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  1. Are you sure that's Glasgow.....it looks like a beautiful day.😉
  2. I rec'd the same info but I doubt that the Level 4 Travel Advisory will be lifted prior to Nov. 1/21 which is the revised date for the cruise ship ban in Canadian waters. Until that travel advisory is lowered, no insurer will provide Covid coverage for cruise ship travel. There is MUCH confusion at MSC (so what else is new) especially between the Canadian and US reservation agents and the 2 web sites.
  3. From Azamara's Healthy Return To Service FAQ's..... Will you still require the guest safety muster drill? How will this be conducted safely? Muster drills are an important part of ensuring our guests' safety— and we're excited to introduce an entirely new approach to delivering that information, called Guest Safety Briefing. This new briefing streamlines the traditional muster process, making the key elements of the safety drill available on a more personal basis. As soon as guests arrive onboard, they will be escorted directly to their muster station, where a member of the ship’s team wi
  4. Kevin...That is just one of a large list of differences between NCL & Azamara.
  5. When I first joined CC way back when, I was using a Mac computer and had just purchased a Nissan Maxima and was trying to be creative.😏
  6. As I understand, it will not be voluntary. Everyone will have to view the safety instructions and answer a quiz to prove that you actually watched it but I'm sure that there will be those pax that think that they are more important than others and try to avoid doing it. We will probably be hearing more announcements paging "missing" people before sailaway.
  7. Muster drills were always the most unlinked aspects of going on a cruise and some cruise lines did it a lot better than others. How many remember standing 6-8 deep on deck facing a hot Florida sun wearing a life preserver that was still wet from the perspiration of the person who wore it last week? As the ships got bigger, they had to find better ways to convey the safety message so they did it inside at some venue (where you could find a seat if you got there early) and you no longer needed to bring your life jacket with you....what an improvement. Royal Caribbean Gro
  8. Azamara's FP is 120 days out and most agencies will ask for it at least 1 week before that to allow for processing, CC issues etc.
  9. Why not? There is gasoline there for one thing. Maybe work was being done on it and S--- happened?
  10. All major rental companies have pick-up service from the ships.
  11. Because it's the same order! Nothing has changed except the expire date.
  12. HAL said the same thing last spring when Cdn ports were 1st closed.😉
  13. What more do you need beside that and what I sent earlier. The wording will not have changed since originally written in Oct. https://tc.canada.ca/en/ministerial-orders-interim-orders-directives-directions-response-letters/interim-order-no-4-respecting-passenger-vessel-restrictions-due-coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19
  14. Todays notice is an extension of the Oct ruling that was due to expire Feb.28/21
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