Is Muster 2.0 exclusive to Royal Caribbean Group brands? In addition to introducing the new process on the ships of its own cruise lines – Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara – Royal Caribbean Group is offering to license the patented approach to interested cruise operators and will waive patent license fees during the time the world and industry battle the global pandemic. Patent licenses have already been granted to the company’s joint venture, TUI Cruises GmbH, as well as Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., the parent company of Norwegian Cruise Line,
  9. Royal Caribbean Group & Norwegian Holdings are introducing Muster 2.0 which eliminates the need for all pax to muster at their assigned stations at the same time. It seems like a great improvement to me and hopefully PCL etc will follow suit. https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/press-release/1457/royal-caribbean-group-reinvents-cruise-industrys-safety-drill/ Muster_FAQs.pdf
  10. Here are the FAQ's for Muster 2.0 Muster_FAQs.pdf
  11. This is a GREAT improvement especially for the larger ships out there but I think that AZ would need to improve the WiFi on their ships before this will work properly.😉 Here are the FAQ's from Royal Caribbean Group. Muster_FAQs.pdf
  12. Muster 2.0 FAQ's. Muster_FAQs.pdf
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